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TorrentFreak made a list of VPN services that you can trust your anonymity.
I feel obliged to link that post so you'd know what to use.

More than a year ago TorrentFreak took a look at a selection of the web’s VPN providers to see which ones really take privacy seriously. During the months that followed we received dozens of emails begging us to carry out an update and today here it is. The first installment in our list of VPN providers that due to their setup cannot link user activity to external IP addresses and activities.


  guest -- 0
I just like free VPN services.

and I think if u want to download more or speed.just use BT download.

is that right?
  Resident 14.05.2012 318
i use free VPN too, but dont for torrentm oneclickfile hoster are more save
suck my, Big Mac
  Administrator 1.01.2004 297 1097
i use sweden's VPN and i think it's worth paying for.
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sorry but what is that? dance

little easily explain for me plz?

  Resident 18.09.2010 1091
I`m with Monster-Inc, never used VPN so am a little in the dark as to it`s possibilities.

What are the benefits, etc? dunno

Bingo: Wikipedia.
And the truth shall set you free.
  Resident 25.09.2010 298
Explanation :

When you download and start a TORRENT file, your IP address is clearly visible in uTorrent and other torrent APPS. For example, load a torrent file into uTorrent and look down at the bottom tab marked "PEERS". This is tab that, for example, law firm will record a log file of 1,000s of IP addresses. After they have the IPs, they can subpoena your ISP to give up your personal information, then they can file a lawsuit against you and the other 999 users that downloaded the video/file/etc.... The porn industry is a huge client to these pathetic law firms.
People tend to settle out of court when they get caught torrenting porn because it's embarrassing; hell, they tend to not even put up a fight, but with hollywood films, your ISP tends to just send you a cease and desist just depends. That might change with all of the changes occurring with ISPs and companies looking at this porn industry/law firm IP tracking technique.

It's safer with private trackers, but you never know who's tracking your information.

A VPN will let you run through a private server, completely changing your REAL IP address from your ISP to a new one that shows up out of country. Use a VPN! Don't use a "PROXY!

When you sign up for a VPN and login to it, the next step that you must do is check for DNS leaks. Go here --> - When you perform this test and you see anything relating to your ISP in the results display, then you're leaking information that your ISP can still see. You'll need to download their utility to clear the DNS (or somthing like that??)

Find a VPN that doesn't release your personal information if subpoenaed by the court. Gotta find one that DOES NOT log IP addresses, time up/down, etc...

I'm not an expert, but these are the very basic fundamentals of the problems you must overcome.

I've just looked at the link provided above regarding the best VPN services for anonymity. This is probably the best, most important list you can find at the moment when choosing a VPN.

I'm sure that another AUDIOZ user can elaborate with more information on this.

I just wanted to make aware to the people that are not, the problems that hundreds of thousands of people that download torrents are having. Please take a look at these websites that were created to help people facing litigation/subpoenas. Users that make use of the following websites are completely freaked out and in a state of complete panic :
  Resident 23.12.2011 1 88
i have no idea what all this is dunno
ok so what do i need to download and install? free if possible cheers
Treat others the same way you would like to be treated...
  Resident 25.09.2010 298
Go here -

Free won't protect you. $6 - $10 a month is all that it will cost.

Check out some blogs on these websites and I guarantee that you will change your mind about paying a small monthly fee.
  Resident 8.10.2011 2 385
i have no idea what all this is dunno
ok so what do i need to download and install? free if possible cheers

free VPN sucks,get a paid one you will get better download speeed.
  Resident 11.12.2011 4 954
Found this which can be of interest in this discussion ...

How Long Before VPNs Become Illegal?

Found this too that's somehow related too to the subject discussed here ...

The sad state of reverse engineering software/hardware protections

Time to go sleep, see you tomorrow mates! mates

BTW, thanks bluerover for your clear explanation
(i must admit that i didn't knew anything about VPNs and so on)
Hope to have time tomorrow to read more carefully all the info posted here.
The future of mankind depends on love and not on new technologies
  Resident 10.08.2010 1 441
....pack up and leave for a real "free" country (internet wise) = the best VPN yes
Both the eyes are one-sided. For the perfect balance, you need Shiva’s third eye :D
  Resident 16.09.2010 1415
Does anyone know of anyone, who knows anyone, who knows anyone who has been caught up in a law suit?

Not I.
  Resident 30.10.2011 681
I friggin rock: [quote] Does anyone know of anyone, who knows anyone, who knows anyone who has been caught up in a law suit?

yeah me - a few times already. will be glad to tell you all about it...

but [email protected] em i still share

a paid VPN is a secure port fwd tunnel, a free one does not do much, but helps
Dance _ while my records spin
  Resident 16.09.2010 1415
So... ur being sued.. multiple times.. yet.. u still?

I guess then we should conclude its not that big of a deal?
  Banned 16.05.2010 364
I notice several people asking about "free" VPN services. The problem with the free ones (there are several) is that you just have no way of knowing what they are doing with the information that's passing through their servers, and you can't demand that they let you know much about that because when it's free you have no rights related to their service. You don't owe them anything, but they don't really owe anything to you, either.

That said, there are a few that I've seen some decent comments about -- but again, I STRESS the free ones can be tricky.... Hotspot Shield has alot of users. They are ad driven, so you'll either have to deal with their ads or get an ad blocker. I tried RealVPN awhile back and it wasn't too bad a service -- they are still accepting free sign-ups. The problem is no one seems to know much about them or who is behind their service. SecurityKiss has both paid and free accounts -- I've used them and they seem okay, but the free account limits your traffic so it may not work for file downloads but is fine just for private browsing. CyberGhost also has free accounts, but they also limit traffic on those so it depends what you want to use this for.

Even better than the "free" accounts is if you can locate a vpn giveaway promo. I've seen a lot of them, and in fact am using one right now. About 2 months back I found a one year giveaway for premium account CyberGhost, which has been very good. Around the same time I also found one for a 3 month premium giveaway for SecurityKiss. You might check around for these giveaway promotions, as that's the best of both worlds and they seem to pop up every couple of months. If you're looking around for something like that, a site called nsanedown (dot com) frequently has people posting about those type of giveaways, and they have links to alot of good non-music related software as well.

Finally, if you just want to check out VPN's to see if they are for you, almost all of them allow for a trial on their service -- several will give 30 days on that basis, while some will just allow for a few hours so you can check their speeds from your location. But at least it can be a good way to see what VPN service is like, and what it's all about.

Hope that helps out a bit :)
"It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken"
  Resident 21.08.2012 34
In some extent China has the freest network in the world, cuz no one will sue you for illegal downloads. We never worry about that. Is that possible that someone make a free sharing software(like soulseek), so that no one will be charged.
  Resident 11.12.2011 4 954
In some extent China has the freest network in the world, cuz no one will sue you for illegal downloads.

But will sue you if you look for Tibet, Dalai Lama and so on. Let's talk truth and say that at the present there's no "freest" network in the world (and most probably never will be). All are cut in a way or another. Rico88 said "The problem with the free ones (there are several) is that you just have no way of knowing what they are doing with the information that's passing through their servers", but personally i think that the real problem is that nobody knows at all what others are doing with ALL THE DATA that pass through thousands of servers all around the world ... or is it that you could tell me who's really behind facebook, google, twitter, iCloud, and the rest of clouds ?. And what about hackers that can stole thousands of accounts (and it's associated personal data) and sell them to others ?.

Some friends of mine still think this way: "it doesn't matter if they look at my data, because i'm not doing anything wrong". But the fact is that you don't know where you'll be tomorrow and if today's irrelevant data will be relevant for your life (and that of your family and friends) then. Anyway, everyone can dream whatever he or she wants and think that lives in a country with the "freest" network in the world you know, but reality is always there and being conscious of that fact is better than to be unconscious (as old/wise ones use to say).

BTW, thanks rico88 for your clear explanation! wink

The future of mankind depends on love and not on new technologies
  Resident 21.08.2012 34
In fact i was sarcasming. We have to use VPN to reach Youtube & Facebook. Hundreds of times downloads stop at 90%. You can never imaging how hard it is to get your stuff even the great guys are sharing so many amazing things here.
  guest -- 0
Thank you everyone for this information, and thank you SAiNT! wink
  Resident 29.10.2010 118
great info , with the limits through intrusion and spying being push everytime .... yes
  Resident 6.10.2011 46
Am I right in thinking that DNS leaks only affect Windows systems? I use a Mac and thought this wasn't an issue. dunno
  Resident 23.12.2009 2 1415
this is free and fast ->
it doesnt support p2p tho

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