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Windows, Mac OSX, multi-libraries, MIDI, SF, Akai, presets, patches, impulses
Computer Music Specials 57 DATA CD screenshot Computer Music Specials 57 DATA CD | 539 MB WiN MAC WAV MiDi AiFF Ableton Project FXB
If you want to start making music on a computer, phone or tablet but don't know how, you need the latest Computer Music Special. This all-new beginner's guide will help you to make your first track today and features gear guides, step-by-step tutorials, tips and a CD stuffed with support files, software and samples.

Gear guides

Find out what you need to create your computer music making setup. Discover what DAWs, software instruments, effects, audio interfaces, MIDI controllers, monitor speakers and effects are and get buying advice with our product recommendations.

Step-by-step tutorials

Easy-to-follow walkthroughs on the key aspects of computer and iOS music making. Learn now to record and edit your first part, program drums and synths, make music with samples, build an arrangement, mix your parts into a finished track and remix someone else's.

Tips and advice

The most frequently asked beginner's questions answered and tips on becoming a better computer musician

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DOWNLOAD:Uploaded.toRapidgator • Bitshare

Download PDF

Computer Music Specials 57 DATA CD screenshot
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  Resident 10.09.2012 8 1319
  Resident 29.10.2012 135
Thank you! rofl
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  Resident 31.10.2011 681
i dont need it but i know someone who does

thanks for share
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  Resident 15.09.2011 1 2730
What software is included? I would only download it if there's all the CM audio software in it. I looked at the CM website, and they only say "software". Well, it could be a "Solitaire 3D"... does anybody know? For instance, is there SatsonCM, GeistCM, stuff like that?
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  Resident 2.09.2011 1 499
Thanks Sunny

SineWave download the pdf and look at page 6 it will tell you the contents of the disc

all the magazines are like this usually their is a page in the mag that tells you the

contents of the disc

It is disappointing that people do not take the time to at least acknowledge thanks

and ask for assistance, I often wonder what people want, someone to buy it , then

drive to their house , read it to them and install the disc, really disappoints me damn

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  guest -- 0
The CD is not working. It says that the ISO is corrupted(download from Can anyone please upload it again??? I REALLY would like to have this DATA files!
I already download it 3 times from there and always got the same result (windows or Mac, same problem). Anyone can send me a new link?? THANKS!!!!!!

wink wink wink
  Resident 2.09.2011 1 499
Open it up in winrar, see if their is a recovery file and then
see if winrar can fix it for you , you will not need to download
it again
Make Smallest Mess,,,Kill Fewest Things,,Hurt No One
  guest -- 0
Thank you Korgrog for you reply! The problem is not there. I use winrar by default (tried others also) and have no problem on putting it in ISO format (no error till here). The problem is when i try to open the ISO. There i get a corrupted file message... any idea???

Ok I did it!!
Dont know why this happens but worked for me.
I repaired the file using winrar, and got the same error (ISO corrupted). Instead of double clicking on it, used MagicISO and mounted it manually. Worked like a charm!!!
Try this for yourself!

wink wink wink wink wink wink wink wink wink
  Resident 2.09.2011 1 499
I do not know how much you know about computers and file formats
an iso file is an image of the original disk, you need to burn it to a CD , with
a disk burning program for your computer to see it, when you mounted it with
MagicISO this created a virtual disk .then your computer was able to see it and you
were good to go, if you know all this ,burnt it to a CD and it did not work it would be hard to tell what might have gone wrong

Years ago I used to burn a lot of CD and DVD , but now with the storage available
on hard drives , I just virtually mount an image and use it, it is faster and I
can have many images on a 2 or 3 Tera bite drive , now I just keep a blank CD in
my optical drives, just so they will spin up and move the read head so they will
not freeze up If I ever want to use them
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