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Udemy Piano Exercises - Scales, Arpeggios, Octaves, Chords, Hanon TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | 22 August 2019 | 13.43 GB
30 years of professional experience, 20 years of teaching, 19 videos (10+ hours) + 2 PDF textbooks


Final Result...............00:03

Lesson 1 - Wrist & elbow motion, sound imagination
Efficient hands movements that helps developing fluent technique, and the basics of mental practice to develop clinging fingertips that let you control tone production playing with loose hands

Lesson 2 - Intonation & weight
Develop internal singing while playing that benefits better finger muscles control. Master arm weight that benefits powerful tone and eliminates tension in muscles

Lesson 3 - Dynamics & articulations (I)
Mastering dynamics and articulations unlocks a powerful tool to start warming up and exercising fingers' strength in full measure

Lesson 4 - Voicing & articulations (II), harmony
Voicing the RH will help with fluency while speeding up as it will let your LH be much lighter hence speeding up much easier. Accent articulations are an amazing tool to strength finger muscles in chords!

Lesson 5 - Musical speech & phrasing
Mastering musical speech (pre-feeling different distances in intervals) will let you feel secure in large leaps. Mastering phrasing will let your muscles "breath" and stop accumulating tension in fast tempos

Lesson 6 - Musical image & form
Running long passages in fast tempos can be overwhelming for your hands. Mastering image and form will not only make your practice more engaging and fun but will also benefit tension release while playing

Lesson 7 - Artistry
This is an optional training that helps to perform confidently in front of the audience

Lesson 8 - Speed, strength, evenness
Now we are finally ready to speed up and enjoy the results! Little tricks & secrets to let fingers run evenly, fast, without fatigue

piano students who have reached their plateau in piano technique

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  Member 28.01.2018 1 603
Looks extremely......................COMPLETE at 13.5 gigs. Damn!!! I'm also a piano teacher so I guess I HAVE to check it out for the sake of my students, right? Hmmmmm. On the bright side, I can raise my fee from $40 an hour to $45 to absorb the cost of download time and disk drive space!! Alright Sunny, you convinced me!!!

UPDATE: Fellow Tutorialians JadedPanther and kobe_beef say that though there are some flaws, there is some value to this Udemy tutorial.[TRANSLATION] I'm gonna have to put in some WORK with this. And as we established earlier, an increase in work results in an increase in fee.
Learn how to make tight, radio-ready mixes with the STOCK plugins in your DAW. After that, THEN you can horde out!
  Member 23.06.2019 49
it seems like this has become a pattern for me..
but downloader beware...
Instructors accent is very strong, im also not sure if shes a piano teacher, a yogi, or a self help coach.,... i guessing all 3...
once you start you will soon realize why this download is 14gb...
There are subtitles, that unfortunately blend untill the "self help white" background
and i do believe there is some good stuff mixed in with the "wtf ???"
I do plan on completing this lesson
  Resident 17.04.2008 273
Yeah. The subtitles are a bit bizarre. The tuts site page says 'autp generated'. Can a bot be drunk and slur its output? Her English is off, taxing what would otherwise be the poor sub-bot's normal glitchiness even further. Be nice if they had subs that translated what the instructor actually means to be saying in proper english, but hey, it's Udemy, lol.

That being said its not hard to figure out what's happening
  Member 23.05.2018 4
Something is wrong with me, but her weird pronunciation makes me kinda horny
  Resident 10.12.2012 2 51
anyone can please upload the Clicknupload files again?
I really appreciate that.
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