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Public Service Announcement (Primarily for MAC Users) screenshot

Greetings to all!

I just wanted to drop a brief note here to address the ongoing impromptu requests that tend to creep into WIN posts from MAC users whenever there is a deluge of WIN releases - though this certainly happens in the opposite scenario as well (i.e. MAC release/WIN requests) - what I am attempting to point out here is primarily for MAC users.

First off, it should go without saying that there are rules that we all agreed to abide by when joining this community...if you haven't already, please take some time to read them via the "INFO" tab in the left sidebar - everything you need to know can be found there. This includes insight regarding the proper procedure for submitting a request; there IS a section specifically dedicated to that here...posting requests in the comments of another release is both in violation of the rules, and simply in poor taste; the teams and individuals who generously make releases available to the public - that they've spent countless hours...days...weeks working on...deserve nothing but gratitude. And a vacation. What I'm saying here is be thankful for what has been released already and really learn how to use those tools to their fullest extent. Be cognizant that if YOUR platform isn't available (yet), there's likely a reason for this and perhaps "Xmas will come" at a later time - please try to have some patience and understanding, you know? And if you have a truly burning desire, submit a request the proper way - if you're lucky - a benefactor may help those dreams come true!

That said, there's really no reason anymore for the majority of "MAC PLEASE!" requests considering some enterprising and talented members of our own community elaborated upon an existing method to run Windows plugins on a Mac - not a crack, rather a workaround that works for 100% legit WIN software as well. These dedicated apps were made available to all of us just over a month ago right here and here on Audioz (with a couple subsequent expansion updates)!

Are the installation and setup of either of these simple? Not entirely - but the process has been simplified to the extent that it can be at this time - and there are several of us who embraced this methodology straight away that would be more than happy to help you figure it out. Further, if you can install Omnisphere successfully, you can handle this.

Do they work? I can tell you personally that both apps work exactly as proposed, albeit 32 bit only, and I've been able to add or remove nearly anything I desire from the WIN platform and run them with extremely low latency! This is in part, why I'm taking the time to make sure you're aware of these apps as they weren't exactly the most visible when released here.

Are they all-encompassing? No - there's a few things that we haven't been able to run - but that's a small minority, and experiments are still being carried out at the time of this writing to further improve upon these methods. In fact, that's part of the mission - pulling together ideas, methods, shortcuts, solutions - to take this to the next level. Thus, feedback and help collectively are encouraged!

So if you're drooling over all of these amazing AudioUTOPIA or R2R releases but you're a MAC user - these apps are a viable solution. If you'd rather not invest the time to trying to take that route, fair enough - you can always submit a request in the proper location of the site as aforementioned, but again, the point here, is that you do have options that work...and once set up, workflow is smooth + expansion is relatively easy (most of the time!). It should also go without saying that you should support the actual developers of anything that you ultimately use and profit from - even if it takes a long time to generate the financial resources.

Please do not misconstrue what I've written here as angst or attitude - I personally would like to see Audioz grow increasingly constructive - where we all can help each other in one way or another...or at least create an atmosphere of gratitude and respect so as to avoid everything crashing down in some dramatic forum-gone-out-of-control fashion. Audioz is better than this, and can be even better if we're all on the same page...and I just want people to be aware of some solutions that already exist.

Sermon over. Hoping to help solve multiple problems in one go with this PSA...for the admins, regulars, and visitors alike. Cheers.

- Plomerus


  Resident 7.12.2013 2 53
I'm a Mac user, so yes I would love to see more and more things for Mac. BUT, I also remember that few years ago (not too long ago), for Christmas we saw a tons and tons of things that were only available for Mac. I was more than happy and I could understand the Windows guys frustration. So let's not have short selective memory.

Today, it seems like for some technical reasons, they found a way to make Windows stuff available. Shall I whine? No… Let's just be happy for the Windows users out there that will enjoy all the new stuff.

With everything that has already been made available on AudioZ, both Windows or Mac users could do plenty of music already. Because we can still do a lot of things with some older software, not even counting all Kontakt and Wav/Aiff banks, etc… that actually work on any platform.

And yes, it seems like there's some kind of workaround to make Windows content working on Mac. I honestly donwloaded it, tried it but I didn't like it. I prefer things to be native and work perfectly as designed with only the copy protection removed or bypassed… But again, this is MY choice, so I won't complain about it and I still enjoy the ton of great stuff I already have for Mac, and the ones that are still released every single day.

So, let's not start another platform war here, there's absolutely no point anymore in 2016, we are smarter than that. Both Windows and Mac could be great and stupid. Just use whatever you want, you have, or like better… and then enjoy to have some free stuff for your platform.

And yes, if it's not available for your platform, let's just make an official Request for it and let's hope, in a near future, they will find a way to make it available, and just like we can now see a bunch of ilok content for Windows, we might see later a bunch of ilok content for Mac.

And until then, if you really want them, there's still three solutions:
1) The one proposed here to go around and run windows content in Mac
2) You can install Windows on your Mac and then run them
3) You can still buy the stuff for your Mac.

Because, if this is absolutely so crucial for you to have something for your Mac, it might be the case you then might need to consider buying them… And last but not least, sometimes it could be also very interesting AND creative to learn to live without something and use more deeply something we already have instead of hoping that the "next" new thing will solve the lack of creativity, skills or even talent.

And don't get me wrong, I'm no exception. Sometimes, I want more new Kontakt banks when I actually realise I even didn't dig deeply the ones I already have, I just scratch the surface and I could perfectly get the job done with what I already have.

So let's just be thankful of everything we already got so far, including the old stuff that is often re-uploaded to stay available for newcomers.

My 2¢
  Resident 26.04.2015 1 494
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 23.11.2016 2 111
I agree with this. I am just so thankful to all the teams of releasers and suppliers and cleaners (sorry if I get the terms wrong I'm new here to AudioZ) for giving me access to this world class software. I couldn't imagine possibly complaining. The amount of money I save here on a daily basis is staggering. And it's entirely due to R2R and DYNAMiCS and P2P and every other teamsout there supplying files and cracking them, and also whoever is keeping AudioZ running (THANK YOU! whoever you are!) and whatever else you geniuses are up to behind the scenes. If I wanted to download Ableton Live for free and I had to do it all by myself I would have NO IDEA where to start with hacking (or cracking, whatever the term is) something. You could leave me alone for 1000 years with a computer and I would still have no idea how to hack something. So basically I second this post and am eternally grateful for the teams out there supplying and cracking and distributing the software. A sincere thank to everyone involved in releasing this software, high or low on the ladder. AudioZ for life!
  Member 30.01.2014 6
Ok, I get it, and I never ask, but, just by curiosity..

Is there a war against Mac from R2R now ? Did I miss something ?

i have to admit that I have some frustration seeing all these cool toys released for win and not for osx, and I don't understand why, suddenly

Honnestly im kinda worried for the future about "Win only" availability..
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1515 13117
kastet, this is not sudden. R2R have always released much more for windows than for mac. Probably simply because windows is there main system. I wont call this a a war.

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