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The 20th century was a hotbed of musical exploration, innovation, and transformation unlike any other epoch in history. Ranging across the century in its entirety, these 24 lectures present a musical cornucopia of astounding dimensions - a major presentation and exploration of the incredible brilliance and diversity of musical art across a turbulent century.

Using a chronological approach, you'll explore the fascinating gamut of 20th-century musical "isms", from impressionism and fauvism to serialism, stochasticism, ultraserialism, neoclassicism, neotonalism, and minimalism as well as the inclusivity and synthesis within concert music that embraced Western historical styles, folk and popular music, jazz, rock, Asian, Latin American, and other influences in the service of heightened musical expression. Through the panoramic view of the course, you'll discover the genius of composers such as Debussy, Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Webern, Bartok, Ligeti, Riley, and many others.

Far more than simply a series of lectures, the program comprises a huge and many-sided resource for discovering the endless riches of 20th-century concert music across the globe. The phenomenal range of genres and composers covered and the wealth of suggestions for specific works make this a reference that could easily inspire years of musical exploration and glorious listening.

This remarkable inquiry opens the doors to an extraordinary spectrum of contemporary masterpieces that await discovery and deep listening. Within these unique and riveting lectures, Professor Greenberg offers you the keys to understanding and deep enjoyment of a revolutionary, visionary, and magnificent era in music. In Great Music of the 20th Century, you'll experience the living, evolving, and superlative musical art that so vividly and unforgettably speaks to the life of our times.

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Professor 'Robert Greenberg' is a profound connoisseur of music, although I knew teachers far superior in Germany and Europe, for having more tradition of the classic art without asserting things that are not certain or hasn't been proven, I acknowledge that he knows how to punctuate important details of music, and brings some interesting material, although some important things and facts go blank, but I love listening to him.

For anyone who has never studied the popular classics, it is an excellent material for reading and listening. Just ignore when affirm things, or when he tells or dramatizes a story based on what he just imagined or supposes.
Once he told that when in Germany in 1815 Maelzel patented the invention of the Dutch 'Dietrich Nikolaus Winkel', he ran to show the novelty to Beethoven, who even used it for a while and then abandoned, therefore, the music could not have a marking as irritatingly accurate.

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