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AudioZ: The Synthetic Dream Foundation screenshot

This is Catalyst and I'll be your operator this fine day. Let me be the first to welcome you to Planet AudioZ your newly outfitted base of operations. I'll be here a lot in this transitional period to help you get acclimated to the new interface, fill you in on some of our highlighted additions and revisions, answer any questions that you might have and help iron out those pesky bugs. Please make note of the fasten seat belt signs and keep your limbs in the vehicle at all times. Any injuries sustained while utilizing our site are not the responsibility of AudioZ. Also if you're working on a lower resolution then I highly recommend making use of Full Screen mode by pressing F11 in your browser. Watch AudioZ envelope you in it's neon glow and get lost in what we have to offer.

An important note for those having trouble logging in:
We now require that you use your e-mail address so if you're simply filling in your username you will not be granted entry. However if you use the e-mail address attached to that username then the gates will open for you. Those having further issues or simply don't know the e-mail address attached to their previous account please contact me and I will get it for you.

One of the first things that grabs your attention is our revamped and streamlined interface and the attention to detail in our completed sections and throughout the site. Run your mouse around the border of a post and it lights up to let you know that AudioZ magic is happening. Ahhh yeah. Navigation links are now on the left hand side and not the top, I think we can all agree that this is better and more convenient. Also where there is a plus next to the text that means there are subcategories that can be exposed by clicking as I'm sure many of you already figured out. Keep in mind that there are still many things that are not fully completed so please be patient while we add the finishing touches to this project. The decision was made to relaunch now rather than keep teasing you and so with the many changes it was a lot of work coordinating our efforts. However rest assured we will continue to improve upon what we already have and those pieces will snap into place soon enough. When will it be fully finished?...when we're dead...but don't worry we're working on that problem too. Really though you will see this already thriving community keep reaching epic level after epic level as we refine the formula.

Let's run through some of the features but keep in mind that not all of them are completed at this time. However they will be soon so I might as well let you know about them now.

Some noteworthy media related items:
1) We have our own internal image hosting framework so you can upload straight from your computer for profile pics or releases, it's no longer necessary to hunt in a rabid frenzy for online image links or to have to upload through a third party website. This service is called Thumbnailed for those of you that are interested.

2) Some new emoticons including the long awaited introduction of the gratitude icon, one that was missing for far too long. I tried to get some other ones too but we were limited by size and honestly that's something that can always be added later so it's not that big a deal. We did give you some new ones that you didn't have access to here before.

3) We were forced to roll out new tags in the last iteration of AudioZ and we make official use of them here. You can now communicate and hide info from anyone below a member and then another tag that only residents can see. I'm sure you'll find them as infinitely useful as I already have.

4) New tags for posting whether it is an AudioZ exclusive release, P2P or Scene release. Know at a glance what category a post is so you can find what matters to you. You will find the words written vertically right under the post name.

In addition let me hit on the new community oriented features:
1) New member hierarchy stretching all the way up to Admins and Moderators. You'll find new categories such as supplier so we can give credit where it is due. We also had to call in the event things get out of hand. No but really though these people will be helping keep things flowing smoothly for all of us by reuploading and dealing with dead posts.

2) You now have a score in the community which is something along the lines of charisma. This works in tandem with people liking/disliking your posts and comments and there is some stuff working on the back end too but that's for staff to worry about.

3) Social network integration for those times when a release is so so damn good you just have to share it with your mates.

4) Intelligent partially automated handling of reups utilizing the contributors in tandem with the residents or staff of our intrepid community. A more detailed description of how this works can be found in our Info section so I won't go into detail here.

5) We now support Gravatar for easy management of your social presence across the networks important to you. If you don't know this service then simply click the link above and watch the video.

6) Expanded Lounge section with site news, industry news and music sections. Beefing up this section was long overdue and we spend a lot of time here so now we can do it in style.

7) Quickly and easily see the status, date registered, posts, comments and member rating at the top of each member's post.

8) See if a member is online by looking at their name in the comments section or their profile page for the color green.

Now let's highlight a suite of new features that I call My AudioZ being rolled out to the community. This suite will focus on little extras in an effort to make your time here more enjoyable because you truly deserve it. It's YOUR AudioZ so take control:

1) Revamped messaging system that will give you a better messaging experience. You now get to see the avatar of the person PMing you as well as a better layout for the text that is a pleasure to work with. You will also get a popup that you've received a new PM so you never miss another message. Everything is sleek and very cyberpunkish (is that a word ) if I may say so myself. You also have the ability to mark all as read and mark as unread too.

2) Bookmarks - Checking out the latest Kontakt library but have to go take care of some stuff, hit the star to add it to your bookmarks for later perusal at your convenience and it all happens in this new environment. No need for having to choose where to put it in your browser bookmark folders so it's quick and easy. Very convenient when working in full screen mode.

3) Comment subscriptions for those times when a thread is too juicy to miss. :tasty:

4) You now can see what posts you've made that are awaiting approval at the bottom of your profile for your convenience.

5) Ability to ignore members that are incessantly PMing you.

6) No need to contact us for a password change, now it can be done from your profile page.

7) Related threads to the one you're on, a very useful feature.

8) What's the weekly top news? Now you can answer that question with Top News visible at the top of the screen as soon as you open our page. Never miss another stellar release again

This is the continuation of something truly epic and we look forward to working with you in the future as our community soars to new heights. The crazy thing is that there are many features that I haven't even included in this guide that we will be addressing at a later date. The engine we're running on has been enhanced so much that we could literally sell it at this point. Once we get everything in complete working order this will be the platform that will sustain our needs into the future.

AudioZ: The Synthetic Dream Foundation screenshot Just kidding...bring lots and lots of drugs. We're going to need them.


  Resident 28.04.2012 19 1587
Things that can be improved:

1. Dead Links Report doesnt seem to function.

2. PLZ exclude REQs from the "Top News Section" as they have an extra colum already. I think the "Top News Section" should be for fresh releases only.

3. Text flow in (this) comment field should go straight downwards (not indent the text block below the it does in this comment for example) long comments would be better to read.

4. Now comment colum is definetely to small..It was much better before you changed it. Should be in line to the main post!

AHH, I see, you are still working on it! :) But fuck yeah..the more I get into it the more I think its brillant!
"Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band, weiße Streifen, grüner Rand"
  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7705
Some of the items on your bug list I already have on mine but don't worry we will work them out soon enough. I will make a post on here or AudioSex for bug reports and we can go one by one and knock them out. Thanks for the feedback lukehh, infinitely useful when getting things running smoothly particularly in the beginning.
“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
  Banned 11.10.2013 256 303
@Catalyst can u tell me how to add people on your ignore list? and thanks fo the new site, it rocks
  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7705
Glad you're digging the new look. You have to have a message in your mailbox from the person and there will be an ignore button next to the reply one. Then you can see who you have ignored on your profile page.
“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
  Resident 28.04.2012 19 1587
quote by CatalystThanks for the feedback lukehh, infinitely useful when getting things running smoothly particularly in the beginning.

What server time you actually use? This comment was made at 01:26am (UTC+01:00)
"Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band, weiße Streifen, grüner Rand"
  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7705
Funny that you just made this comment because this is a direct quote to SAiNT when I was asked for input at the beginning:

What time are we going by because it's certainly not mine.

It's off isn't it, it's coming out an hour ahead.
“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
  Resident 28.04.2012 19 1587
It's off isn't it, it's coming out an hour ahead.

Hmm, I think its of. But as you can see in my last comment (I made at 01:26am (UTC+01:00) system says its from 01:10. So its of about 44 minutes ahead (regarding UTC+00:00)

"Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band, weiße Streifen, grüner Rand"
  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7705
Added to my list and I will coordinate on getting the time changes made. Thanks man.
“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
  Resident 28.04.2012 19 1587
HAvent got a clue what this "thumb up / down" is for...but pressing it is funny!

But I'm still missing the "face palm" smilie

Face palm smilie
"Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band, weiße Streifen, grüner Rand"
  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7705
It's for our new charisma system, I make mention of it in the above text. It calculates into a member's community score.
“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
  Resident 28.04.2012 19 1587
Ahh I see...Its for calculating the "rating" value, isnt it? And this is calculated with the secret world formula..A formula with variables like "thanks", "optical attractiveness", "IQ" and "sexual performance" I guess!
"Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band, weiße Streifen, grüner Rand"
  Resident 24.01.2012 4 451
Just wanted to give a big thanks for all of your hard work here and @ AS, congrats on the new site!
The Matrix is a documentary...
  Resident 3.10.2013 157
Congratulation AUDIOZ!!!!! New look rocks!
  Resident 23.08.2013 1 461
Great look .. !!!! Love it congrats to all team..!!! An thank you for hard work..!
  Member 20.10.2012 1 44
Love the new look, but i'm not gonna lie... i thought i had stumbled across a new site and was also pissed at the same time because i thought AudioZ was gone. My Bad !!!!!
Music soothes the savage beast in all of us !
  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7705
No we're still here, stronger than ever.
“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
  Member 4.05.2013 1 42
The new site is great.
My only concern for now is the comment box, It's annoying to have to scroll up to comment.
The logical place is at the bottom... anyway...
I don't know what I like more, CG, music or a female ass... Please help me...
  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7705
Thanks man. What do you mean? The add comment box is on the bottom.
“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
  Resident 28.04.2012 19 1587
Hmm, no it isnt. Not in Firefox, not in Chrome and also not in IE. I think you misunderstood. When you reply to someone's comment, the box is of course below. But when you come to a thread, scroll down and read all the comments and then decide also to comment (what is the normal way I think), you have scroll up to reach the comment box. I also think, this have to go down to the bottom of the site again.

Also, I'm nor quite sure if its the best idea to organize comments and replies in the actual way. I know for logical reasons it's OK..but not in usability point of view. Normally when you discuss in a thread with several members you stay at the end of the thread and wait for replies and new comments regarding problems and solutions. The old way here at Audioz was perfect for this because everyone was able to quote and reply and it was absolutely clear because you simply have to watch the end of the thread. Now if you want to follow a discussion or simply small talk you have to go back and forward, search for the related comment...You are simply not able to watch all evolving because you will loose the overview. Even for you moderators it will be very difficult to have the overview to all replies, I think.
Of course if you simply dont want to read all the "MAC/WIN/AMIGA PLZ" or have a specific problem and dont want to read all the comments but just concentrate on solution of it...the actual is good....Ahh, I dont know. But for me the old way was the better one, I think.
"Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band, weiße Streifen, grüner Rand"
  Administrator 1.01.2004 301 1135
Hmm, no it isnt. Not in Firefox, not in Chrome and also not in IE. I think you misunderstood

I used Responsive Design techniques to build AudioZ, it's different depending on your screen resolution.
  Member 16.01.2014 1
I thought the site had left off the air forever... AudioZ love you!!!
  Member 16.01.2014 3
Great new look :)
  Member 16.01.2014 47
This is awesome! I got to hand it to you, you have outdone yourselfs! Fucking epic work guys! :)
I just love fucking my brain with frequencies!
- Me
  Resident 4.06.2013 200 649
Wanted to share the Loves for Catalyst, Saint, Pirat, Kook, Horsemen, Ninja Clan, Xsze, and so many others who Mod and Admin and share and contribute to the site.
I am gone
  Resident 11.04.2012 148
Thank you man for everything
  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7705
No problem brother but we're not home yet because there are some pesky bugs. Also just for your information only hit reply on a post if you want to reply specifically to that person. If you want to just add a comment scroll to the bottom and use the add comment box.
“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
  Resident 13.09.2012 1 99
thank you
glad to be here
  Resident 26.04.2012 176
finally the ninja clan is logged in
alot of changes to the site we see..

we are pleased but have alot of Qs...

PM will be needed
Dirty Electro is my life & No one can take that a way from me !
  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7705
We've got some bugs to iron out and some things that need to be adjusted but when we straighten them out it will be easier on everyone. Drop me a line and I'll see if I can't answer some questions for you.
“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
  Resident 28.10.2013 51
Wow, great job guys!!! Only 1 request from me... I would really appreciate if you improve the mobile browsing :-) Everything looks and works fantastic in my desktop computer!!!

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