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Option to Disable Mirrors screenshot
At last, the option has been added.

Rules update on Posting Mirrors Page:
We had to add an option to Disable Mirrors for Contributors who post Exclusive releases.
If you see Post Mirror button disabled, that means you cannot post mirrors under that post.

By disabling mirrors author takes responsibility to reupload his own links and add additional links by demand.

Rules update on Poster's Guide Page:
Contributors who have access to admin panel have option to disable mirrors in their post;
this option should be used for exclusive releases only!
Overuse of this option will be punished. Please don't try to cheat on us.

If your status is lower than Contributor, you can still disable mirrors in your post by writing a personal note to moderator, directly in your post.

Please note that by disabling mirrors you take responsibility to reupload dead links and add additional mirrors by demand.

In addition, Contributors who have access to admin panel now can see members reports on dead posts.
If you disabling mirrors, you must check deadlinks page once in a few days.

Contributors, take this seriously!


  Resident 13.12.2010 113
more power to contributors AND members

huhhmmm??? More power to members? You mean more power to wait? more power not to have a host that used to be readily available through mirrors? oh, more power to ask and be rejected or get no answers for days... I get it.
So, if a contributor doesn't feel or like or want or give a what about Extabit or any other hosts that I already have an account with then I gotta go fish somewhere else. Before, with mirrors, nah! I stay fishing here on Audioz cause a mirror pop up in no time.
Anyway, let the blind be blinds. Nothing is exclusive to Audioz, so I'll not even be sad, I'm just laughing my butt off of this.
Know your ins and outs on Google and you'll realize that the world of Releases is yours my friends with all the boatload of mirrors you can chew in a second. Worst is, a good amount of these Releases are from the same dudes who are asking not to have mirrors here. "Exclusive"? who you kidding, bwoy? :-)
  Administrator 1.01.2004 293 1082
OK thanks for the info =)..I asked cuz once I requested a mirror that works fine where I live and proposed 5 or 6 different options but I got a negative reply...so I guess this will become an issue at some point

you must report each case of violation to me yes

BTW what about this poll to decide about a few compulsory hosts for contributors? that would probably help solve this sort of problem

yes, moreover, we need two polls: one for Americans, and one for the rest of the world.
since most filehosters are blocked within the US... sad
  Resident 10.08.2010 1 384
yes, moreover, we need two polls: one for Americans, and one for the rest of the world.
since most filehosters are blocked within the US... sad

I guess they cant compete wit china tough...cuz over here its a frigging pain to get something working (unless its Russian lol) sad

thanks for the info keys
Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.
  Resident 30.04.2012 117
1st) Regarding AUDIOZ, I always been able to download any instrument in which I have been interested until now... And i'm not precisely living in a download paradise-country, by the way. Obviously, there are other sites and other releases uploaded, but this one is the most comfortable so far (and i'm not so noob).

2nd) Don't you think that if a contributor takes the decision to close the post (and the possiblity of mirror links) it will be very traumatic to him/her if the rest of us are not satisfied? I think you are reffering a little bit to Strong Sound... Go check one of his/her latest posts; after so much trouble, insults and more things they became IDENTICAL to the posts of the other contributors (no premium account issue, no password, no nothing... And a lot of hosts). Maybe i'm being naive, but to me that's power and we shouldn't use it in vain.

3rd) To you everything can be found for free... And you paid for a premium account?. Also, doing so, you are forced to download from that specific host (by convenience, I know, to not loose money and for the speed) and forcing others to upload things to it? That doesn't sound FREE at all.

However, if you are talking about free accounts... Just open another one in one of the hosts that are in use.

Un saludo, amigo.
[ Juan Sanabria ]
  Resident 13.12.2010 113
To you everything can be found for free... And you paid for a premium account?

What's paying for a premium account has to do with finding something for free with x amount of choices? I mean, am I missing something in my way of understanding how the underground works? So, for a release to be considered FREE, it's a must that it is downloaded from a FREE account? So, if I have the choice to pay $10 to get 50GB worth thousands of dollars in retail in about 5 hours flat, it is still not FREE? just because I got it with a Premium account?
How can a post with 5 free Hosts better with a post that used to be with 5 Premiums from the original uploader, then about 20 mixed (Premium/Free) Hosts from the mirrors. Math and numbers never lies. Please tell me how 5 is better than 20+ in content and choices?
I'll stand by my observation of your comment that "more power to contributors AND members" as not true at all; take out the members part bro, we in fact have less power.
A 5 year-old kid can tell when you take away from his cookies, man. You used to give him 5 candies in one shot, no waiting, no sweat. Then one day, you start giving him 2 candies and state to him he has more choices? "Hey kid, I'll bring you the other 3 tomorrow"; "oh by the way, if you don't see me tomorrow, write me and I'll bring them" Come on Juan!! This is exactly what's applied to Audioz now: Get less, and while you getting less, please let me know when I need to put it up again. Come on Juan!! LOL. Man, we grown dudes here and I'm pretty sure we ain't slow, please don't tell me you are blind to that fact?

Anyway, to each his own man, you choose the blue pill and some others chose the red. I choose not to take any. At the end of the day, you do your runaround and I do mine. Both, none or one of us will find what we went looking for. However, I do believe with my Premiums and tons of other places to hunt, I shall get home faster and with lots more in my basket... Time is money :-)

  Resident 30.04.2012 117
I really understand what you say since I have followed this topic for the last month; however, I stick to my 1st comment. Of course, I'm not blind and I don't take any magic pill: i see flaws in this new system but, in the end, everything comes down to mirror links. Well, i'm just stating: there will be no problem if the contributors put the file(s) in many, MANY hosts. There will be a pool soon to decide which ones, so you can vote for the ones where you have premium accounts.

[ Juan Sanabria ]
  Banned 14.05.2011 808 3879
This discussion about enabling/disabling mirror links has some sense.
Fact is that when a contributor shares password protected files, soon others will upload mirrors without protection and that's disrespect towards the uploader. And you can never know what those people "re-distribute" in their packages!

I've remarked that some of the as [dead] tagged posts contain still active links, so those old posts should be checked again. And some late-comers ask for new links because they've been reported/deleted by the developers.....a never ending story! dance

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