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the Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance screenshot
The Day We Fight Back is an ongoing global protest against mass surveillance by the US National Security Agency (NSA), the UK GCHQ, and the other Five Eyes partners involved in global surveillance. The "digital protest" took place on February 11, 2014 with more than 6,000 participating websites which primarily took the form of webpage banner-advertisements that read, "Dear Internet, we’re sick of complaining about the NSA. We want new laws that curtail online surveillance. Today we fight back.”[8] Organizers hoped lawmakers would be made aware "that there's going to be ongoing public pressure until these reforms are instituted."

The protest was announced on January 10, 2014 by the Internet activism group Demand Progress. Other early organizers included digital rights groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Fight for the Future, and Free Press, as well as social media website Reddit, Firefox producer Mozilla, collaborative blogging website Boing Boing, and populist advocacy group '"The Other 98%".

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  guest -- 0
They want to read our thoughts.
They want to control our thoughts and desires.
They want to make us into zombies.
  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7710
It's easy when some of us are halfway there already. People forget how much power they have and become complacent. We better rememember soon before it's all gone and us along with it.
Open your eyes
Look at the love laid at your feet
Lay down your fears
Look at the pride in their defeat
  Resident 11.10.2013 405
Technology will only change the way to do surveillance.
This problem is far way to be ended, but we must do something about for sure.

My signature is already there.

Thanks SAiNT for the initiative
" Wisdom is not Truth, Truth is not Beauty, Beauty is not Love, Love is not Music, Music is the Best..."
(Frank Zappa - 1979)
  Resident 1.05.2013 139
Holy Words SAiNT!They will never win this battle!We will kick their ass!Anonymous will beat NSA surveillance!
  Resident 23.04.2012 137

Human specie have a unique meta-gene, which provides the ability to attract matter to their own experience through will
  Resident 15.09.2013 121
Our eyes must be even more opened than theirs.
Thank you SAiNT for the link
  Resident 11.05.2013 5 202
Fight Fight Fight again & again Too Win
Freedom is My life than freedom for Us
  Banned 8.11.2014 8 2723
get more history lessons and get smarter...for the real life..
the fight against mass Surveillance is lost....long time ago...
laws for that are made long before...
smart dust and the new rfid(rfid is outdated tech) are coming...check your new ip card eh eh...
every traffic light crossing has cameras in my country now...
thats nothing ...they will make it like in london,everywhere...ok near like that...but it comes

people were and will stay silent cause they fear russians and isis these not so smart sheeps..
funny many people still wont believe who is running this world...

Holy Words SAiNT!They will never win this battle!We will kick their ass!Anonymous will beat NSA surveillance!

sure mate in the meantime back in youre DAW
greetings to the good people & always monster thank you to all release groups and people

and pls :
don't forget to SPAY AND/OR NEUTER YOUR PETS!!!

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