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Udemy – Read Music Notes Fast L2: Read 22 Music Notes in 7 Days TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P July 15 2015 | 105 MB
Rosa's Unique Note Attack Method to read Music notes with Accuracy - 7 Days systematic program to Read 22 Music Notes.

Course Updated: July 7, 2015

Read Music Notes Fast Level 2 - A Comprehensive 7 Day Program to help Beginners to Read 22 Music Notes Accurately! 112 Lectures with 3 Hours Content!

This 7 Day Program will help students master reading 11 musical notes in the Treble Clef and 11 musical notes in the Bass Clef.

This is a PROGRAM to apply my Music Note Attack Method ( 6 Steps laid out in Level 1)

11 Treble Clef Notes: Middle C, D, E, F, G, A , B, C, D, E

11 Bass Clef: G, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A, B, Middle C

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Udemy – Read Music Notes Fast L2: Read 22 Music Notes in 7 Days TUTORiAL | 105.08 MB

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I don't get tired ever of this helpful kind of stuff, I only disagree when she explains "Reading" as an "Intuitive Visual Recognition", take the word Intuitive out, because there's no intuition when the Clef changes to Bass or Alto, the same note positioned on the second line can be: G, B or A.
As you noted you must know it, but you don't have time to deduce the note position.

Intuition: Another word merged into the English, from Latin intuitione or (intueor, Intueri) format from the union of "in-" (on inside) and "tuere" (look for, save), this confusion may be because sometimes we guess or deduce things from nothing. But, Intuitive means deduce or conclude something by intuition, without the use of reasoning; sense, reasoning that is used to reach the conclusion is purely unconscious, a fact that makes many wrongly believe that intuition is a psychic or divine process.

Reading music perfectly is a skill that anyone can have, but, need to do the exercices everday for just a few weeks and will remain forever inside of you.

When I was much young, asked those great professors that read anything, very common in Germany, how they could read anything so easily, they answered: you young people just know all the slangs in almost 4 languages, but now try to learn easier things than the bad words from Hollywood and american series you have memorized. They are, just memorize all circle of 3drs and 5ths, up & down. 5th and 4ths are the same of flats and Sharps order in the key.

My tips for read faster
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thank you mate! gracias amigo! danke mann!

As far as I understood, you recommend making a sheet of paper with groups of sixteenth notes going up in 3 whole tones distances.

good idea!

do you have advice on how to read lead sheets (melody plus harmony plus rythm)?

like a simple song for example, Father and son by cat stevens.

its like i dont even know where to start...

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