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Groove3 Logic Pro 10.8 Updates Explained TUTORiAL screenshot
HiDERA | 17 November 2023 | 254 MB
If you're a Logic Pro user looking to take advantage of the exciting new updated features in Logic Pro 10.8, you're in the right place! In this Logic Pro 10.8 video tutorial course, Logic guru Eli Krantzberg will take you step by step through all the changes, whether it be brand new features, simple updates, or other changes. From brand new virtual instruments like Sample Alchemy to exciting new plug-ins like Beat Breaker, it's all covered here, so you can be sure you'll get the most out of everything Logic Pro 10.8 has to offer. These videos are for existing Logic Pro users who just want to learn more deeply about the new features added to version 10.8.

Eli begins with a quick overview of all the new features and additions in Logic Pro 10.8, so you'll have a good idea of everything that'll be covered in this course. Then it's on to Sample Alchemy, the new VI that allows you to resynthesize a sample and transform it into a custom-made playable instrument. You'll learn about the various types of synthesis used (granular, additive, and spectral) and how they sound, as well as the other components like modulation, automation, etc. that help flesh out the sound.

Then, explore the newly added plug-in Beat Breaker, with which you can reorder incoming audio in real time. This means you can slice it up, rearrange the slices, and affect their playback via speed, distortion, direction, volume, and number of repeats!

There's more to come as well, such as automating Beat Breaker, the Master Assistant (which analyzes your track and recommends specific, customized processing options to help achieve your desired sonic outcome), seeing Master Assistant in action (two examples to demonstrate personal preferences), the new Track Sheet, Slip/Rotate tools, Drummer/track parity (changes and improvements in the behavior of Drummer tracks), and more!

Logic Pro power users can't afford to miss the wealth of information presented in this course, and casual users will learn a ton of useful information as well, all of which can be applied to any type of production. See the individual Logic Pro 10.8 Update video tutorial descriptions for more information. Don't get left behind and miss out... watch "Logic Pro 10.8 Update Explained®" today!

What You Will Learn:

-How to use the new Sample Alchemy instrument to create entirely new, playable instruments by resynthesizing any sample with the various synthesis types (granular, additive, spectral) and other sound-shaping features

-Use Beat Breaker to rearrange incoming real-time audio into different slices that can be rearranged, distorted, and affected in various other ways, igniting creativity in new, exciting ways

-Creating polished-sounding masters with Master Assistant so that your tracks will match current publishing standards while also allowing all the personal tweaks and preferences you desire

-How to convert Drummer tracks to MIDI or patterns, mix Drummer regions of different styles on the same track, and record MIDI onto Drummer tracks.

-And more

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