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East West Hollywood Choirs Diamond v1.0.7-DECiBELThe Usual Suspects DSP56300 Emulator 1.2.4 Win x64 VST2 + VST3 + ROM's [FREE]Tracktion Software Dawesome Abyss v1.2.5 WiN/MAC [MORiA]Native Instruments Effects Series v1.2.1 macOS-TRAZORSauceware Audio Scorch v1.0.0 Regged [WIN MacOSX] READ NFO-FLAREPlugin Alliance Bettermaker EQ232D v1.0.1 Mac [MORiA]Yamaha VST Rack Pro v1.0.0 (Win/macOS)-V.R



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Discontinued plug-ins, alternatives, lame developers/support etc. Exchange Psytrance Undercurrent (Paul Mccan and Madman J.) Biggest plugin sale of 2022 all plugins under $80 | slate digital, sonnox, plugin alliance, softube, Looking for multi-fx VSTs to add randomness and uniqueness Uploaded vs. Katfile - our new primary filehoster Waves v12/v13 Installation on Big Sur And Higher Best AntiVirus Software Kontakt Wallpaper Request & Comments Gig Performer how to get different setup changed with program change?


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Education » Video Tutorials
Warp Academy Vocal Production TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 05 December 2021 | 686 MB
Learn vocal production workflow, what plugins to use, how to tune vocals, how to time align vocals. Everything you need to create the PERFECT, professional sound you’ve been looking for.

How to engineer vocals has been our single most requested topic from the community here at Warp Academy. And rightly so. Mixing vocals is one of the most complex and challenging things you’ll have to face as a producer.
Samples, sound effects, loops
Zenhiser Hybrid Bass House WAV-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 04 December 2021 | 1.12 GB
Hybrid Bass House is about as upfront, grungy and mind bending as a sample pack gets. Fuelling it’s core with a melding pot of recognisable classic sounds fused with crunchy beats, pounding basslines and intoxicating drops, ensures a broad spectrum of uses. Generously filled with an abundance of solid melodies this flawless collection of Bass heavy sounds will energise your studio for months to come.
Software » Mac OSX
Audio Editor 1.5.7 macOS TNT screenshot
Team: TNT | Dec 2021 | 51 MB
Audio Editor allows you to merge, split and edit is a sound editing program for macOS. This software lets you edit any audio file on your computer. You can instantly edit songs and recordings by cutting, copying, pasting and deleting the selected areas. The app is easy to use, you can save and open your project. You can do your all working on timeline, it’s so convenient.
Samples » loops
New Loops Atmospheric Textures WAV-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 04 December 2021 | 883 MB
Atmospheric Textures – 100 atmospheres, soundscapes, backing pads, and ambiances to add tension and suspense to your music. You’ll find a wide range of synthesized sounds including, dark cinematic pads, intense noise-scapes, distorted drones, atonal atmospheres, shimmering pads, alarming sounds, deep rumbles, and more.
Samples » loops
DiyMusicBiz Epic Vibe Melodies Vol 1 WAV-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 04 December 2021 | 265 MB
Epic Vibe Melodies The “Epic Vibe Melodies” sample kit is what you need to make another hit song instantly. All of the melodies in the pack have been handcrafted from scratch and they're royalty-free! These samples will give you instant inspiration to make beats with the latest modern sound. It doesn’t matter what level you are currently at in production, these pro sounds will bring the heat to your DAW. This sample kit contains melodies for Hip Hop and Rap artists like Lil Baby, Future, Lil Durk, Drake & more. The insane thing about this pack, is you get the stems to every instrument in the composition. What does that mean? You get to make fit your production style. Let’s get cooking !!! 15 Epic Vibe Melodies Trap, Hip Hop Wav. Files 5 sets of stems ready to drag & drop Tempo and Key Labeled 100% Royalty Free


George Clinton & The Cosmic Odyssey of the P-Funk Empire by Kris Needs EPUB screenshot
2014 | Omnibus Press | ISBN: 9781783051540 | 8.94 MB | 376 Pages | EPUB
The first in-depth biography of one of music's most fascinating, colourful and innovative characters.
This book is the most comprehensive history yet of the life, music and cultural significance of the last of the great black music pioneers and the era which spawned him. Clinton stands alongside James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone as one of the most influential black artists of all time who, along with his vast P-Funk army took black funk into the US charts and sold out stadiums by the mid 1970s with his mind-blowing shows and legendary Mothership extravaganzas.
À la Recherche d'une Musique Concrète par Pierre Schaeffer EPUB screenshot
1952 | Éditions du Seuil | ISBN: 9782020025720 | 3.5 MB | 232 Pages | EPUB
« Autour de moi, s'étalait des piles de disques, où s'inscrivaient les fragments de cette matière décomposée, rapetissée et agrandie, désossée, inversée, éclatée, pulvérisée. J'étais comme une enfant qui a vidé le son de son ours, arraché les yeux de sa poupée et démantibulée son train mécanique. Il fallait bien que je m'avoue que je venais d'inventer d'extraordinaires techniques de destruction, mais que tous les essais de synthèse me claquaient dans les doigts. Il y avait d'autre part, à chaque instant de mes démarches, d'impitoyables contradictions qui surgissaient. Les objets sonores proliféraient mais leur multiplication insensée n'apportait aucun enrichissement, du moins au sens où les musiciens l'entendent : l'idée musicale, ou l'ombre de d'idée qui demeurait à travers ses contorsions inchangées, et que de formes biscornues, que de variantes concrètes pour la même idée ! Ces variations elles-mêmes étaient contradictoires, trop musicales et pas assez, trop parce que la banalité de l'écriture initiale persistait, pas assez parce que la plupart de ces objets sonores étaient cruels, offensants pour l'oreille. »

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