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Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
StAkira OpenUtah v0.1.327 (Open singing synthesis platform) Win Mac Linux [FREE] screenshot
Free | Win Mac Linux | 251/101/96 MB/1.12 GB
OpenUtau is an open source singing synthesis platform with modern user experience and native support for multiple voicebank ecosystems and various spoken languages.

Main features :

Navigate the interface naturally and fluently using the mouse and scroll wheel. Keyboard shortcuts are also available.
StAkira OpenUtah v0.1.327 (Open singing synthesis platform) Win Mac Linux [FREE] screenshot

Easily create songs and covers using the feature-rich MIDI editor.
StAkira OpenUtah v0.1.327 (Open singing synthesis platform) Win Mac Linux [FREE] screenshot

Create expressive vibratos with the easy-to-use vibrato editor.
StAkira OpenUtah v0.1.327 (Open singing synthesis platform) Win Mac Linux [FREE] screenshot

Pre-rendering and built-in resamplers let you quickly preview your work.

All features :

Modern user experience.
Easy navigation using the mouse and keyboard.
Feature-rich MIDI editor.
Support for importing VSQX (Vocaloid 4) tracks.
Selective backward compatibility with UTAU.
OpenUtau aims to solve problems with fewer steps. It is not designed to replicate UTAU features exactly.
Extensible real-time phonetic editing.
Includes phonemizers for different phonetic systems (VCV, CVVC, Arpasing, etc.) in many different languages (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian and more).
Expressions replace the standard UTAU "flags" for tuning.
The built-in WORLDLINE-R resampler supports curve tuning, similar to many vocal synth editors.
Internationalisation, including UI translation and file system encoding support.
Unlike UTAU, there is no need to change your system locale to use OpenUtau.
Smooth preview/rendering experience.
Pre-rendering allows OpenUtau to render vocals before playback, saving time during editing and tuning.
Supports ENUNU AI singers. See the ENUNU wiki page for more info.
Easy-to-use plugin system.
Versatile resampling engine interface.
Compatible with most UTAU resamplers.
Runs on Windows (32/64 bit), macOS, and Linux.

What it doesn't do :

While OpenUtau can do very minimal mixing, it will not replace your digital audio workstation of choice.
OpenUtau does not aim for Vocaloid compatibility, except for some limited features.

Usage, User Manual, Tutorial :

Some Random Video Tutorials :

Peeplink included Kasane Teto Voicebank, 1.12 GB.

info about installation of the voice bank :

You can search for other Voicebanks and download them for free

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does it need online connection ? !
I'm here , That's more than enough !!
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I don't think so
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Why do these vocal plugins always seem to be Japanese-centric?
  Member 2.07.2022 20
Because majority of them have been developed in Japan for almost 20 years
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English, Russian, French, Spanish, etc.
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Wrong title name. The proper name is "OpenUtau".
.....::::: The best warez are yet to come :::::.....
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Thanks, I think I have vision problems

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