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Hal Crook - How To Improvise 1991 (2CD FLAC) screenshot
P2P | PDF + 2 Lossless CD | 587MB
HOW TO IMPROVISE: An Approach To Practicing Improvisation (1991)

How To Improvise organizes the vast subject of jazz improvisation into three basic categories: What To Play, How To Play, and When To Play-and assigns individual musical topics to each one.

How To Improvise explains how to practice jazz improvisation on all instruments (including drums and voice) by applying the "target approach" to individual musical topics, such as: pacing, phrase lengths, rhythmic density, dynamics, articulation, chord-tone solos, chord scales, upper structure triads, motive development, rhythmic displacement, syncopation, over-the-bar-line phrasing, contracting and expanding chord duration, non-harmonic structures, chord couplings, tri-tonic cells, chromaticism, special effects, and others.

How To Improvise also offers an effective method for memorizing the melody and chords of songs, and provides numerous recorded musical examples, practical exercises, and a suggested daily practice routine for each topic covered.

How To Improvise is for all levels, all instruments and voice.
This release includes an original lossless rip from the 2CD that comes along with the book, full of examples of the concepts studied

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  Resident 26.07.2016 186
What a book! I have the physical version but couldn't resist to comment...
Thanks Ilfsn
If there's one thing you can say about mankind,
there's nothing kind about man.
  Resident 5.12.2012 758 16384
  Contributor 2.11.2014 1707 9376
  Resident 25.01.2016 21 829
Thank you ilfsn. You always share the bests
  Resident 21.04.2014 1455
The most incredible is that this is complete, with audio and everything, 'Hal Crook' is a well organized teacher, shows almost all the elements that you need to use, which to the good understanding brain is enough.
But I don't know why for some stupidity, he didn't write the audio bass lines.

Although he is a trombonist and didn't play a polipnonic instrument, he was able to contribute with good writing on lines of improvisation.

To get easier, you can just read the chord symbol and play the fundamental basses to understand the lines of improvisation, it brings examples of which are a public domain in jazz such as the famous and most used cliche: eighth note pause, then an eighth note apogiatura that prepares the input impulse for a triad in thirds whose last note is either the major 7th or major 9th, which reaches the next note of the next chord in the same measure or already in the next measure (Example I: 3R on Page 21, measure 21).

Or to be more pleasant for keyboardists, play it with an audible jazz bass sound, use my set of 'Jazz Bass Drums and Piano' that I created and adapted in my past, you should have already downloaded a while ago on 03.15.2017 on page. So you can feel the Crook's lines with the amazing ABU2jazz bass&Drums with a piano on kontakt.
After all, try your own walking bass or play the 4 notes of each chord on the bass for each measure.
Don't forget to memorize the melodic figures and rewrite them by memory on paper, it doesn't need to be the same notes, but the rhythm, so you learn to write music for future use, it's a great exercise. If you have not downloaded yet: ABU2+Piano Lite 224.54 MB
  Resident 25.01.2016 21 829
Thanks for the explanations and sharing the Instrument

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