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The Complete Guide to Intermediate DJ Mixing with Turntables and a Mixer, Part 1: Vocal-Based Music screenshot
ilfsn | 1.5 Hours | 809MB
In this video course, world-renowned DJ Shortee teaches you how to find all your possible mix points in your vocal-based music so that you can quickly create your DJ sets, both planned and improvised on the fly. She shows you how to dissect your vocal-based song structures, step by step and in multiple ways, so that you can easily identify all the ways you can mix your songs together and ultimately speed up your entire mix creation process. Every lesson is taught clearly, making it easy for anyone to understand.

You’ll start off by learning the two most important song structure categories for DJs, vocal-based and instrumental-based, and how to identify the key differences between them. You’ll discover the five main elements that make up the vocal-based song structure, all their characteristics and how to use them for DJ mixing. Shortee demonstrates how to break down an entire vocal-based song structure step by step using her very own vocal-based short code system and her original Mix Set Worksheet that you can re-use over and over to create your DJ sets. She also shows you how to transfer all your short code info over to your vinyl records and your DJ software, if you use it, so that you can quickly and easily identify all your song info at a glance and ultimately speed up your mix process.

“The Complete Guide to Intermediate DJ Mixing with Turntables and a Mixer—Part 1: Vocal-Based Music” is an excellent course for an intermediate DJ who already knows how to beatmatch and mix their music or have taken Shortee’s prerequisite course “The Complete Guide to Beginner DJ Mixing with Turntables and a Mixer.” This course is also Part 1 of two intermediate mixing courses which cover both vocal-based and instrumental-based song structure mix points, and set you up perfectly for the next course, “The Complete Guide to Advanced DJ Mixing with Turntables and a Mixer.” This information-packed course is part of the Turntable Series of Shortee's Complete DJ Method and is essential for building a solid foundation to take your skills to the next level.

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