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Groove3 Logic Pro Mastering Assistant Explained TUTORiAL screenshot
HiDERA | 22 March 2024 | 373 MB
If you're having trouble getting your Logic Pro mixes to translate well to other playback systems, you're not alone. In this Logic Pro tutorial, Logic Pro expert Larry Holcombe will teach you how to overcome this issue with the new Mastering Assistant plugin for Logic Pro. From Auto EQ to stereo spread, dynamics, and more, it's all here, and your mixes will seriously thank you! These Logic Pro videos are designed for new Logic Pro Mastering Assistant users.

Larry starts by introducing the plugin, guiding you through the interface's layout, and briefly explaining its use in practical mastering applications. Then it's down to business, starting with the Character control, which gives you access to different audio colors and vibes. This is followed by the Auto and Custom EQ controls and a demonstration on how they can balance your frequency content properly.

Next, explore the Dynamics control and see how to dictate the export and LUFS levels of your track. You'll also learn how the Spread control can expand or contract the stereo width while using a correlation meter. To close out the tutorial, Larry demonstrates the plugin in action on several different mixes, so you can hear for yourself the results. He also presents an alternative workflow that combines a typical mastering chain in Logic with Mastering Assistant used at the very end for a final bit of sweetening.

Mastering Assistant significantly bridges the gap between pro and amateur mixes, and this Logic Pro Mastering Assistant video course teaches you everything you need to know to achieve amazing results. See the individual Mastering Assistant video tutorial descriptions for more information about what this plugin can do, and prepare to get plenty of thank-you cards from your mixes! Pro mixes in Logic have never been easier... Watch "Logic Pro Mastering Assistant Explained®" now!

What You Will Learn:

-Interface layout and practical application

-How to use Character and Auto/Custom EQ controls to lend your mixes a different vibe and correct frequency imbalances, respectively

-Using the Dynamic control to establish the export/LUFS level and the Spread control to affect stereo width

-How it can transform your mixes with demonstrations on several pre-master mixes

-And more!

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