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Ableton Live Suite v10.1.25 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R screenshot

Team R2R | Oct 23 2020 | 1.2 GB
Live 10.1 gives you new tools and features to support your creative process, from making and shaping sound to editing and finalizing your music.

Create bolder sounds with Live’s new devices. Stay in the flow with a multitude of workflow improvements. Do even more away from the computer with Push. Build your sound with a curated library. And get the unlimited potential of Max for Live, seamlessly built in.

Create with new devices
Meet Wavetable, Echo, Drum Buss and Pedal: new devices that mean colorful new sounds are possible with Live’s instruments and effects.

Immediately playable, infinitely capable, Wavetable is a new synthesizer built by Ableton. Shape, stretch and morph sounds using wavetables derived from analog synths, and a range of other instruments and sounds. Start sculpting sounds right away—even without a deep knowledge of synthesis—or explore its rich palette and potential through an intuitive interface.

Echo brings together the sound of classic analog and digital hardware delays in a single device—your new go-to delay. Drive and shape sounds with its analog-modeled filters, turn up the noise and wobble for vintage imperfections, or add modulation and reverb to create diffuse soundscapes, wailing feedback and more.

Drum Buss
Drum Buss is a one-stop workstation for drums, capable of adding subtle character or bending and breaking drums to your will. Add warmth and distortion with drive and crunch, take control of dynamics with compression and transient shaping, dial in and tune boom and control bass decay with the dedicated low end section.

With separate circuit-level models of overdrive, distortion and fuzz guitar pedals, Pedal brings the character of analog stomp boxes to Live. The effect goes all the way from subtle to reckless—it excels at warming up vocals and other instruments, driving synth sounds or completely smashing drums. And of course, it sounds great with guitars.

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  Member 13.09.2016 9
Finally VST 3 support?
EDIT: Oh this was confirmed above. Thanks!
  Member 26.03.2014 90
10.1.25 Versionshinweise
New features and improvements:

Added support for the M-Audio Oxygen Pro control surface.
Every Push 2 user will get a firmware update to v.1.0.71 if their Push firmware is older. This firmware version fixes an issue that caused some displays to appear upside down.
On macOS, Live now uses Apple's Metal framework to present its UI on supported hardware. Metal support is disabled on OS X 10.11 ("El Capitan") due to issues with certain hardware setups.
Live now receives and routes MIDI CC, Pitch Bend, and Aftertouch events sent from a VST3 plug-in device to a MIDI-out bus. Note: this is supported in plug-ins built with VST SDK 3.6.12 or higher.
Added more Live theme colors to Max for Live. After Max starts using GetColorWithAlpha, the colors also contain the correct alpha channel value.
When the Pedal device is disabled, the Pedal Type chooser switch now appears in the correct text color. When the Glue Compressor device is disabled, the text labels around rotary switches now stay in the same place.
Chinese and Japanese are now displayed in their native languages in the Language chooser in the Look/Feel Preferences tab.
Updated various info texts, and improved some info text translations for Spanish and French languages.


Fixed hanging that could occur when dragging a compressed sample into Live, under certain circumstances (macOS only).
On macOS, when the AKAI APC Key 25 is detected by Live, its control surface script will now be automatically selected and set up.
Previously, an erroneous message would appear in the Status Bar when deleting an audio file within a folder in the Places section of the browser.
Fixed some minor errors in the MackieControl and MackieControl Classic control surface scripts.
Fixed lagging that occurred in the browser's search field when the Sounds label was selected.
Previously, a Macro Control's range settings were not correctly updated when that Macro Control was being controlled by a Max for Live device.
On first start, Live now only selects Simplified Chinese as the UI language if either:
- the operating system language is set to Simplified Chinese; or
- the operating system region is set to the People's Republic of China (excluding Taiwan and special administrative regions such as Hong Kong and Macao).

On macOS, if the operating system language is set to Simplified Chinese, Live now asks for permissions (e.g., to use the microphone) in Simplified Chinese.
Live could crash when closing a window, a drop-down menu, or a context menu, under certain circumstances.
Live no longer crashes when entering full screen on macOS Big Sur Beta.
  Resident 26.11.2015 954
ableton, besides obviously being great for edm, and other beat oriented music- is such a great sound design tool! also good for sound installations too (m4l makes ableton uncomparable) although possible to compose trailer music/orchestral type music - it's still lacking some things that would make that process go amazing(freeze frees up ram, sync to video frames, etc).. reaper and digital performer are way better imo for film and trailer scoring and more pro applications. but still live is such a crazy powerhouse if you know what you're doing.
make music, not walls.
  Banned 5.02.2016 88
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 8.11.2019 54
Work on windows 7 64 bit
  Banned 5.02.2016 88
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 8.11.2019 54
Sorry to hear about that.
Mine work fine - https://ibb.co/Pr82S0S

Maybe reinstall with internet connection and anti virus off
  Banned 5.02.2016 88
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 6.03.2018 178
How do you guys cope without the sound content that goes with Ableton Live Suite 10?
You only live once and that's forever.
  Member 22.02.2015 252
U don't need it... Get creative & make ur own.
  Member 6.03.2018 178
Well, that was a "polite" response but not the answer to my question, so it still stands.
You only live once and that's forever.
  Member 22.02.2015 252
It was a serious answer. People have made music in DAW's a long time before Ableton came along & the multitude of sample packs available today. You really don't 'need' to rely on any of them.

Somebody made all that content for Ableton, so you can too.

Make your own & u'll not only have more originality in your music but u'll learn how to do more without having to rely on stuff being handed to you on a plate pre-prepared.
  Member 10.06.2016 19 151
There's thousand of sample packs here. You'll hardly miss those. Also, afaik, those live packs are available in torrent sites if you really want those.
  Resident 27.07.2014 218
Download and install Ableton Live Trial and you'll get access to the "Suite" content.
There is no knowledge that is not power!
  Member 6.11.2020 1
Doing this after completing the installation provided by R2R doesn't compromise anything?
  Resident 18.03.2013 403
First time I have had issues with this install. Completely messed up everything. I had to roll back and try again. After six attempts it finally installed. The same thing happened on my other rig so it is not unit specific. Not sure of the issue but just be mindful. Make sure you have backups of your preferences etc.

I found that if you deactivate all virus software it installs. A scan shows no viruses though.
  Resident 9.08.2013 221
When trying to download my eset nod32 pop-up warning:
Thread found recently. A thread found and blocked a short time ago. Disabling protection to access the infected file or website will damage your computer.

Is it false possitive or not?
I get this message on rockfile and katfile links, not on rapidgator and uploaded.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1515 13113
You seem to have a lot of problems with your antivirus. You may consider to change it.
  Resident 27.07.2008 1 14
I’m completely unable to install this version. Tried a lot of times.
Downloaded 3 times from 3 different sources.
Install stops on pop up message “unable to access file....... (here is always different file name) make sure file exist and is accessible”
All files exist and are accessible.
No internet on this computer
No antivirus software.
No idea WTF
Rolling back to 10.1.14 for now.
  Member 10.09.2015 124
This might be a well known problem, put the INSTALL ROOT FOLDER as a first level dir...

NOT at your user desktop for instance...
Natal, época de castigo!
  Member 19.12.2019 136
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 14.09.2020 2
dumb newbie questions (Question 1) Ideas why I get "CRC Failed" on Part 2.rar (using 7zip)? The CRC fail is only in the .r16 file in part 2 rar. (Question 2) That file, along with all other files in part 2 look like duplicates listed in part 1 rar, so do I need to unzip and/or use part 2? (Question 3) Where do I extract part 1 and part 2 if required? I can't move all files from part 1 & part 2 folders into a single folder since there are duplicate file names. I see in Lepow's comment that all files should be in a folder under C: I assume I also extract the ISO file and the key gen folders/files that main folder?
The emotions - love, mirth, the heroic, wonder, tranquility, fear, anger, sorrow, disgust - are in the audience. - J Cage
  Member 1.04.2018 81
So I use winrar, and just place all the part1, part2, etc.. put all the .rar parts in one folder.

Click on any of the part and WinRaR extract them all completely. Those r16 r15 etc.. that you think are duplicates, they are not. They are needed to extract the files WHOLE.

Once you extract follown instructions in the rar. Like read the NFO. And Obviously if you have an .iso then put it into a virtual drive and extract it. Simple as that. Good luck
  Member 14.09.2020 2
Thanks for the input. Before you commented, I successfully extracted all rar files in part 1 only with 7zip then installed and authorized Ableton in Windows 10 Sandbox. No install or auz errors/issues. The app runs fine. I didn't extract any files in part 2 rar, so I didn't need to worry about the CRC Fail. So I'm still not sure what the part 2 rar is for. Maybe I'll discover the issue when something crashes at the worst possible time.
The emotions - love, mirth, the heroic, wonder, tranquility, fear, anger, sorrow, disgust - are in the audience. - J Cage
  Member 23.02.2018 34
this update bring nothing much really....
  Member 30.10.2020 4
Followed instructions and everything worked flawlessly (disabled antivirus). Appreciate you guys for real. Ive been out of the 'warez/piracy' scene since the days of fatezero & netbus and wasnt aware that this scene was still thriving. Good shit, fellas.

So, my understanding is that I need to turn off the internet whenever i want to use ableton? or will adding the ableton to the blocked list on windows firewall suffice? pardon the newb question, i dont know shit these days.

Thanks in advance
  Member 6.02.2015 4 68
can I use the crack for mac if I download the dmg from Ableton's website?
  Member 15.10.2015 2 551

Live 11 just dropped!
  Resident 10.07.2014 1080
v10.1.30 is available on Step-Sister Site..
  Member 21.11.2020 2
Hi, thank you, great post!
I could install and enjoy the app for a month but today I got a messange saying that Ableton is not activated.
I tried to run the keygen with the code but Ableton does not accept the Authorize file.
I tried to completly deinstall the app (also cleaning Ableton directories in AppData/Local and Roaming) but it won't work either.

Any advice?


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