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a Big Special Thank You R2R screenshot
Hello People,
I would Like to take a minute and throw out A BIG SPECIALTHANK YOU to the people from R2R, for making this a month to remember and let you know that we are VERRY THANKFUL.
I won't lie if i say that R2R has helped lots of us in our creative process more than anyone else could, by giving us the opportunity to work with these awesome softwares/plug-ins!

A lot of you guys&girls showed they're love already, but I would like to give everybody the opportunity to do it in this dedicated post.

Enjoy the holiday's everybody!


Not to be forgotten:
The Admin
The Moderator
The Cleaner
The Releasers
The Contributors
The Suppliers

And everyone that make al these great releases possible
Much love for all you guys and girls.

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guys, your comments are amazing! i'm so proud to have such great members!!!. SAiNT


  Member 1.03.2013 436
Thanks a million for time, efforts, kindness!!!
  Resident 5.02.2014 31
Thank you for all the effort. Marry Christmas R2R!
  Member 25.05.2014 61
Thank You .. Thank You ...Thank You .. You are the real rock stars guys
  Resident 17.10.2013 114
Thank you all!
  Member 14.10.2013 2 23
Love R2R
Big up R2R
Thanks R2R
  Resident 23.02.2012 157
Yes. Thank you very much, R2R!
  Resident 10.10.2011 1 429
Thank you - I write music every day and night - nonstop - Much of that - thanks to you
  Resident 2.09.2014 4
Thanks to R2R and AudioZ!!!!
Im now 3.5 years clean from Heroin addiction, and thanks to these guys it gave me something to do with my time when I was getting clean.
I will always remember, and be grateful, as creating music changed my life. These plugs and DAW's were way out of my budget as a homeless person sofa surfing.

THANKS ALL!!! and Merry Christmas xx
  Contributor 12.08.2010 103 1962
quote by Funkmastabuzz3.5 years clean from Heroin addiction

Congrats on Kicking The devil in his A$$ brother, continue doing this. Its a wonderful feeling what Music can do for People.
My Gear: Condoms, 40oz, cellphone.....And a Cracked out Monkey
  Resident 25.01.2014 2521
I'm with wildathrill, congratulations on getting clean, I can only imagine.. Big props, and so glad that making music is part of your recovery… May you stay healthy and clean!!
..grateful for HEXWARS, R2R, SYNTHiC4TE, CASHMERE, HCiSO & ALL teams, AZ crew past and present, and friends I have met here . RIP and LOVE to Olymoon and his family.
  Contributor 12.08.2010 103 1962
well said brother
My Gear: Condoms, 40oz, cellphone.....And a Cracked out Monkey
  Member 28.06.2015 11
Thank you so freaking much R2R! We love ya! (Still hope for Sneap's Metal Machinery though :P)
  Resident 27.10.2015 1
kisses to R2R
  Resident 27.02.2015 2 440
Thanks R2R without you CREATING MUSIC would not make sense! I love you, and I continue to hope in you for the new release of the eagerly awaited CUBASE 8.5 PRO :) who for years does not come out !! it would be a nice Christmas gift :) try this monster before you buy Ahhhh !! you Greats!!!

happy Holidays!! :)
  Member 24.01.2014 6
R2R is thoughtful and awesome!
  Resident 27.02.2015 2 440
quote by HemanthR2R is thoughtful and awesome!
  Member 25.03.2014 6
thanks R2R... you are my Santa
  Member 29.05.2015 14
These teams...R2R ,HEXWARS,Dynamics. Can't even imagine where we'd be without you. THAAANK YOOU. Respect to those that have left the scene too.
  Banned 10.07.2014 1280
THANK YOU R2R and Welcome again
  Member 16.01.2014 159
Love you all!
I'm much obliged!
  Resident 4.09.2013 82

it is a mission and a vocation to want to help without expecting anything ... thank you to you to allow us to test before buying ... yet he must have the means to buy ... thank you to allow creative motivated but penniless able advance their art and express themselves by producing thanks to tools that you share. huge thank you
  Resident 9.04.2015 527
Love you guys!
  Member 10.10.2014 18
we love you R2R
  Member 28.08.2014 69
Thank you for all! Siberia loves YOU!
  Resident 5.09.2014 1 159
Wish you long life and happy christmas in advanced
Hackintosh 2015
  Resident 17.06.2014 258
Gotta say: THANKS! Afterall... :)
|| suck it up and make music with what you have ||
  Resident 8.01.2011 215
Thanks to all the release groups for all their hard work.
Plus thanks to Saint and mods
  Resident 28.11.2012 12
Thank U Folks!
  Member 16.12.2015 38
Merci à tous ceux qui font vivre cette scène et apportent tant de bonheur à ceux qui en profitent !

Thank you so much :)
  Resident 21.01.2014 46 1515
Couldn't be any more grateful myself. Basically if I ever become a billionaire I'd buy every member of R2R a Bugatti because I owe a lot to them for bringing stuff to me for free that I couldn't have possibly afforded otherwise without at least assuring myself that I won't be throwing my hard earned money away. Imagine if I had to buy all of the stuff that I tried for free from R2R, that I actually didn't like? That would be a depressing and dramatically irritating matter for me. For real though, thank you very much R2R! You saved me lots of time, life, money, oxygen, and spared me of a ton of stress and agitation. Good karma awaits you in the future and I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

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