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Windows, Mac OSX
TDR VOS SlickEQ GE v1.2.0 Incl Patched + Keygen WIN/MAC-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 27 Sept 2015 | WIN: 8.4MB | MacOSX: 16MB
TDR VOS SlickEQ – Gentleman’s Edition takes SlickEQ‘s concept to new heights and adds an exotic “Tilt”-filter flanked by flexible low-pass and high-pass filters. Five distinct EQ models provide a rich set of predefined EQ curves and behaviours for the three main semi parametric filter bands.

SlickEQ GE offers a switchable EQ non-linearity as well as six different output stages. These options offer subtle and interesting textures, from the typical “mojo” often associated with high quality analogue audio gear, up to more obvious saturation.

An elaborate auto gain option automatically compensates for changes of perceived-loudness during EQ (within reasonable limits) and a gain-trim feature helps controlling peak overloads with ease. The 64bit multi-rate processing scheme (a.k.a. “internal re-sampling”) practically eliminates typical problems of digital EQ implementations such as frequency-warping, quantization distortion and aliasing.

Beside the primary controls, the plug-in comes with an array of additional helpers: Advanced preset management, a frequency magnitude plot, undo/redo, quick A/B comparison, copy & paste, an online help, editable labels, mouse-wheel support and much more. Finally, SlickEQ GE allows to exclusively process the stereo sum or stereo difference without external sum/difference encoding (see “M/S” microphony).

Key specs and features
Modern user interface with outstanding usability and ergonomics
Carefully designed 64bit “delta” multi-rate structure
Three semi-parametric filter bands, each with two shape options
Five distinct EQ models: American, British, German, Soviet and Japanese
Low band offers an optional phase-lag able to delay low frequencies relative to higher frequencies
High pass filter with optional “Bump” mode
Low pass filter with two different slopes (6dB/Oct and 12dB/Oct)
Parametric Tilt filter with optional “V” mode.
Six output stages: Linear, Silky, Mellow, Deep, Excited and Toasted
Advanced saturation algorithms by VoS (“Stateful saturation”)
Highly effective loudness compensated auto gain control
Stereo, mono and sum/difference (mid/side) processing options
Frequency magnitude plot
Tool-bar with undo/redo, A/B, advanced preset management and more

The release by other person contains retail bought license and non
cracked binary. However, the binaries are packed & compressed with
MPRESS, which lessen the compatibility between some hosts. The code
signature is also voided by the compression and that leads hosts
crashing after the longer usage. It's completely illogical that he
have complained R2R is using MPRESS to the keygen, while it does not
affect to the software or plugins stability at all. Crackers should
do the work in theory before getting mad and emotional, isn't it?

This release contains new keygen and processed binary which solves
all known issues in our previous releases. Stay cool!

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  Member 17.03.2012 119
as always thank you R2R & DECiBELLE
Peace in the Country, Peace in the World..
  Banned 3.08.2012 74 17367
8 Different HOST
  Resident 1.10.2013 4665 9103
  Banned 6.05.2013 80 1343
  Resident 7.01.2011 2 347
Thanks as always!
Do not cry/war for macs, tranform it on a hack...of course you can use both on the same system...I like apples and oranges!
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 4310
Thank you so much R2R and Decibelle There Site says it will work in 10.6.8 But it is Not Showing up in Cubase 5 10.6.8 vst List after rescanning Not even the Free version
  Member 18.04.2013 1015
Thanks a lot
  Resident 28.03.2015 202
Neat! I comment a lot on here but really don't download much. I've heard really good things about this EQ, and of course it's fun to watch R2R take jabs at the... uh... less skilled.

Which is to say... Thanks again R2R. Maybe I'll finally give this one a shot
  Resident 7.02.2014 13 1801
Yes, jabs are funny.

For the record, this dev deserves as much support as any dev could humanly possible deserve. His stuff is sooooo sick, and the price he charges is absolute chump change. Everyone can afford this for sure... so please buy when you can (evryone).
I finally can tune a drum set
  Resident 28.03.2015 202
Holy crap. $40?

Yesterday I actually took a little mental guess at how much this puppy would cost and I put it up there with the $100-$150 EQs. And the regular edition is free?!

Yeah, I'm gonna try this out. If I like it I'll buy it. This... Klanghelm... Tantra... a couple others... I really don't have much budget for plugins before it starts to really eat into money that should be going to necessities, but when guys make really quality stuff for cheap, you almost have to buy it to keep them in business. Cat called it "voting with your wallet" which has stuck with me.
  Member 5.06.2013 3 180
Indeed. Impressive quality/price and you don't miss a lot of stuff using the free version. What more can you ask?
“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell”
  Resident 11.11.2014 319
Thank you for caring!
Think of using non periodic rhythm patterns in your music
  Resident 10.10.2013 2 128
I have to say that THANK YOU VERY MUCH, R2R & DECiBELLE!
  Member 15.02.2014 3 115
Thanx R2R!!! Great job as always!!! thanx to decibelle to!
\m/ Vintage Bloody Vintage \m/
  Member 9.08.2013 250
Thank you R2R and DECiBELLE! Always amazing work.
  Resident 2.08.2015 695
Love you R2R, whoever you are
  Resident 13.06.2014 21 354
Thank you R2R & also DECiBELLE!

I have a question from any one loving EQs & Compressors and would not be able to go to bed without kissing and hugging their favorite plugins.

As everyone knows, every stuff has its own characteristics (providing e.g. warmth by adding harmonics and etc.). Most DAWs' stock plugins are just enough for mixing and even Matering process.

In all of video tutorials related to MIX&Mastering if you'd pay attention to the used plugins, you'd see that just subtle changes are made to the signal by using e.g. UAD or Waves plugins or etc. that are not needed or could be done with just stock plugins too.

I have heard a lot that, one plugin sounds better than other, but the truth is that they are doing almost the same job most of the time and we are just lying ourselves for admitting that we should buy or illegally use such things.

Why do we waste our time by installing other vendors' stuffs? Is it just GUI loving or what?

In the final no one'd care about what plugins have bee used.
  Resident 24.01.2014 1 231
I think you already answered your question.

"every stuff has its own characteristics (providing warmth by adding harmonics and etc.)."

Yes, stock plugins can get the job done. For me (and i suspect most), it's just better to have specific dedicated plugins by a company that specializes on nothing else. And yes sometimes, third party plugs can be more inspiring as well. Not just to look at, but sonically as well.
  Resident 2.08.2015 695
Because as you said, each has its own characteristics. Most of these plugins are made to help give that extra little something to the sound that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible to achieve using stock plugs. They are not all created equal. The character and pleasantness of each has much to do with how much DSP work went into creating it. Nice GUI's are, well... nice, and of course have a bit to do with it, but overall it's that extra quality, sheen, 3D depth, whatever you want to call it, that is imparted with using high quality plugs. Why do people swear by analogue gear? There's definitely something there that gives a musical quality over sterile digital EQ's/whatever

And also, why buy a $4000 guitar when you can get one for $500 that plays the same notes? Why do people want Ferraris over Toyotas when both take you for point A to point B? Variety is the spice of life, alot of things get the job done but not all are as reliable, consistent, powerful and so on. I'd download a Ferrari if I could
  Resident 24.01.2014 1 231
Right on brotha. Right on.
  Resident 13.06.2014 21 354
Thanks for the comment.

My question is that, suppose you'd have 100 EQs in the box, How would you prefer one of the them for e.g Vocal processing than others?

We could not generally speak about them. Is there any experimentation comparing them together? I say no. So Randomness in choosing is what happens and this would not help.

The other thing about analogue gears is their imperfection and non-linearity that would be simple done by just adding some wave sharpers or etc. and we would not be cheated to afford $4000 for such things.

Being such a believer in some thing, is what vendors need to sell more of their stuffs to us.
  Resident 2.08.2015 695
To some degree alot of plugins are fluff, a pretty GUI with little sonic substance. Look no further than Crysonic for that. But there are also ones that have had alot of time and expertise put into perfecting their sound quality. What you use them on is completely up to you. That's the thing, each small difference in the tools you yourself use regularly for certain purposes builds up to a unique "trademark" overall sound. If Ableton's stock EQ, for instance, was the only one available, mixes would sound that bit more homogenous and boring. Certain EQ's work better with different styles of music. Some have more useful features, others simply maintain better overall sound quality or emulate analogue hardware. It's not as simple as you're making it out to be. The DSP that goes into these things is complicated as hell, and I am certain that a plugin made by someone with extensive experience in sound and a dedication to creating something of high quality will be better than one that implements bare-bones DSP processing just to roughly get the job done. Of course the quality of the final product is all up to the person doing the production, but these higher quality tools are there to help and can be incredibly useful in the right hands. That's why I don't think it's a scam.
  Resident 7.02.2013 189
Great explanation lpu2n!
Our Blades Are Sharp!
  Resident 7.02.2013 189
Sounds like you need a good pair of monitors my dude so you can hear the difference between stock and 3rd party.
Our Blades Are Sharp!
  Resident 26.06.2015 1 140
Domo, as always R2R. I hope all of your loved ones are unharmed by the recent floods in Japan.

On another note; Has anyone else had trouble with a pop up coming up over the login area using a tablet? Every time I enable java to log in here I have to load and reload the site a bunch of times to get rid of a popup that is asking me to go to facebook or other sites and the "x" in the top right corner will not close it. Also the menus are overlaying the posts on
the site making it very difgicult to navigate.
Saint, can this be fixed? I use a Samsung Galaxy 3 with the built in browser if that helps at all.
  Resident 13.09.2015 107
Thanks R2R, waiting for you guys paid off, glad this is a free religious adv. release.
  Contributor 12.08.2010 103 1963
thanks so very much R2R...
and to the uploader as well..
glad to see this fine release from R2R, and hope many more to come.. you guys what keeps me coming back to this place.
My Gear: Condoms, 40oz, cellphone.....And a Cracked out Monkey
  Banned 8.11.2014 8 2714
the Comment has been Removed
greetings to the good people & always monster thank you to all release groups and people

and pls :
don't forget to SPAY AND/OR NEUTER YOUR PETS!!!
  Resident 7.04.2013 160
Now that's a pipe of a different color! Many thanks.
  Resident 31.10.2014 157

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