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Music and Eros by Hans-Jürgen Döpp EPUB screenshot
2012 | Parkstone Press International | ISBN: 9781859956793 | 14.1 MB | 251 Pages | EPUB
Music is not only a pleasure for the ear, it is the echo of the heartbeat, breath and desire.
Professor Döpp revisits music as the catalyst for dance, love and sex. From the music sheet to dance and through instruments, music is the expression of our profound desires and most violent passions. The text revisits the history of music and art from the dances of the first men to pop and electronic music and through belly dance. Music and Eros take us on a time-travelling journey to discover the interaction of music and sex.

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  Member 8.08.2019 1 134
Hans-Jürgen Döpp best german name

And nice cover.
  Contributor 2.11.2014 2183 11042
Support me:
  Member 18.10.2021 126 42
Döpp as fuck

In fact, the cover front is a reference to the day when Friedrich Nietzsche visited a brothel with his friend, and ended up playing piano all night, rather than having some fun with women
In the Darkest Alleys of the Underground We Found Beauty and Truth.
  Resident 22.03.2012 443
Ubermensch indeed!
  Resident 16.03.2013 654
Another high quality release, thank you buddy!
Para-para-parAUDIOZ/SEX! Whoa-oh-oh oh-oooh oh-oh-oh...
  Member 18.10.2021 126 42
Happy to see such words
In the Darkest Alleys of the Underground We Found Beauty and Truth.
  Member 18.07.2014 48
loved one user's review from amazon on this book:

"Where the book fails, however, is the text. It's often simply boring, which is not an easy accomplishment on the topics of erotica and music. If the text were sparse, that would be forgivable, but there's a lot of text there, and it wastes space that could better be used for more art.

Furthermore, some of the text is simply wrong. One howler that jump out at me was this:

"Jim Morrison . . . In 1968, with the song 'I'm a Backdoor Man', he broke the anal sex taboo."

1. The song's title is just "Backdoor Man".
2. The song was written by Willie Dixon and first recorded by Howlin' Wolf in 1960.
3. It's not about anal sex. A "backdoor man", in blues culture, is a man who has an affair with a married woman, sneaking in and out the back door of her house so her husband doesn't find out.

The book has six pages of end notes. But still the author attributes a blues standard to the Doors? How many other bits of nonsense are there in all that soporific text? I'm too lazy to reference check the whole book, but I'm guessing it's not just "Backdoor Man".=


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