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DSP563xx Emulator. Finally some real progress (Access Virus, Nord Lead, TC PowerCore, Waldorf MW...) windows 11 is best for music making headphone profile sound id reference 5 FREE AI Instrument and Voice cloning app with built in stem seperation! Free DAW which can load vsti presets via Shortcut? These sites feel nostalgic to me Tuning Bassdrums? MB comp New sister site iZotope releases (Nectar4, Ozone 11) working in Mojave? FS : Cubase 13 PRO , Kiloheart, Toontrack SD3 ,(prices down)


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fresh releases

Samples, loops, presets, patches, impulses
Renraku Dust and Ash II (WAV, Serum Presets) screenshot
19/10/2023 | WAV | 306 MB
Faint glowing signals from long-since abandoned devices course through landscapes ranging from smouldering craters, icy wastes, and barren deserts resulting in DUST AND ASH 2.

Drawing inspiration from equal parts sci-fi landscapes and decay in the modern era, DUST AND ASH 2 was designed with a sense of place in mind, whether you’re looking to add a foreboding and cinematic presence to a current project, or need inspiration for your next emotional banger.
Software, Windows
Cockos REAPER v7.01 WiN screenshot
P2P | 19 October 2023 | 33.6 MB
REAPER is a digital audio workstation. It is a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment. Using your current computer and no other software, you can import any audio and MIDI, synthesize, sample, compose, arrange, edit, mix, and master songs or any other audio projects.
Samples, Kontakt
Native Instruments Play Series Cloud Supply v2.0.0 KONTAKT ISO screenshot
bobdule | 19 October 2023 | 2.5 GB
CLOUD SUPPLY is a specialized instrument for hazy trap hooks and smoke-soaked atmospherics. It’s dripping with beat-ready hybrid keys, wavy pads, plucks, bells, and sequences, plus pitch-shifted resampling for on-point hidden harmonics – all refined through analog studio gear and high-end processing. There’s plenty of powerful tweaking options to dial in your own sounds – from sequenced modulation, to effects chains, and macro controls.
Samples, Kontakt
Native Instruments Play Series Melted Vibes v2.0.0 KONTAKT ISO screenshot
bobdule | 19 October 2023 | 792 MB
Create instant earworms with warped keys, detuned plucks, and wonky synths
150 tweakable presets, for extra wavy pop, trap, and R&B melodics
Boost sounds even further with a range of inspiring effects, sequencing tools, and custom macros
Part of the Play Series: Great-sounding presets and real-time control in an intuitive interface
Samples, Kontakt
Native Instruments Lo-Fi Glow v2.0.0 KONTAKT ISO screenshot
bobdule | 19 October 2023 | 582 MB
The fuzz of tape. The dirt of distortion. When sounds get a little rougher, something magical happens – that’s LO-FI GLOW. To create this instrument, vintage synths, keys, organs, guitars, and bass, were recorded in the highest quality, then processed through effects pedals, tape decks, and samplers like the SP-404 – resulting in distinctive sounds for instant lo-fi melodics. LO-FI GLOW also comes with powerful tools under the hood – from custom effects chains to macro editing – so you can quickly sculpt your own tones.
Software » Mac OSX
Rogue Amoeba Audio Hijack 4.2.5 macOS TNT screenshot
Team: TNT | Oct 2023 | 37 MB
Record any application's audio, including VoIP calls from Skype, web streams from Safari, and much more. Save audio from hardware devices like microphones and mixers as well. You can even record all the audio heard on your Mac at once! If you can hear it, Audio Hijack can record it.
Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai, Education
Rudemuzik LoFi Drum Guide PDF WAV MiDi-ARCADiA screenshot
Team ARCADiA | PDF WAV MiDi | 77.83 MB
LoFi Drum Guide: Drum Patterns and Guide in the LoFi Style

What's Included?
A PDF guide packed with LoFi drum patterns to program in your DAW. You get basic patterns, core patterns, patterns with ghost notes, and advanced patterns. Plus, enough for you to create your own LoFi drum patterns. This is a digital PDF file and not a physical book.
20 Lofi patterns and 353 total midi files.
Software » Mac OSX
Rogue Amoeba SoundSource 5.6.3 macOS TNT screenshot
Team: TNT | Oct 2023 | 31 MB
SoundSource gives you superior sound control on your Mac. Use it to control individual app settings, like volume and output device. Apply an equalizer and other audio effects to any audio. You also have fast access to your Mac's audio device settings and levels, from anywhere. SoundSource gives you truly powerful audio control, all from a globally available menu bar app.
Education, Video Tutorials
ProducerTech Beginner's Guide to Audio Effects TUTORiAL screenshot
HiDERA | 19 October 2023 | 2.85 GB
With such a wide range of audio effects on offer when producing, it can seem like a monumental task as a beginner to figure out what they all do! This course aims to make that task infinitely simpler by guiding you through all of the most popular effects, broken down into the main categories and with a plethora of examples to help with both understanding and putting them into practice.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Core Tone Captures - FMAN 100 Deluxe for Tonex screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | ToneX | 1.68 MB
This pack is based on the highly versatile Friedman BE 100 Deluxe. Enjoy 100 captures spanning different settings, switches, microphones, and cabinets, offering a wide range of options from clean tones to classic rock and even metal. It includes numerous DI and Amp + CAB captures to fulfill your live and studio requirements. For optimal results, we recommend trying these captures with your software and/or ToneX Pedal's input trim set at 0dB.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Big Hairy Profiles TONEX MESS Studio Tri Quad for Tonex screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | ToneX | 717 KB
Included in this pack is 51 presets based on a Mesa Boogie Studio, Triaxis and Quad preamps (with VHT2150 and Mesa 2:90 Power amps). 36 presets are captured with 4x12 cab, while 15 are captured direct with no cabinet, so you can add the cab IR of your choice. (actually you can choose the cab of your choice for ANY of the 37 presets).
Samples, sound effects, loops, presets, patches, impulses
brood.esque 019 skye and 001 keys Lupine (PREORDER) WAV FL STUDiO and Ableton Racks-FANTASTiC  screenshot
FANTASTiC | 19 October 2023 | 622 MB
This pack was made by skye, key and brood. All sounds in this kit were specifically handcrafted by us, and it does not contain any recycled sounds.

you'll also be receiving the "environment & instinctual" (thermal and portal) preset pack as a thank you for pre-ordering our kit!


Samples » Kontakt
Sonuscore Dhol Ensemble KONTAKT [FREE] screenshot
19/10/2023 | KONTAKT | 146 MB

Pound through the mid-range with this potent display of percussion power from the South Caucasus. This hand drum is the main rhythmic percussion backing for folk music in the region, and is now available to you (for FREE) to add an authentic touch full of energy and movement to your compositions. Tired of using taikos to build up the energy in your pieces? Try the dhol. The dhol fills nearly the same mid-range and can both stir up the emotions and tension in a cinematic piece, as well as offer a strong rhythmic grounding for folk music styles.
Samples » Kontakt
Fracture Sounds Blueprint Electric Keys KONTAKT [FREE] screenshot
19/10/2023 | KONTAKT | 2.21 GB
Electric Keys offers the chance to experience the detailed sampling of an original Fender Rhodes Mark 1, combining the iconic sound of this instrument with our well-established modern sampling techniques and atmospheric effects.

The first in our series of free Blueprint instruments is Electric Keys, a faithful sampling of a vintage Rhodes Mark 1 Stage Piano. With DI, amped, and acoustic signals, the instrument has been captured in exquisite detail, from the delicate tones to the characterful mechanicals.

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