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Late last year an article was shared with several mirrors and a note that they were "set 5% recovery record" so they could be "repaired if they are corrupted".
- How, exactly do I "repair" a "corrupted" .rar file?
The first of the three opened fine but the other two don't. I'm using Stuffit in osx1058 and I don't know of any other unrarer that's like WinRAR that's as easy in osx.

Thanks in advance. ps I dl'd from filesonic and fileserve. Both places give me the same bad results. And for forty bucks, well, you know...


  Resident 14.11.2008 7 91
get latest winrar for free and click on the repair button.

then choose "repair rar" if its a rar archive

if asked choose "dont add entry"

if the archive is not complete or damaged too much this wont work...if the rar contains samples you can try to copy the temporary files (see where the temporary path in the winrar app is specified) before you close winrar, so you can get all files that could be read by winrar even winrar says it couldnt extract ( winrar first opens and extract all files and copies then in the last stage everything to the place you defined before)

needless to say i dont like sit archives and stuffit ( only good thing about stuffit is that it runs in wine emulation on linux)..

take a look at linux!

  Resident 9.12.2008 5 878
Don't know but I guess that (as his name shown) MacMusic is on Mac and UnRarX hasn't the "repair button" tongue
I'm wrong? lol
 - ElMoreno plays LogicProX on Mac - 
  Resident 4.11.2008 12
First, winrar won't work for him, since he's on a Mac...

To be repairable, you need two apps (possibly three): UnRarX, MarPar Deluxe (both free and downloadable). In the archive, you should have however many .rar files, and a number of par2 files. Once you have MacPar installed, drag any of the par2 files to the icon and let it launch. It will check the archive files and then repair if it's possible. Sometimes, it's not. There have to be enough par2 files to make up for what's missing/damaged. Also, make sure the rar and par2 files are all in the same folder and have been unzipped or whatever as necessary prior to repairing.

If all your rar files end in three digit numbers like: BlahBlah.rar.001, you might need Split and Concat (also free and easily found with a google search) to combine the parts back together first of all. But, use this ONLY if the ending is a series of 3 digit (00X) numbers.

Also, forget that stuffit ever existed. It's been a piece of crap for about 10 years now. Use the OS X archive utility under FILE to compress and decompress zip files. Keep stuffit around because everyone hasn't abandoned it yet, so sometimes it's a last resort, but should NEVER be a first.

That should be all you need.
  Resident 14.11.2008 7 91
yes I know he is using OSX

yes I know he is using OSX

probably good help you gave to MacMusic. But you need up to three different programs to repair rar archives ..man...now I know why I ve never tried OSX ;)

I think wot I wrote wasn`t totally useless: if the rar archive isnt complete or the damage is too big to be repaired with checksums the principle will work propably on OSX, too:

restore as much as you can ;)

fedora 14 here and its really doing its job: last days I had to extract sit archives and this is the only archive that can`t be extracted with linux and a gui desktop frontend, so you have to use command shell.....or...as I did, run stuffit in wine which works perfect (except stuffit is really a fucking app)

same with winrar: works perfectly on linux as wine emulated win app.

normally, EVERYTHING can be done natively on Linux gnome desktop, so no need for wine emulation,
but the repair function in winrar works quite well, so sometimes wine emulated winrar can do the job!

Never tried OSX, never will ...but I thought that its so inredible easy with parallels to run para virtualised machines on OSX, so its maybe easier to run Winrar emulated on OSX then installing three different apps...but you are surely right, I dont have that apple experience here...

there will come the time, people find out how easy it is on ANY machine, doesnt matter if it is your arm smartphone, your atom netbook, you sparc server or your x64 machine to run linux:
just boot from live linux cd and there its is: everything just one click away....

dont shoot me, I am just one messanger.

  Resident 28.02.2011 1 30
Hey, thanks, y'all so far.
I have an information overload happening right now so while I digest what I've just read, I'll reiterate:
OS X Leopard Ten Five Eight using Logic Pro so I only can use AU's (fwiw.)
I'll look into that rarX thingie but I recall something somewhere that is Mac command oriented and I sure don't want that. Not yet. I barely got there with Windows before I got this brand-new used multimedia End-of-the-line G5 for my birthday. Nice'n too. (thanks again, honey)
Please feel free to jump in in educating in the nuances of DL's and such. I'm new in that realm as well. But I learn quick. Like I said, Stuffed It didn't open past the first rar. I did Symph Choirs and some guitar stuff. No joy opening the rars. Said there was a damaged architecture or something...
I could also use a good DL manager that won't stall out a third of the way there.
If I had a do-over, I think I'd learn to read.
  Resident 4.11.2008 12

Generally, on a Mac, I don't use a D/L manager, but I guess some people do. I can't help you there.

As far as the three apps I mentioned - all come in handy at one time or another for d/l's. They are NOT all necessary (in 95% of cases) to unrar or to repair. As long as you have MacParDeluxe and the d/l came with pars and rars, then you should be okay. Stuffit will often tell you a file is corrupt etc. because, and I'll say it again, IT'S A PIECE OF SHIT!!

None of the apps I mentioned are command line - all are GUI interfaces. Honestly, if you can't make them work in the first 30 seconds, you probably shouldn't be allowed to own a computer winked Download them, follow my instructions and you should have your D/L unrar'd a few minutes later.
  Resident 12.09.2010 167
Use RAR REPAIR TOOL Software.its great and easy to use . really work
Vandad Studio
  Resident 28.02.2011 1 30
@Panderpork: so then, as I suspected, Stuffit simply isn't as robust as need be to open these files. I'll get the others ASAP then. AFA a download manager, I tried to dl a large +-500MB file and it stalled a third of the way through. When I was on Windows XP Pro, I read that large files can stall out if you don't have a "special" dl mgr.
@Scooby: thanks for your input. yeah, if a file's corrupted, it's corrupted and that's that. No fancy ware is gonna do much, I guess.
Since these articles are from a few months ago, they may have already been tampered with. Damn pirates. Ruin everything. ; )

Welp, I guess I'll pronounce the AGC rars broken beyond remedy.
First off, @El Moreno, funny as it sounds, my Leopard version of UnRarX has, in fact, no repair button readily visible.
Perhaps if it though the file was corrupted, it'd show up?
I tried to open parts 2 and 3 of AGC and it went through the motions: files came up on a list with an OK by each one but they didn't land in the selected folder. Or anywhere else. No error message either. Maybe I shouldn't be allowed to own a computer, panderpork?
Nor Par files present. Got all three suggested unwrappers.
If I had a do-over, I think I'd learn to read.
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get rar osx commandline tools from rarlabs
copy rar and unrar to /usr/local/bin/
open terminal
rar r broken.r12
watch the output ... should be sth like recovery record found ... fixed
when done this would create broken.r12.fixed in your homedir
a recovery record is not a guarantee things get fixed with it

once youve mastered the rar commandline tools youll never ask for a rar tool again :-) as commandline is just mighty and handy.
  Resident 28.02.2011 1 30
@B55....: Hmmm. Well I reckon I best get to learnin' how to do command line interfacing then, huh? Any good tutes?
Btw for those interested the AGC won't work with Kontakt 3 unless you've got the FULL version, not just the player. I still need a good acoustic guitar plug (AU) that plays nice sounding strum patterns. I know. That goes under req's.
So thanks again for all the help guys. Keep me posted, please. Someone suggested a forum. Good idea.
If I had a do-over, I think I'd learn to read.
  Resident 17.04.2019 11 658
ok, but how can i repair my broken heart
  Member 11.10.2020 8
quote by panderporkFirst, winrar won't work for him, since he's on a Mac...

winrar exists for mac, too, just as winzip. for whatever reason.

however, i have never used stuffit or winrar in OSX during the last 20 years, the unix rar utilities are faster and more stable... and free... plus have a verbose log output.

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