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Windows, Mac OSX
U-he ACE VSTi 1.0 (PC & MAC) screenshot
U-he ACE VSTi 1.0 WiN & MAC
WiN: 5MB | MAC OSX: 23MB

ACE belongs to a new generation of synthesizers developed with the latest, fastest computers in mind. ACE offers classic modular synthesis and more at a fraction of the cost of dedicated hardware. But like its hardware forebears, you can patch any output into any input: the number of different ways to connect modules together is practically infinite. Needless to say, you will never run out of cables!

The careful selection of modules and clear layout make ACE the ideal instrument for newcomers delving into the fascinating world of modular synthesis. But ACE also delivers the goods: like any medium-sized professional hardware system, ACE has enough synthesis power to keep you discovering new tricks for many years to come!

List of Modules
•2 x LFO (0Hz - 20kHz)
•2 x ADSSR envelopes
•2 x VCO (0Hz - 20kHz, PWM, VCO1-linked sub)
•2 x VCF (LP1/LP2/LP3/LP4 and HP/BP/BR each)
•2 x VCA with pan
•2 x multiples (with modulation input)
•1 x mixer (for standard sources + aux)
•1 x ramp generator (loopable)
•1 x mapping generator (up to 128 values)
•1 x noise (white, pink)
•3 x global effects (chorus, delay, 2 x tone)

Key Features
At first glance ACE may seem overly simplistic, but remember that virtually anything can be plugged into anything else. For instance, try plugging an LFO into a Filter, then use that filter as an FM source for an oscillator. Crazy routing is possible, endless fun is guaranteed!

•semi-modular architecture, with default routing like ARP 2600
•25 signal sources, 30+ signal targets
•up to 8 times unison with +/-2 octave detune range each
•exceptional filters, can self-oscillate
•LFOs can be used as VCOs and vice versa
•sync, FM, cross modulation
•use multiples for inversion, amp / ring modulation etc.
•custom LFO waveform "tap map"
•microtuning (Scala .tun standard)
•100% free of Supersaws!

Crocko - Depositfiles

The serial include also works with V1.1

Download Link
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  Banned 14.05.2011 847 3883
Thanks for re-sharing! wink
  Resident 14.11.2011 2 345
Yep, and it's not only VST, there's Audio Unit and RTAS inside !
Without obsession, life is nothing.
John Waters
  Contributor 3.05.2011 473 3090
ok for win ive got 1.1 by assign :)
  Resident 3.05.2011 182
mac version mates
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3090
is this version a CPU hog to thanks
  Resident 16.09.2010 1231
  Member 13.04.2012 149
Is this the one with the registration problem?
  Member 13.04.2012 149
Thanks zbra!!!!! wink
  Resident 22.05.2011 426
zёbra Thanks !!!!! wink
I have V1/ Union
and yes this synth strains the CPU a lot.
  Resident 30.01.2012 2068
You can download version 1.1 including VST from u-he website to get extra presents
  guest -- 0
The serial include also works with V1.1
  Resident 25.02.2012 708
thanks, pars18. keys rofl phones
  Member 7.04.2012 17
Great, Thanks!! wink
  guest -- 0
Thanks, a lot PARS18; and it's very boring to see the comment "old...." why do you lose your time with this?? Think about people like us who don't have this fucking amazing old soft or bank! Thanks again for Sharing! wink
  Resident 15.09.2011 1 2194
I've tried every single ACE 1.1 release out there and none of them works completely. ASSiGN one has a time-bomb, UNION serial when applied to v1.1 says "serial is old, ask for new one", however this version seems to work but you have to click OK every time. I hope so... I think it'll stop working after some time.

So, there's no working v1.1 release. I don't know about v1.0. ViP v1.0 might work. But v1.1 has more than a few bugs squashed... why oh why oh why isn't there a working 1.1 version??? :(
"The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited
  Resident 26.04.2012 176
Crashed like shit,, sigh,, really fuck up my track, were sticking to ( DIVA )
Dirty Electro is my life & No one can take that a way from me !
  Supplier 16.04.2012 139
It is not a cpu hog at all!!!
you dont need anymore gear! u need to rewrite the chorus!
  Member 15.12.2013 11
its not registering it on lpx for some reason someone knows why ?

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