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Audio Engineering 101: A Beginner's Guide to Music Production PDF EPUB screenshot
ISBN: 0240819152 | 2011 | PDF EPUB | 256 pages | 13.4 MB
Audio Engineering 101 is a real world guide for starting out in the recording industry. If you have the dream, the ideas, the music and the creativity but don't know where to start, then this book is for you!

Filled with practical advice on how to navigate the recording world, from an author with first-hand, real-life experience, Audio Engineering 101 will help you succeed in the exciting, but tough and confusing, music industry.

Covering all you need to know about the recording process, from the characteristics of sound to a guide to microphones to analog versus digital recording. Dittmar covers all the basics- equipment, studio acoustics, the principals of EQ/ compression, music examples to work from and when and how to use compression. FAQ's from professionals give you real insight into the reality of life on the industry.

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i know alot about this industry... recorded records, played shows but-

one can always earn that tidbit you missed

thanks for share
Dance _ while my records spin
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ThanXs a lot for all tips.

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