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Wave Alchemy Triaz Plugin Full Content WiNIK Multimedia T-RackS 5 MAX v2 v5.10.4 U2B Mac [MORiA]GForce OB-EZ v1.0.0 Incl Keygen [WiN & macOS]-R2RNative Instruments Kontakt 7 v7.8.1 U2B Mac [MORiA]Cherry Audio CR-78 v1.0.11.89-R2RGForce M-Tron Pro IV v1.0.0 Incl Keygen [WiN & macOS]-R2RiZotope Tonal Balance Control 2 v2.8.0-R2R



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MB comp Free DAW which can load vsti presets via Shortcut? DSP563xx Emulator. Finally some real progress (Access Virus, Nord Lead, TC PowerCore, Waldorf MW...) windows 11 is best for music making headphone profile sound id reference 5 FREE AI Instrument and Voice cloning app with built in stem seperation! These sites feel nostalgic to me Tuning Bassdrums? New sister site iZotope releases (Nectar4, Ozone 11) working in Mojave? FS : Cubase 13 PRO , Kiloheart, Toontrack SD3 ,(prices down)


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fresh releases

Software » Mac OSX
KORG Gadget 2 Plugins macOS [HCiSO] screenshot
TEAM HCiSO | 10 January 2024 | 5.72 GB
KORG Gadget 2 is the best all-in-one music production software and plugin collection; the intuitive user interface provides over 40 small synthesizers and drum machines called “Gadgets", that you can freely combine for music production. Starting with the award winning iOS edition, followed by Gadget for Mac with its powerful plugin collection, now the Gadget plug-ins are now Windows compatible." With carefully selected parameters and at-the-ready sounds/presets, you can now use various powerful gadgets with your favorite DAW on your Mac.
Samples » loops
UNKWN Sounds Beryl (Compositions and Stems) WAV-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 10 January 2024 | 765 MB
Beryl contains 10 original compositions ranging from soul, latin, and a variety of other hybrid genre influences. UNKWN alongside a team of session players have recorded a majority of each composition using live instrumentations such as the upright piano, brass, bass guitar, etc.. and a collection of analog synthesizers from the Moog to the notorious Prophet 6. These samples will ignite instant inspiration for your next project.
Software » Windows
Karaosoft Karma 2024.1.8-MADARA screenshot
MADARA | 01.2024 | 31.5 MB
Manage your karaoke shows with ease. Clickless search, drag-n-drop functionality, and many other unique features designed to bring you the most simplified management of your karaoke shows, being both robust yet simple to use. Karma eliminates many time wasting tasks to free you up for more enjoyable things like interacting with the crowd or taking a break.
Software » Windows
Tracktion Software Outersect Modeler v1.1.2-TeamCubeadooby screenshot
TeamCubeadooby | 01.2024 | 13 MB
What happens when a classically trained musician and Pro Tools coder has a life changing experience at Burning Man? Rob Rayle's passion project, the Outersect Modeler, is a pure modeling synth designed to recreate all the expression and nuance of acoustic and electro-acoustic instruments – perfect for Rob to jam with on his keytar or for anyone seeking an instrument that feels truly alive. Travel through the wormhole with us into the trippy world of…… Outersect.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Freshly Squeezed Samples Serum Cyberpunk Essentials Volume 1-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 09 January 2024 | 201.61 MB
Looking to add a touch of dystopian cyberpunk to your music? Look no further than our 256-preset pack for Serum. Inspired by the likes of Blade Runner and other sci-fi classics, our pack is the perfect tool for movie composers and electronic music producers alike.

Reuploaded. Fantastic

Samples » loops
One Man Tribe Organic Hand Drums For Electronic WAV-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 09 January 2024 | 118 MB
Organic Hand Drums For Electronic presents creative loop elements performed live on a wide palette of percussion instruments and sounds. The loops contain universal rhythmic wisdom that exists in many traditional styles. While the sounds naturally fit the tribal and world beat styles, some hidden gems and patterns will spice up your production on all the spectrum of electronic music. Performed and produced by Ben Aylon.
Education » Video Tutorials
Skillshare Ableton Essential Exercises Level 7 Masterclass in Chords TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 09 January 2024 | 180 MB
Chord Progressions Masterclass with STRANJAH
Unlock the secrets of captivating chord progressions with STRANJAH's definitive masterclass. Dive deep into Ableton Live’s tools and techniques, while gaining universal musical insights applicable beyond the software. This class marries the technical with the artistic, ensuring you leave with both knowledge and inspiration.
Samples » loops
Boom Bap Labs Amen Imperial Vaults Vol 1 WAV-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 09 January 2024 | 81 MB
This pack is not royalty-free. Amen from Hellzwind is back once again to deliver rare and unique gems from his secret dungeon. With direct access to the Imperial Vaults underneath the Boom Bap Labs, Amen is on a mission to bring you his marvellous discoveries only he can find. Imperial Vault is a new series that will surely provide you the best in quality samples so you can be miles ahead of the competition. This pack contains 20 raw samples all in universal WAV format, 44.1Khz, 16 bits resolution.
Samples, sound effects, loops
Maxeyy Stash V4 Drum Kit WAV-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 09 January 2024 | 127 MB
I was going for some older, more real sounds for this kit. Stuff that you could hear in some old Travis Scott songs from albums like "Rodeo" and also from new songs like those in "UTOPIA." This kit has a lot of Kanye West type sounds too, and the Boom Bap stash folder has sounds for some oldschool Graduation/College Dropout type beats.
Education » Video Tutorials
Dragon Finger Drums 30 day Foundation Course screenshot
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: aac, 48000 Hz | 5h34min | 14.19 GB | Language: English
Get Everything You Need To Become A Skilled Finger Drummer In Just 30 Days. This is the first time all the secrets of realistic finger drumming have been put together in one course. Until now, the only way to learn real finger drumming was by figuring everything out on your own (and it takes a long time and a lot of patience for that.) Now you have access to all the secrets of REAL finger drumming in one place. You can learn all the same skills that acoustic drummers learn, and how to seamlessly apply them to the pads. And in just 30 days, your friends won't be able to tell the difference.


Samples » presets, patches, impulses
ModeAudio Scatter Reason + Pack screenshot
ModeAudio | Rar 49.9 Mb | Unrar 59.7 Mb
Cleanse your tracks with streams of etheral noise and sounds. These mind-broadening patches are based around the sample manipulating instrument Grain, each focusing the aural energies in unique ways. Free your music, free your mind.

** This pack can be used in reason's rack and daw also there's wav files to be used in other daws.So these are not only for reason + Companion and there not refills just folders**
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Seán Murray Smokin Pop Reason + Pack screenshot
Seán Murray | Rar 33.8 Mb | Unrar 34.3 Mb
An excellent set of sounds, highly suitable for your next futuristic hands-in-the-air banger!

** This pack can be used in reason's rack and daw also there's wav files to be used in other daws.So these are not only for reason + Companion and there not refills just folders**
Windows, Mac OSX
Sampleson Overheat v1.0.5 x64 VST3 AU STANDALONE WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
10/05/2023 | x64 VST3 AU STANDALONE WiN MAC | 124 MB

OverHeat is a plugin that emulates the warm, harmonically-rich sound of analog saturation. It is designed to add depth, warmth, and character to digital audio recordings by replicating the natural distortion and compression that occurs when analog signals are pushed to their limits. With its intuitive interface, this VST plugin is easy to use and offers a range of customizable parameters, such as input and output gain, saturation level, and tone shaping controls.
Software » Windows
Fanan Team Kitton 2 x64 x86 VST VST3 WiN [FREE] screenshot
10/05/2023 | x64 x86 VST VST3 WiN | 70 MB
Kitton 2 is general midi compatible drum machine. It lumps 20 top crafted full featured drumkits that will make your GM compatible drum midi file \ track sound amazingly realistic.

Kitton 2 allows editing with ease every drum element in the kit straight from the main pannel. You can easily set the gain and the pitch of each element, apply an innovative round-robin system and lo-pass\hi pass filters. control the length and even morph the elements with other elements of the same cathegoty.
sound effects, loops
Gowler Music Movie Dialogue Vol.3 WAV AiFF FLAC [FREE] screenshot
09/05/2023 | WAV | AiFF | FLAC | 127 MB
Movie Dialogue Vol.3 from Gowler Music Featuring 50 vintage spoken word and sound effect samples from B-list movies and TV shows, this sample pack is a must have for any music producer or musician looking to add quality sound FX to their track.

The samples are sourced from our previous horror and sci-fi movie dialogue collections. All the samples have been labelled for ease of use and are 100% royalty-free.
Software » Windows
Sjoerd Van Kreel InfernalSynth v1.1.3 x64 VST3 WiN [FREE] screenshot
09/05/2023 | x64 VST3 WiN | 8 MB
An open source semi-modular VST3 synthesizer and effect plugin.

InfernalSynth features a per-voice (up to 32) oscillator with classic, noise, DSF, Karplus-Strong and mixed-classic generator types, phase, frequency, ring and amplitude modulation, hard sync and unison support. It comes with a selection of per-voice and global effects (filter, delay, waveshaper, reverb), LFOs, CV routing modules, envelopes, and more.
Software » Windows
Kriminal Korosion VST WiN FREE screenshot
VST WiN | 918.22 KB
Korosion is a stereo distortion.

Very good for bass lines, guitars, drums, TB-303 type effects.

It can produce very aggressive distortions!

Beware, the volume can be very loud at the output. First try it with a low volume then adjust at your preferred level.

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