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GuitarZoom Guitar Practice Made Easy with Steve Stine 2021 TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | 1 October 2021 | 18.55 GB
Guitar Practice Made Easy with Steve Stine. October 2021 course.

Learn to create a practice routine that improves your rhythm and lead guitar playing in just minutes per day
Module 1
• How to create a fun practice routine that improves your guitar playing every day without getting overwhelmed.
• Inside tips well-known by session guitar players that will instantly take your guitar playing to the next level.
• 4 practice buckets every guitar player must know: Core, Fretboard, Song Study, and Creativity.
Module 2
• Steve Stine’s personal 7-day practice plan to massively improve your guitar playing week after week..
• A 10-minute fretboard routine to build monster soloing chops every day.
• How to use a metronome to develop wicked fast speed and note perfect timing.
Module 3
• 5 essential practice paths to unlock your natural born talent and play guitar better than ever before.
• A beginner practice routine to triple your chord options and make smooth chord changes even if you have weak fingers.
• The little-known scratching technique to master any strumming pattern in minutes.
• #1 music theory shortcut to play songs in any key.
• Why developing your ear is the single most important skill for guitar players.
Module 4
• Steve’s favorite fretting hand exercise to build massive strength and stamina so you can play longer and faster than ever before.
• The fastest way to increase your picking speed and accuracy.
• How to synchronize your picking hand and fretting hand to play cleans licks across the fretboard without hitting “dead” notes.
• How to connect scales and solo across the fretboard.
• Simple patterns to play blazing fast licks that make people say “Wow, what was that?”

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  Member 21.08.2019 2

But this seems upscaled from the original recording doubling the size for nothing?
  Member 9.05.2020 7

Only for information, Some video are missing in module 2 respect the original course and some video are without audio
  Member 4.05.2017 7
I can confirm that some videos are missing on Module 2: Creating a Daily/Weekly Practice Routine and to be more precise those are:

10. Practice Routine - Day 3
11. Practice Routine - Day 4, 5 & 6

In addition, there are two videos that are repeated and those are:

3. Developing Buckets - Core Bucket
18. Path 1 - Scratching to Songs

Last but not least, I've checked every video on IINA (a macOS media player) and all of them have audio. I hope we could get those two missing videos.

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