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RapidGator - 24 (20.87%)
FileFactory - 7 (6.09%)
6.09% - 47 (40.87%)
40.87% - 11 (9.57%)
Unibytes - 3 (2.61%)
2.61% - 2 (1.74%)
NetLoad - 12 (10.43%)
10.43% - 9 (7.83%)
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...What makes the situation more complicated, is that some of these services are not accessible within the US;
those of you who for some reason don't want to use Debrids, please vote for the best file sharing service that is accessible within the US.


  Banned 15.09.2010 240
Rapidgator &
  guest -- 0
RapidGator Slow Download Speeds
FileFactory Slow Download Speeds Slow Download Speeds Slow Download Speeds
Unibytes Slow Download Speeds Slow Download Speeds
NetLoad Slow Download Speeds Slow Download Speeds

That sums up the whole poll use torrents that's the solution to the problem! Been using it since fserve and filesonic went down.
  Resident 16.01.2009 154
^Pretty much. I still check this place every day to see what's new, but if there's anything that I'd really like to have, I grab the torrent from TAS. Nice and easy, with no hassles.
  guest -- 0
What ever happened to ryushare?
It seemed like it was pretty fast and consistent
  Resident 23.08.2011 74

Was it? I never had a single link from Ryushare ever work. It could have been uploaded and posted 5 minutes before I tried and it would tell me "file not found" which was letitbits coward way of saying "our service isn't available in your country". So I don't know about anyone else but Ryushare has never worked on any connection I've ever been on in the U.S.

Not talking smack just utterly amazed anyone in this country has gotten ryushare to work at all.

Still ++ to mediafire as the best solution mentioned in this entire thread.
  guest -- 0
Saint why no feedback?
  Resident 10.08.2010 1 61
It really doesn't mtter to me, i like what i can get, but i just want to have only one premo account if possible. I don't mind paying but have'n to pay for 3 premo accounts is just a little too much. Now that google is putting in fiber in Kansas city, i'm really tryning to get that. Also one that accpets paypal, i would join some of these other sites but just not sure because they don't use paypal.

*side note* google is offering free internet at the speeds of most internet providers, you would just have to pay a one time fee of 300.00us$ and the internet is free for life! but the super net is like 70.00us$ a month whihc has speeds of 100GBS
  Resident 12.08.2011 80

I'm right there with you! I completely understand and happy to buy into a premium service but I did that once with Binverse and it didn't really help for things posted here.

I can only hope that this gets resolved and there is at least one "go to" premium service that I can invest and rely on.

Thx for trying to organize all of this!
  Resident 8.02.2007 11 128
Better late than never, for me rapidgator has proved to give the highest download speed, but the wait between files is annoyingly long.
Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything. — Joseph Stalin (arguably)
  guest -- 0
You only get 200kb for the first file after that all the rest of the downlaods r slow

Also i spoke with saint guys and he said the uploaders wont use mediafire :(

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