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udemy Quicklessons Piano Course Learn to play piano by ear TUTORiAL screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 28 September 2014 | 3.02 GB
Begin your piano-playing journey by understanding different musical genres and learning to play your favorite songs.

Compose your own music with the fundamentals of scales, chords, and music theory.

  • Introduction to the Piano
  • Basic Theory, Melodic vs. Harmonic and Note Intervals
  • Common Scales, Both Major and Minor
  • Useful Chords and Triads
  • Transition to Chord Progressions

    Why Learn How to Play Piano?
    Music has been scientifically shown to induce pleasure in the brain. Learning the piano can tap into that subconscious yearning. Practicing an instrument stimulates memory, promotes coordination, induces relaxation, and creates learning patterns and techniques that can be transferred to other activities.

    Pianos are also extremely versatile and can play most genres of music without need of accompaniment. Finally, since the piano is one of the most tonally precise but still-accessible instruments, playing the piano can form a bridge between other instruments or even studio production and pave the way for a hobby or even career as a musician.

    Contents and Overview
    This course is designed to be accessible for a complete beginner, but it also has lots to offer for moderately-experienced piano players. Enrollees should have access to a piano or keyboard with at least fifty-four keys/five full octaves. They should also have enough time for plenty of practice.

    Each succinct lesson will teach you how to play by watching award-winning composer/pianist Ozie Cargile perform from a clear vantage point while you follow along.

    You will begin by learning the basics of how to operate the piano and become acquainted with the keys. Once you've finished the principals, you will move on to learn and practice the most common scales, followed by chords, triads, and finally chord progressions.

    You should then be able to practice composing your own music in any genre, style, or mode you choose and have fun while doing it.

    Students completing the course will become intimately familiar with the basic workings of piano and music theory. They will also learn how to read chord charts and sheet music, and should be able to recognize most of the common chord progressions. There will even be some lessons for identifying notes and chords solely by ear.

    Tickling the ivories can be both fun and rewarding, and by enrolling in this course, students will be able to create their own catchy tunes.

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      Resident 17.03.2012 1 346
    Thanks for this.

    Why do they produce these lesson presentations in so big file size?
    They are simply a visual of hands on a keyboard + some theory diagrams + some audio with commentary, yet they produce them in DVD or HD resolution!

    Udemy courses are meant to be taken online as streamed media, not burned to Bluray.
      Resident 18.09.2010 1092
    This is just outright bloody INSANE!!!

    I struggle playing with my fingers..... c`mon fella`s, seriously...... with ear???

    Has the world gone stark raving mad? Whatever next:

    Groove 3 Presents Trombone Mastery With Prosthetic Limbs in 17 minutes
    And the truth shall set you free.
      Resident 15.08.2011 302
    Groove 3 Presents Trombone Mastery With Prosthetic Limbs in 17 minutes.
      Banned 31.12.2012 1001 2949
    anyone else astonished that this is $200?
      guest -- 0
    Would of got it for $10 on one of those sale they always have.. Then they put the price up so it looks like all the people enrolled paid $200 and left good reviews
      Banned 31.12.2012 1001 2949
    yea i think their marketing strategies are very unrealistic
      guest -- 0
    I got a course worth 450 for free.. lol about how how stupid it was, seen better stuff on youtube.. Don't like half these Udemy tutorials. Their is the odd good one though like fuads. The one i got wasn't a music one though but it put me off downloading off them again.
      Banned 31.12.2012 1001 2949
    I gave up on them after wasting so much time on their videos, yet quality of videos never improved. I try to look out for more quality companies now.

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