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Steinberg Wizoo XPhraze v1.2 VSTi ISO screenshot

Steinberg Wizoo XPhraze v1.2 VSTi ISO
Teams: AI / TALiO / BEAT | Date: 2005 | Size: 309,18 MB

Xphraze is Wizoo's new dream machine for every computer-based musician, DJ, arranger and sound designer. The software brings together three worlds that have been separated for too long: unlimited sound creation, real-time polyphonic phrase creation, and intuitive live-remixing functions.

The Ultimate Phrase Synthesizer

Create chord patterns, riffs, bass lines, effects, arpeggios, morphs, pads, leads, even 4-track songs quickly and intuitively with Xphraze. With chopping rave chords, complex polyphonic soundscapes, screaming bass and lead riffs, luscious sweeping pads and tempo-synced sound effects, Xphraze will have your music exploding from your speakers all in perfect sync.

Xphraze Features:

- Comes with a huge library with literally hundreds of ready-to-go Combis, Patches and Phrazes. Just pick what you need and go or tweak it to your needs in no time.
- Four-part multi-timbral polyphonic phrase synthesizer, full loop and tempo-sync capability (phraze generators, envelopes and LFOs).
- Each Patch consists of: Phrase Oscillator (32 cells) with individual note resolution, amp section and multimode filter, each with free- form loopable envelopes, two additional freeform loopable auxiliary envelopes, four freeform LFOs, arpeggiator, unison mode.
- Each Phraze Generator contains: individual multisample per cell, plus a maximum of six freely-assignable cell parameters, such as pitch, cutoff, resonance, pan, level, gate-time and more. Each cell parameter curve freely mouse-editable.
- Unlimited, freely-assignable morph modulation with 24 sources x 16 destinations.
- Phrase playback can be fully adjusted for each Patch, play and loop range (start/end) can be adjusted on-screen, switchable trigger/mute per cell, adjustable cell crossfade/duration.
- Xmix function allows for live creation and remix of entire tracks using MIDI keys
- Performance controllable stereo insert effects for each Patch from 24 effect types, plus four master effects from eleven types.
- Vector Synthesis: automated vector morph between four patches, including vector envelope
- Integrated browser for managing unlimited numbers of Combis, Patches and Phrazes
- Wave ROM with more than 200 waveforms included, plus import function for AIFF and Wave samples, automap for multisamples
- Sample-accurate audio engine featuring 32-bit floating-point resolution, 192kHz sample rate, and up to 1024 voices/notes (256 per Patch).
- Integrated mouse-controllable keyboard with wheels.

Product Highlights:

- Groundbreaking synthesizer concept, 4-part multi-timbral
- Unique 32-step phraze generator for patterns, riffs, grooves
- Multisample-based, fully-featured synthesizer engine
- Fully bpm-based, flexible automation and real-time control
- 6 stereo effect sections, 4 stereo outputs
- Huge library, 200 multisamples, AIFF/WAV import
- Xmix function (live remixing), vector synthesis and more

Steinberg Wizoo XPhraze v1.2 VSTi ISO screenshot
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  Member 11.04.2012 18
Hi Grandpa yes
  guest -- 0
  Resident 7.03.2013 1 215
Can I use this with Logic?? I also have Cubase but i dont want to be changing of DAW to use this....Anybody knows how can use in Logic??? Thanks...
  Member 22.06.2013 6
already got this, but would recommend it to anyone, Xphraze is awesome, Old but still awesome
  Resident 11.09.2012 185
Superb i been looking 4 dat 1 - 4 along time now,tanx!
  Resident 28.05.2013 682 3133
Wizoo XPhraze v1.2 VSTi ISO
my peeplinks off .. send me a PM message
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Unless you're using Logic 5 or lower for Windows. No.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 843 6266
  Resident 10.02.2013 9 581
Thanks Olymoon for your extra mirror !!!
  Moderator 21.01.2012 843 6266
You'r welcome my friend

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