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FabFilter Totalbundle 15-2-2018 Win Vst3 & Vst x86 x64 - incl. R2R KgAoN Synapse Audio Dune v2.5 Bundle 2018 02 18 WiN x86 / x64Mastering the Mix REFERENCE v.1.02-AUDiTORAoN Sylenth1 v2.2.1.X installer x86/x64 2018 02 18 (Air Method)AoN Reveal Sound Spire v1.1.13 Bundle 2018 02 18 WiNSonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition v4.0.85 Antitrial-V.RMastering the Mix LEVELS v.1.2-AUDiTOR



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Positive Grid - Bias Amp 2 Life outside music.. omnisphere 2 NAAM Winter Show 1998 - A Trip to Memory Lane Kontakt Wallpaper Request & Comments ...ghost town... What are your thoughts? PA dumping iLok with new rent-to-own plan Using warez and legit iZotope plugins at the same time?


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Education » Video Tutorials
Subbass Academy Ableton Live 9 Essentials with Chris Mounter TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | April 03 2017 | 698 MB
Once you have mastered the basics, top producer and DJ Chris Mounter will take you through key music production techniques in Ableton Live 9. The techniques will enhance and move your production forward onto a new level. We have selected key production techniques that are a must for any producer to know and we have developed some key tips and tricks within Ableton Live 9 to help you take your music production to new heights.

From advanced set up to using Ableton live 9 plug-ins properly, this course will really help you enhance your sound and skill level.
Samples » sound effects
Epic Stock Media Cybernetic Weapons WAV-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 03/APRiL/2017 | 1.15GB
1211 Files Included - Custom designed and source Weapon Sounds, this audio asset armory is a storehouse of ready to use Cybernetic Fire Power. Cybernetic Weapons brings forth a new era of Hyper-Sonic Weaponry. Perfect for Games, Video, Film, TV, it’s all in 96K/24-Bit Format so you can probably end the arms race right here and now.
Samples » sound effects
SoundMorph Steampunk Weapons WAV-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 03/APRiL/2017 | 747MB
Where weapons past meets the future. Our newest sound library is here: Steampunk Weapons! We mixed the old with the new to make this uniquely diversified collection of Weapons. Combining modern recording techniques with Metal, Rusted Objects, and Synthesis, if you need some more weapons that break the mold of Traditional Weapons, this is the collection for you!
Samples » sound effects
Epic Stock Media Cinematic Music WAV-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 03/APRiL/2017 | 858MB
Lights! Camera! Action! Here you get an awesome curated selection of high quality compositions for Game and Film Productions! All originally composed and arranged by David Levy, The Cinematic Music Bundle is here to provide a universal music library with both Full Soundtracks and Loops to target all key types of music used in the entertainment industry. Great for Trendy Commercials, Quirky Feature Films, Epic Projects and Games even corporate Video.
Samples » sound effects
Squeaky Fish Swordfighter WAV-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 03/APRiL/2017 | 68.8MB
Swordfighter is a robust package with Sharp Sounding Swords, Heaps Of Variations and all the extras you need to make a Fight come Alive. Build unique Sword Swings with Various Hits, Swooshes, Schings, Different Fighter Vocals and Impacts on Various Surfaces.
Samples » sound effects
Epic Stock Media Vibrant Game WAV-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 03/APRiL/2017 | 582MB
Introducing an outstanding collection of gameplay inspired audio assets that are spot on for creating ultra engaging environments for Games or Motion Graphic productions. Vibrant Game is a sound FX Library perfect for: 2D, 3D, Mobile APP, Puzzle, Cartoon and Animated Games, Trivia, Party or Logic Games, Multiplayer Board Games, Card Games, Arcade and Scroller style Games.
loops, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
Freshly Squeezed Samples Progressive House MIDI Essentials Vol.1 WAV MiDi FLP Ni MASSiVE SYLENTH PRESETS screenshot
03/04/2017 / WAV MiDi / MASSIVE SYLENTH PRESETS / 220 MB

Comprised of 100+ complete construction kits, Progressive House MIDI Essentials Volume 1 is the perfect addition to your bank of creative resources.
Produced in collaboration with Nils Huzen (Talamanca) and David Sherlock (Freshly Squeezed Samples), each MIDI construction kit is either 8 or 16 bars in length and all kits contain interesting chord variations and ‘tweaks’ on the last 8-16 bars - something we felt allot of other MIDI packs lacked in the past. Additionally, multiply elements are included per kit such as pads, chord leads, arpeggios, plucks, basses, sub melodies and much more. Fundamentally, the construction kits are complete tracks (or break down melodies) with all the core elements being included to inspire your own productions.
Education » Video Tutorials
Lynda Learning Modular Synthesis: Moog Mother-32 Semimodular Synth TUTORiAL screenshot
Team kEISO | 03 Apr 2017 | 950.0MB
The Moog Mother-32 is a very popular starter instrument for those looking to get into modular synthesis. It contains a capable one-oscillator synthesizer voice with a Moog design filter, as well as surprisingly full-featured step sequencer. Best of all, it's a semimodular synth in that all of its components are already wired together and able to create sounds right out of the box. But it also contains a Patch panel, allowing you to override its internal wiring as well as connect it to external synthesizer modules. Synth designer Chris Meyer gives you a quick-start introduction to all three of these sections of the Moog Mother-32, including how to mount the Mother-32 into a Eurorack-format case, plus important advice on the first external modules you might want to add to it.
Samples » sound effects
SoundMorph Portals WAV-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 03/APRiL/2017 | 711MB
Enter "Portals", SoundMorph's latest Sound Library containing both Designed and Source Recorded Doors. With a focus on Sci-Fi, Medieval, Metal, and Contraption Type Doors, Portals is an excellent resource to add to your Tool Box.
Samples » sound effects
Digital Rain Lab Signal Frontiers WAV-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 03/APRiL/2017 | 1.09GB
Signal Frontiers is a huge collection of cutting edge futuristic sounds for Interfaces, Robotics, Space Machinery and more. The library contains 1000+ uniquely designed assets and covers everything from Web Interface to Spaceship Consoles, Telemetry and Ambiences, offering an unparalleled variety for any project.
Samples » sound effects
Digital Rain Lab Lethal Energies WAV-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 03/APRiL/2017 | 890MB
1079 Files Included - The ultimate, self-contained Sci-Fi Weapon Library! Blasters, Lasers, One-Shots repeaters and more are at your trigger happy fingertips and ears with this quality collection. The Lethal Energies sound effects library gets you a powerful and versatile collection of designed Sci-Fi Guns and Weapons.


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