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Groove3 Live 9 Reverb & Delay In Action TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 17 2013 | 179.72 MB

Ableton Certified trainer extraordinaire Scottie Dugan returns and is ready to pull the curtain back on Live 9's built-in reverb and delay plug-ins. Join Scottie as he unlocks the power of these two classic, "must know how to use" effects.

Scottie kicks things off with an introduction to reverb and what it is, and then takes a close look at the Reverb plug-in and its parameters, showing how Early Reflections give your ears a lot of clues about how the space "behaves" in a mix. Scottie then reveals the parameters that control the Diffusion Network and Output, and why they're important to crafting the perfect space.

Moving on, Scottie explains what Impulse Responses are, and introduces Live 9’s Convolution Reverb along with its presets. The Convolution Reverb Pro is then examined, looking at the additional parameters it brings, and how it's a creative element that can add more than just space to the mix.

Delay is next up and Scottie covers it all. Beginning with the Simple Delay, Scottie gives an introduction to the concept of delay, as well as the different types of delay. The basic parameters found in every delay in Ableton Live are discussed, and Scottie then shows how to give a dry guitar clip a deep stereo sound by emulating a digital delay pedal.

The Ping Pong Delay is then fully demonstrated, and the technique of using a filter, as well as two delays working "in series" is shown. Scottie then discusses where in the signal chain feedback gets reintroduced, and reveals how to create an old 70’s analog tape delay sound. Taking the filter idea further, Scottie demonstrates how the Filter Delay can filter and effect each channel separately, creating a very dense, complex sound.

Lastly, the creative and down right crazy effect called Grain Delay is shown and how it can be used subtly to add color, chorus, and or over the top textures. In the final video Scottie takes a look at how all these delays are effected by changing their time parameter, and how you can emulate both old and new gear by simply switching between Fade, Repitch and Jump.

Reverb and delay are probably two of the most commonly used effects in your sonic toolbox. Let Scottie show you show to conquer Live 9's powerful reverb and delay effects, and then unleash their true power on your productions... Watch "Live 9 Reverb & Delay In Action" today.
Product Highlights

12 Tutorials / 1hr 10min Total Runtime
For all beginner to intermediate Ableton Live 9 users
Tutorials written by Ableton Certified Trainer Scottie Dugan
Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
Watch Online, Download, Stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod

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