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Windows, Mac OSX, Kontakt
East West Quantum Leap RA KONTAKT REPACK screenshot
Quantum Leap RA - PLAY Edition provides composers with access to a variety of rare and unique instruments from Africa, Europe, India, the Americas and Australia, the Far East, and the Middle East and Turkish Empires. Musicians will find that RA has an amazing sound quality and they'll marvel at the articulation of each instrument which has a wide range that goes from controlled to expressive. All of the instruments and ensembles featured in the collection were sampled extensively as a means of preserving the true character and expression of each instrument. For the first time with the Quantum Leap RA - PLAY Edition, users will have more control over the sounds offered in the collection along with the ability to load even more instruments than ever before

African Dual Wooden Shakers (Ewe), African Metal Shakers (Ewe), Atsimevu, Axatse, Batas, Berkete, Dejembe Ensemble, Ekpiri, Ewe Drum Ensemble, Ewe Large Bombshell, Ewe Medium Bombshell, 3ft FromTonFrom, 5ft FromTonFrom, Gankokwe Large, Gyil, Kalimbas, Kidi, Kora, Log Drums, Ngoni, Udu
1890 Washburn Guitar, American Jaw Harp, Banjo, Berimbau, Cuban Percussion, Didjeridoo, Dobro, First Nations Cedar Flute, Mandolin, Pan Flute, Ukelele
Alpenhorn, Bag Pipe Ensemble, Bass Recorder, Frame Drum, Gadulka, Hardanger Fiddle, Highland Pipes, Hurdy Gurdy, Irish Low Whistle, Launeddas, Uilleann Pipes
Dizi, Erhu, Gamelan Ensemble, Gongs, Koto, Rag Dung, Shakuhachi, Shamisen, Taiko Drums, Vietnamese Jawharp
Bansuri, Baritone Violin (Electric), Esraj, Sarangi, Sitar, Tablas, Tambura
Armenian Duduk, Bulgarian Duduk, Mid East Fiddle, Mid East String Section, Ney Flute, Oud, Qandahar Dumbek, Santoor, Turkish, Duduk, Yalli Tambur, Zourna

RA is powered by EASTWEST'S PLAY 64-bit (and 32-bit) Advanced Sample Engine

This VIRTUAL INSTRUMENT combines intuitive handling with excellent sound quality, and functions as a plug-in instrument, without the need for a sampler.

PLAY is a 64-bit (with 32-bit compatibility) Advanced Sample Engine. PLAY is Included with all new EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP Virtual (software) Instruments.

- PLAY includes custom designed virtual instruments that look as beautiful as they sound
Interface designed to eliminate clutter, including only the controls needed for each individual virtual instrument

- Load MORE thanks to 64-bit support
64-bit support allows you to load many more instruments and voices, limited only by your system RAM (32-bit support is included also)
While most high-end computers will support 16Gb, a very small set of high-performance enterprise computers (with Microsoft Vista Ultimate) can already use 128Gb of RAM. As hardware develops, the theoretical limit is 17,179,869,184 gigabytes = 16 exabytes, or 17 billion gigabytes!

- Networking Support*
If you still need more power, our built-in NETWORK CONTROL allows you to load instruments on other machines controlled from your host computer
No more trips back and forth between computers, no more KVM switching when loading projects
No need to buy additional software
The PLAY system is a professional fully integrated solution for those with the most demanding production requirements

- All instruments are listed in one browser
Easy to use browser displays all of your instruments
Favorites section to group the instruments you use most
Preview your instrument of choice in an easy-to-use column viewer
Load instruments into one instance to take advantage of your sequencer's "instrument tracks", or many if you so desire.
Interface automatically changes to display current instrument

- Articulations
Forget browsing through complicated patch names: pick the instrument and play
Turn on/off articulations as you wish
Articulations list also serves as reference for all expressions within the instrument (no need to look up key-switches in charts)
Save your favorite configuration for quick retrieval

- Legato Detection
PLAY senses legato and repetitive playing and responds accordingly

- Stereo Handling
PLAY allows the user to manipulate stereo samples in very useful ways
Stereo Swap allows the user to instantly swap the left and right channels
Mono from left , Mono from right, or Mono Sum allow for instant conversion from stereo to mono

- Effects Engine
The best sounding and most powerful effects engine out there, built from the ground up for the highest possible quality
Reverb section includes multiple impulse responses from halls, and the famous EASTWEST Studios and live chambers (more RIAA certified Platinum and Gold records awarded than any other studio)
The smoothest filters you'll ever hear
Specialized effects including the first Artificial Double Tracking (ADT) software available

- Playback Engine
Highest quality resampling engine
Built from the ground up to create the most intuitive instruments possible. Allowed us to design instruments every step of the way without compromise

- Security system
Authorize purchased instruments easily using the industry standard iLok security system
Offers complete portability, take your plugin anywhere you want, use it on any computer
Easy to authorize and manage (up to 100 authorizations on one key)

- Supported Platforms
AU, VST, Standalone, Intel Mac, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 64-bit, 32-bit
Natively supported in all major hosts on all major operating systems - PLAY no matter what your platform
More native support than any other plug-in
Standalone: PLAY as many instruments as your computer can handle in one application

Additional information
1. Samples libraries converted to the format of NCW, and packed into containers NKX.
2. Patch NKI grafted into the script - library Ethno World 5 Instruments, as amended
3. Libraries are contains files to add to the Library.
4. Restructured folders Instruments

System Requirements
- Minimum Requirements for Mac: G5 1.6GHz, 2GB of free RAM, Mac OS 10.4 or newer

- Recommended Mac System: Mac Pro Quad-Core Xeon 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM

- Minimum Requirements for PC: Pentium 4 3.0GHz, 2GB of free RAM, Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 sound card with ASIO drivers

- Recommended PC System: Intel or AMD Quad Core 2.0GHz, 8GB RAM, 64-bit OS and host

Reuploaded. PiRAT

download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB West Quantum Leap RA KONTAKT REPACK
download from any file hoster with just one LinkSnappy account
download from more than 100 file hosters at once with LinkSnappy.


  Member 17.10.2013 74
Thank you very much! yes
  Resident 25.01.2012 2397
What does this mean exactly?

2. Patch NKI grafted into the script - library Ethno World 5 Instruments, as amended
3. Libraries are contains files to add to the Library.

Does this mean to add these samples into your Ethno World package to access in Kontakt>?
  Contributor 3.05.2011 470 3118
i converted it myself, but havnt removed that crypted library stuff :( so this will save me - thanks. (and yeah finally not left with a trillion files)
  Resident 4.06.2012 333
Thanks, can finally save about 8GB of hdd space :)
  Resident 30.01.2010 1 1480
is this any good? Worth the time and space? dunno
  Member 25.10.2013 9
@ Crappy, I had this about a year ago.
You have no legato, and most of the instruments are not deeply sampled, of course by today's standards.
The Duduk is worth a try, yet you could still get Best Engine's Desert Winds instead which is newer, more flexible, and of course more beautiful; however, you'll have to work with Best Engine.
  Resident 3.06.2010 387
Yes please what does that "grafted into" and ethno world 5 stuff mean??!??
All who wander are not lost
  Resident 4.06.2012 333
Unfortunately this does NOT work. Even if you add the library, it says files are encrypted.

The original still works. But this is unusable.

The repacked Colossus worked, so this must not have been made the same way

EDIT: Hm, it looks like you need to ADD ETHNO WORLD 5. Then you can load these??? Weird idea. But this is also resaved on Kontakt 5.3 and I have not yet upgraded, so you can't use it on 5.2.1
  Resident 6.05.2010 326
colossus repack had a few instruments messed up, so I won't mess with this one.
  Resident 4.06.2012 333
I tried installing 5.3 and I can load it. It is somehow made in combination with Ethno World 5. it uses GUI and IR samples from Ethno World 5 library (need file while loading).

colossus repack had a few instruments messed up, so I won't mess with this one.

Ah really? Luckily I did not yet replace the one on my main DAW, just on my download drive, so maybe I should delete the repack after all?
  Resident 25.01.2012 2397
thanks for the heads up./..
  Resident 6.05.2010 326
most of it was good, you might be okay with a few bad patches to save all that hd space.
  Member 14.09.2013 26
crappy,Very special library.
There are some nice sounds, but is not bread and butter stuff.
I got it iLocked in the Musician Bundle from EW. Used it every time when the client calls for African vibe...
It requires a lot of EQ to let it sink into the mix..

  Member 5.09.2013 1 138
PROBLEM: I get "this patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective library is registered properly".
Any ideas? damn
Sed Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
  Member 28.03.2015 7
i have the same problem -_-
<< Lonesome Clever, Better than Dumb Band >>
  Member 17.07.2013 2
This library will only work when in registers readily available information about the installed library Ethno World 5 Instruments. If you have previously installed the Library East West Quantum Leap - RA, remove it from the root, including registry entries. (although this is not required . onovremenno can use and old version )

1. Add the library Ethno World 5 in the list of Instruments Library. ( If you're crazy and do not plan to use it in the future - you can remove the library from the list - ONLY FROM THE LIST ! NOT FROM THE REGISTER !)
2 . Add to the list Library - EWQL RA. If necessary, do batch PE save game ( set tick in the box " to find alternative file types " )

Ra Resources.nkr = Ethno World 5 Instruments_info.nkx
  Resident 22.10.2011 11 754
I bought this and many other East West Quantum Leap stuff years ago, when downloads were a “Sci-Fi” love it!! Worth every penny!
  Member 13.03.2013 64
does EW still exist?
  Resident 30.06.2013 194
where can I get Ethno World 5 Instruments.. ? then add this?
  Resident 8.01.2013 180
EWQL stuff is overrated, the paid version of colossus and goliath both had mistakes in the recordings that made several instruments nearly unusable. If your scoring a film these might be useful though
  Resident 26.02.2013 28 1118
Thank to the uploaders, but I'll go with flourine : from hearing the demos, installed this some years ago and uninstalled it soon after. As far as I'm concerned, and IMHO, it's simply not worth the HD space (around 14 GB for the original).

Here, some details - but SOS are always happy with everything (they have to eat, right ? ) and the review dates from 2005 - :

+1 for " Desert Winds " yes
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  Member 25.11.2013 2
Hi, i'm new at this whole Kontakt stuff, i don't know how to avoid the ENCRYPTED advise, i was reading about installing another library before this to make it works but i did not understand so well, can anybody help? Thanks! wink
  Resident 27.09.2013 337
Ok, so I got this to load as a library in the latest Kontakt on a Mac! I installed the first disc on a PC. I chose to only install the stand alone and library. The keygen worked perfectly, and I successfully installed the goodies from disc1. Then, I grabbed the contents from the library and copied these folders over to my already-created RA library on my external (which contains all 7 .nks files) . I also grabbed the log file that was created from the install and all the read me files/folders.. Never Give Up!!
  Member 1.03.2015 4 252
I didn't test this Repack library


I find the solution to use ewql RA in Kontakt
(try last pack of RA )

1: Install ewql RA and registration (Normal process)
After installation you will see ewql RA Library in your Kontakt Player ( DO NOT LOAD FILE'S FROM INSIDE OF KONTAKT ) if you load your file from here if you close your project and reopen that you will lose that instrument and you need to reload that

2:Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\East West\Ra\Ra Library\Instruments
Choice you instrument drag and drop in to your Kontakt.

That's it.
it works for me on Windows 7 64 bit
I hope it work for you
  Member 18.01.2018 1 37
this works but the library will disappear from Kontakt after closing it. any idea how to fix this?
  Member 10.02.2018 1
this worked for me after i installed Ethno world 5

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