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Groove3 Captain Chords Explained UPDATE TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | June 12 2019 | 223 MB
Update video added! Larry Holcombe explains the new Rhythm recording feature of Captain Chords 2.1, which allows you to record custom rhythms using your mouse, computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard. See how now!

Studio production wiz Larry Holcombe brings you in-depth Captain Chords video tutorials! Mixed In Key's amazing chord production machine is an indispensable writing tool. Learn how to use Captain Chords to create fantastic chord progressions for your songs and productions, quickly and easily.

Larry starts out by welcoming you and then explains the two basic ways of utilizing Captain Chords as either a plug-in sound module or MIDI FX. Then you'll see how to choose your scale or key in Captain Chords, learn more about the different areas of the plug-in GUI, and the different ways you can “play” the plug-in as a sound module, a chord jamming instrument, or an automatic progression generator.

Moving on, explore how the Space Knob allows you to introduce spaces into your progressions in different ways, and how to give a strumming action to your progressions mimicking a guitar. Larry then shows you the Sound Preset area where you can select presets and then tailor them to your needs using Reverb, Delay, Filtering, and Automation.

Throughout the rest of the video series you'll see how to manually create chord progressions, edit your existing chords, arrange progressions in your DAW, and use both Captain Deep and Captain Melody for even more creativeness. Plus, you'll also learn how to jam new ideas with Captain Play an important feature added in version 2.1, and much more.

To see what each video is about and how they can help you learn Captain Chords, see the individual Captain Chords tutorial descriptions on this page. If you're new to producing with Captain Chords and want to learn it inside and out, this collection of Captain Chords videos will turn you into a super hero in no time! Make better chord progressions today... watch “Captain Chords Explained®” today!

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