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Avant-Garde - 93 (1.05%)
Folk, Country - 79 (0.89%)
Ska - 19 (0.21%)
Electronic (general) - 1948 (21.98%)
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- Club, Dance - 290 (3.27%)
- D&B - 324 (3.66%)
- House - 876 (9.89%)
- Trance - 465 (5.25%)
- Industrial - 143 (1.61%)

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Education » Methods
Truefire Vicki Genfan Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Survival Guide screenshot
Truefire - Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Survival Guide(2011)
Publisher: Truefire | Language: English
Video: MP4, data-dvd (includes tabs and powertabs), 720x406 (16:9),
705 Kbps, 29.970 fps | 1,26 Gb
Audio: MP3, 128 Kbps, 44100 Khz, 2 channels | Length: 04h 16min

Vicki's Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Survival Guide steps you through 19 techniques and harmonic approaches for transforming any chord progression into compelling and engaging ear magic of your own. Get a grip on these 19 techniques, and then combine them for hundreds of possibilities to apply in any musical setting. Breathe new life into any cover tune, any solo performance, any original composition, any band or ensemble piece - it's all within your grasp, whatever your style preference happens to be.
Video Tutorials, Methods
Guitar World Jimmy Brown Teaches Mastering Scales TUTORiAL screenshot
Publisher: New Bay Media | Language: English | 1h22m | 3.15GB | PDF Scans | ISO/PDF | ISBN: 0739096923
MPG2, 7500.0kbps | 720×480, 59.9fps | AC-3, 192.0kbps | 48.0kHz 16bit, 2 channels

3 hours of quality instruction from an experienced Guitar World editor who also moonlights as a professional guitarist. Everything you need to know about Pentatonic, Hexatonic and Blues Scales! Mastering Scales: A Deluxe Crash Course in Guitar Theory! For the Seriously Serious Guitarists.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Video Tutorials, Methods
Homespun Pete Huttlinger Arrangements for Solo Acoustic Guitar TUTORiAL screenshot
Publisher: Homespun | Language: English | .ISO/.PDF | 3.10GB | 1h:25m | ISBN: B0000APDKL
MPG2, 5000.0kbps | 720×480, 30.0fps | AC-3, 192.0kbps | 48.0kHz 16bit, 2 channels

When you hear Peter Huttlinger on recordings or in concert it’s no mystery why he won the National Fingerpicking Competition in Winfield, Kansas, or why he is quickly becoming a powerful force in the acoustic guitar world. Pete’s picking is clean, soulful and, at times, blazingly fast. Whether he’s playing his arrangement of a classic pop tune or one of his own compositions, listeners are inevitably startled by what they hear.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Video Tutorials, Methods
Homespun The Fingerpicking Blues of Etta Baker TUTORiAL screenshot
Homespun The Fingerpicking Blues of Etta Baker TUTORiAL DVDR
Publisher: Homespun | Language: English | 01:08:29 | VIDEO_TS | 4.13GB
MPG2, 8000.0kbps | 720×480, 29.97fps | LPCM, 1536.0kbps | 48.0kHz 16bit, 2 channels

Learn traditional fingerpicking blues from a legendary player! Etta Baker plays, sings and breaks down ten traditional and original tunes, offering a true down-home lesson in Piedmont style blues.
Education » Methods
The Rock House Method Acoustic Guitar Course TUTORiAL screenshot
Publisher: House Of Blues | Language: English | 2x .ISO/.PDF | 6.22GB | ISBN: 1476874212
MPG2, 5000.0kbps | 720×480, 30.0fps | AC-3, 192.0kbps | 48.0kHz 16bit, 2 channels

A Modern, unique learning system that starts from beginner level and progresses through advanced techniques.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Education » Methods
Homespun Bob Carlin Learn to Play Clawhammer Banjo TUTORiAL screenshot
Homespun Bob Carlin Learn to Play Clawhammer Banjo TUTORiAL DVDRx2
Publisher: Homespun | Language: English | 2x .ISO | 01:50:40 | 6.08GB
MPG2, 8000.0kbps | 720×480, 29.97fps | LPCM, 1536 kb/s | 48.0kHz 16bit, 2 channels

Grab your five-string banjo and get ready to frail! Bob Carlin builds technique from the ground up, covering all the chords, scales, tunings, right-hand essentials and other basics needed to get the real old-time sound.
Video Tutorials, Methods
Artsmagic - Acoustic Fingerstyle Contemporary with Max Milligan TUTORiAL screenshot
Artsmagic Acoustic Fingerstyle Contemporary with Max Milligan TUTORiAL DVDR (2013)
Publisher: Artsmagic | Language: English | 1h6m | Full Scans | 3.15GB | .ISO | ASIN: B00A50PC7Q
MPG2, 7000.0kbps | 720×480, 30.0fps | TWOS, 1536.0kbps | 48.0kHz 16bit, 2 channels

The Acoustic Fingerstyle of instructional programs will teach you all the skills needed to master the acoustic style.
Video Tutorials, Methods
Alfred Music Publishing Serious Shred Series 2012 screenshot
Alfred Music Publishing, the official print music publisher of thousands of popular artists, songwriters, and composers, launches the Serious Shred series, a new guitar series that helps shred guitarists to play like the pros, with lessons and video demonstrations from bona fide shred virtuosos German Schauss, Tobias Hurwitz, Jared Meeker, Glenn Riley, and Dave Martone. The Serious Shred series is geared for guitarists who admire the combination of killer shredding technique with exciting musical ideas. Each book in the series features lessons from renowned shredders and educators, and includes licks and examples in both standard notation and TAB—all combined in a book and DVD package for an in-depth multimedia learning experience.


Education » Methods
Contemporary Jazz Pianist Vol. 1 by Bill Dobbins screenshot
ENG | PDF | 44.7 MB
A Comprehensive Approach to Keyboard Improvisation by Bill Dobbins. Chapter Contents: I. Diatonic Seventh Chords and Their Corresponding Modes II. Voicing the Five Basic Seventh Chord Types for the Left Hand III. Diatonic and Chromatic Embellishing Chords IV. Building a Chord Line for the Left Hand V. Basic Chord-Scale Relationships VI.
Education » Methods
Bebop Jazz Piano: Hal Leonard Keyboard Style Series by John Valerio screenshot
ENG | PDF | MP3 | 133 MB
In this book in the Hal Leonard Keyboard Style Series, author John Valerio provides essential, detailed information for bebop and jazz pianists on the following topics: chords and voicings, harmony and chord progressions, scales and tonality, common melodic figures and patterns, comping, characteristic tunes, the styles of Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk, and much more. The accompanying online audio features many of the examples in the book performed either solo or with a full band. Also included are combo performances of five of the tunes featured at the end of the book.
Education » Methods
The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method Vol. 2 screenshot
ENG | PDF | MP3 | 130 MB
An outstanding source for the technique and repertoire of the classical guitar, this book continues where Vol. 1 leaves off. It teaches: all notes in the upper position; tone production; advanced techniques such as tremolo, harmonics, vibrato, pizzicato and slurs; practice tips; stylistic interpretation; and more. The first half of the book deals primarily with technique, while the second half of the book applies the technique with repertoire pieces. As a special bonus, this book includes 32 previously unpublished Parkening edition pieces by composers including Dowland, Bach, Scarlatti, Sor, Tarrega and others, plus three guitar duets.
Education » Methods
The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method Vol. 1 screenshot
ENG | PDF | MP3 | 208 MB
This premier method for the beginning classical guitarist, by one of the world's pre-eminent virtuosos and the recognized heir to the legacy of Andres Segovia, is now completely revised and updated! Guitarists will learn basic classical technique by playing over 50 beautiful classical pieces, 26 exercises and 14 duets, and through numerous photos and illustrations. The method covers: rudiments of classical technique, note reading and music theory, selection and care of guitars, strategies for effective practicing, and much more!
Education » Methods
The Art Of Walking Bass: A Method for Acoustic or Electric Bass by Bob Magnusson screenshot
ENG | PDF | MP3 | 201 MB
This comprehensive source for learning to build melodic walking bass lines in all styles pulls together lessons from MI elective courses. The CD includes 31 full-band tracks and demonstrates the exercises in the book. Topics covered include: intervals, chord symbols, and key centers; passing tones, chromatic tones, surround tones, sequences, and bypassing changes; blues, rhythm changes, II-V-I progressions, and other common progressions. In standard notation and TAB.
Education » Methods
Tips on Popular Singing by Frank Sinatra screenshot
ENG | PDF | 6.17 MB
Everyone can sing a little; some have better voices than others. Those with trained voices are as we all know, not nearly as numerous as those with non-trained voices. However, the fact remains that a great many of the latter hove on earnest desire to become popular singers.
This book was written for anyone with the ambition to become a popular song stylist of the type now appearing with the various bands on the radio, in night clubs and other places of amusement.
Education » Methods
David Overthrow - Beginning Electric Bass screenshot

English | 97 pages | PDF + MP3 | 63 Mb

Perfect for beginning bassist or players who want to enhance their knowledge. Starting with a review of reading music, this book explains the basics of music theory as it relates to being a great bass player with an easy, step-by-step approach.
Education » Methods
Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer by Jim Riley screenshot
ENG | PDF | DJVU | MP3 | 1.19 GB
Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer contains 318 grooves and 124 fully produced drum-less play along tracks in every genre. From pop to swing, metal to latin, country to Motown, this book is the best resource for you to become a more well rounded drummer and will give you the tools to survive as a pro player.
Education » Methods
Hal Leonard Bass Method : Even More Easy Pop Bass Lines screenshot
ENG | PDF | MP3 | 200 MB
This songbook correlates with Book 3 of the Hal Leonard Bass Method, giving beginning students great pop & rock songs to play while they are still learning! Includes 20 favorites: ABC • Another One Bites the Dust • Badge • Brick House • Cheap Sunglasses • Come Together • Higher Ground • Into the Great Wide Open • Iron Man • The Joker • Radar Love • Sweet Emotion • Under Pressure • more. The songs are presented in order of difficulty, beginning with sixteenth-note rhythms and ending with slap and pop technique.
Education » Methods
Dictionary Of Bass Grooves by Sean Malone screenshot
ENG | PDF | MP3 | 142 MB
This cool, comprehensive guide provides the history and essential bass lines for 34 different musical styles, including all varieties of pop and rock, rhythm and blues, jazz, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Caribbean, country, blues, funk and many others. The online audio includes 34 full-band demo tracks and is accessed using the unique code printed inside the book.
Education » Methods
Jimmy Wyble's Classical/Country by Jimmie Wyble & Bob Grebb screenshot
ENG | PDF | 27.3 MB
Thomas Alva Edison never met Jimmy Wyble and that's too bad because they have a lot in common. Edison spent his life in the pursuit of knowledge and in the practical application of that knowledge. It's a long, arduous process we refer to as invention and in the case of Edison, we're reminded of it every time we turn on a light or playa record. Of the process of invention, old Tom himself once said that it was 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. So when we praise the man for his acheivements we're really honoring not just his ideas, but the hard work it took to get those ideas and the even harder work it took to develop them. In today's terminology we'd have to say that Tom had paid his dues.
Education » Methods
Creative Scale Dimentions by Tim May screenshot
ENG | PDF | 26.3 MB
There's an old saying in music to the effect that nothing is ever new. Everything has been done before, in one form or another, by some past musical great. And yet every year, good, new sounds seem to appear in a never ending variety, from many different sources and in all fields of music from classical to rock. Creative Scale Dimensions is an invaluable tool to maintaining a simple, orderly mental approach no matter what kind of music its applied to. Its kept me straight-ahead in many complex playing situations and I know with practical application, it can do the same for you.
Education » Methods
Mel Bay Complete Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar by Alan De Mause screenshot
ENG | PDF | MP3 | 154 MB
This book is complete in the sense that there is something for everyone: beginners, intermediate players and professionals. Along with learning the basics, this book teaches fingerstyle guitar players to play two-string harmonies, accompaniment styles and much more. Alan De Mause has filled the companion CD to capacity with 90 examples of music from his landmark text. The recording features nylon-string guitar throughout in both solo and midi-accompanied settings. A full range of jazz guitar stylings is offered, starting from square one and proceeding through advanced fingerstyle solo material.

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