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Justin Colletti - Mixing Breakthroughs screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | | 10.2 GB
Take your mixing to the next level
Mixing breakthroughs is a four hour course that dives deep into teaching you how to become a better mix engineer. You'll learn techniques, mindsets and approaches for getting better mixes.

Learn how professionals set up their sessions

In module one, Justin reveals and breaks down his mixing template, which he’s refined after years of experience and in-depth interviews with top mixers. Justin’s template allows you to settle the technical aspects of mixing upfront so you can focus on the creative decisions that truly make a great mix.

Is your workflow working for you or against you?

You’ll learn best practices for routing effects, setting up reverbs and delays, labeling tracks, grouping instruments, and compression on the stereo bus. You’ll also learn what Justin considers the ideal block of time and workflow for mixing, so you can stay fresh and productive.

Balances & Panning
Learn the best way to start your mix

In module two, Justin gets into the nitty-gritty of how to start mixing with techniques you can apply immediately. He shares timeless strategies to minimize guesswork and increase your confidence in taking a mix where it needs to go. You’ll learn why the beginning isn’t always the best place to start a mix (and where to start instead).

Are you getting your balances right?

You’ll gain tactics for getting a mix 80% complete simply by correctly balancing levels among the instruments. You’ll also pick up a classic technique for panning that just works.


Learn the best ways to use EQ

In module three, Justin lays out the essential concepts for achieving radio-ready clarity with EQ. He teaches you which frequency range is essential to get right first, as well as what to avoid when you EQ.

Is your low end as powerful as it could be?

You’ll learn about the number one rule for EQing low end, as well as how to make two low end instruments (e.g., kick drum and bass) perfectly compliment each other. Finally, you’ll get some counter-intuitive tactics for getting thick lows and crisp highs across all the different instruments in your mix.

Learn essential concepts for using compression in a mix

In module four, Justin offers a fresh and thorough explanation of a topic that confuses many engineers: compression. He outlines strategies and techniques for using compression whether you want an organic, transparent sound, or an aggressive, processed sound.

Are your attack and release settings ideal?

You’ll learn about the four key parameters of compression: threshold, ratio, attack, and release—and how to adjust those parameters (in combination) to control dynamics, increase sustain and maximize punch. He also covers parallel and multiband compression for transparently adding weight.


Learn how smart use of effects can level up your mix

In module five, Justin breaks down the most important effects: reverb, delay, and saturation, so you can add that extra polish and dimension to your mix.

Tips, tricks and techniques for using reverb and delay

You’ll get a wealth of actionable tips, including: which three reverb types and which two delay types you should always have on your aux tracks; calculating a reverb’s pre-delay for an epic reverb tail; adjusting the prominence of delay and reverb with EQ; placing instruments further back in a mix with reverb; and using distortion for bass and the mix bus.

Ready for a mixing breakthrough?

Mixing Breakthroughs concisely distills the most essential mixing concepts so you can learn fast and focus on what truly matters: drastically leveling up the quality of your mixes

Employ foolproof strategies to succeed in your mix from step one
Achieve perfect balances without second-guessing yourself
Finally figure out your low end, and get clear and powerful bass every time
Learn to use and hear compression like the professionals do
Use effects to give your mixes the excitement and personality they deserve

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  Member 14.04.2015 157
This guy is an amazing teacher. Thks olymoon. This is christmas for me
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1938 14423
Thanks for your good words. But I'm only the messenger. Anonymous contributor is the one to be thanked.
  Member 14.04.2015 157
o yeah...... thanks to anonymous as well. Greatly appreciated
  Member 2.11.2018 311
Thanks for this one Olymoon much appreciated!
  Resident 2.07.2010 112
Several "UL" files are either corrupt during the upload phase , or during the 2 separate downloaded phases on my end.

I've downloaded these files twice and have used several extractors on both the mac and pc platforms. Both show corruptions, therefore they will not unpack.

Rapidgator was fine in the end.

Thanks for the share, Oly.
  Member 2.11.2018 311
Happened the same to me for the UL ones. Here more info:
  Resident 18.03.2013 595
Just use the regular Audioz password and it will unrar. I downloaded the UL version and it's fine with that password.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1938 14423
Just tested, downloaded from UL, using J Downloader, it unpacks perfectly. Remember to use the password provided in peeplink.
Also, I'm actually using winrar v 5.91.
  Member 2.11.2018 311
Uninstalled winrar and installed the recent 6.0 version. Downloaded it all again and no issues now. Thanks guys!
  Member 14.04.2015 157
uploaded works fine here.
  Resident 5.02.2013 36 484
Aweeeesome! Stoked to see this here! Thank you!
  Resident 10.12.2009 2 499
Very bad tutorial. One of the worst I've ever seen. 4 hours a kid talking non-stop, without practices or examples. Don't waste your time.
  Member 27.10.2020 58 527
I agree with charlomagne's comment.
I just went to watch his video on youtube to compare. Go to Sonicsccop on youtube and watch Learn to Actually HEAR Compression. It is better then the video in this tutorial.
And all the videos in this are like that with no examples just him talking.
I would be annoyed if I paid for this, even annoyed wasting my time. Most of the information he gives is really basic but if someone didn't already know what he is talking about it would be hard for a beginner to understand without examples.
Definitely not mixing breakthroughs!
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1938 14423
I agree that everything related to music should be taught with audio examples to listen to.
  Member 2.11.2018 311
I think the videos are not that bad if you are a beginner that has been mixing for a while and is looking to step up, but I agree that this course is lacking some examples. At the same time I think that he mentions stuff that you need to note down and investigate by yourself to make the most out of it. For the most senior audio engineers it will sound too obvious, but at least for me they are still useful:

- Why it could be good to start the mixing with a compressor on the mixbus.
- The LCR technique, also recommended by the guy that hosts Kush After Hours as learning tool.
- Starting with some extra reverb and delay channels, that I also recently saw in a video of the 3-time Grammy nominated Elisa Ayerbe where she goes deeper and how to set up and the whys.
- Mix in context, beware of getting lost on isolating an instrument (when I started mixing I always muted and went to do this micro edits that led me nowhere and worsened my mixes).
- When EQing, don't rely much on sweeping but try to guess the freq and dbs to cut or boost (this one seems to be specially important by the Kush After Hours guy, he said this method alone helped him to mix so much better).

I have not watched all the videos yet, but I wouldn't say that they are so bad. Not for pro engineers but still very useful for amateurs like me.
  Resident 23.04.2017 3 463
I also have to agree with charlomagne and Jim Van Gucci. What you see in the 'trailer' is pretty much what you'll see for the entire video. He just sits there the whole time, just talking. Never a screenshot, an audio/video example, just him staring at you for 4h and talking.

I do not recommend this, even for beginners, you'll find many better courses.
  Member 27.10.2020 58 527
First off thanks Olymoon for sharing the knowledge! Appreciate it.
@staylan, from your comment it sounds like you already know what he was talking about from watching other content and have some bias because you follow his channel by commenting Elisa Ayerbe who was on his channel recently. (which was awesome I watched it when it came out along with the Luca Pretolesi one really good waches just edit him out)
His guest appearances are ten time better then anything he does.
Everything you mentioned is pretty common and also freely available advice.
If you are an amateur you should have read or watched Bobby Owsinski by now which pretty much covers all this and more in better detail. He has a video 101 mixing tricks.
Honestly this is not good course that people should pay money for especially when his free content which is the same content is better.
It is hard for beginners to understand compression even with audio examples.
Kind of painful to watch even at 2x speed. The video edit changing between two different zoom crops even gets annoying along with him positioned to one side of the screen? What is up with that! And the white balance of his video. It is really amateur.
Zero Mixing Breakthroughs.
  Member 2.11.2018 311
Ey Jim, you seem to know his channel too so you may start from a biased point as well! ;)

I subscribe what you say about the money/value ratio, and it's true that this course will probably render useless for a complete beginner.

For me, as I said, there are some things in these videos that will probably help me as I'm also looking for more conceptual info besides blindly following each mouse movement from a tutorial without exactly knowing the what and why. I think both visual and more theoretical videos about mixing can complement each other -visual videos give you the hints but it's impossible that they provide the full theory behind-.

Yeah Owsinski as you said, Luca Pretolesi, or classics like Young Guru, Pensado, etc they have a good mix of visual and pedagogical style.

For beginners, even this is a bit old, I would recommend
  Member 29.08.2020 82
Based on the above reviews, I converted these all to mp3s. Size is 200mb rather than 10GB. And now I can check them out as a podcast while I'm doing other things, and I don't have to stare at Justin's face and the awkward zoom edits the whole time.
  Member 27.10.2020 58 527
ZiggyInSpace, He had to make the file size 10 GB so people would think it is good content.
Without the video you will miss out on his creepy hand gestures every time he says smoothing the transients and the joy of looking at his FACE.

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