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Windows, Mac OSX
Behringer Vintage (Retro Analog Synthesizer) v1.0.1.115 VST3 AU STANDALONE WIN MAC [FREE] screenshot
09/04/2024 | VST3 AU STANDALONE WiN MAC | 86 MB
Master the Waves and Take Control - Feel the power of vintage synth wizardry.

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants
Get classic subtractive synthesis and retro sounding filters with the Behringer VINTAGE PLUGIN! Download this completely free plugin today (yes, you read that right) and help the Playing for Change Foundation who support music education.

Behringer Vintage (Retro Analog Synthesizer) v1.0.1.115 VST3 AU STANDALONE WIN MAC [FREE] screenshot

Legendary Tone
The VINTAGE is packed with all the features you need to effortlessly get those lush, classic synth tones that made the 70s and 80s roar or you can also create your own wild patches! And when we say “all the features” we mean it.

Behringer Vintage (Retro Analog Synthesizer) v1.0.1.115 VST3 AU STANDALONE WIN MAC [FREE] screenshot

Sine, square, saw, and noise waveforms
Lowpass, bandpass, highpass, and notch modes
Dual LFO with controls for rate, attack delay and retrig

Behringer Vintage (Retro Analog Synthesizer) v1.0.1.115 VST3 AU STANDALONE WIN MAC [FREE] screenshot

Get in the Hall of Fame
Found your favorite tone? Save an unlimited number to VINTAGE’s extensive library or just play around with the 100 vintage-flavored presets plus a few modern ones, some of which you may have heard in your favorite records!

Behringer Vintage (Retro Analog Synthesizer) v1.0.1.115 VST3 AU STANDALONE WIN MAC [FREE] screenshot

Original virtual synthesizer with powerful oscillators, filters and lfos, modelled on the analog circuitry of vintage synthesizers.

Behringer Vintage (Retro Analog Synthesizer) v1.0.1.115 VST3 AU STANDALONE WIN MAC [FREE] screenshot

Synthesizer engine based on meticulous modelling of the analog circuitry of legendary vintage synthesizers

Behringer Vintage (Retro Analog Synthesizer) v1.0.1.115 VST3 AU STANDALONE WIN MAC [FREE] screenshot

* Carefully crafted UI for intuitive sound sculpting and vast sonic possibilities
* Two high-quality oscillators with hard sync function and selectable waveform: sine, square, saw, noise and sub-oscillator
* Pulse width modulation of square wave oscillator
* Two versatile filters featuring 12/24 dB switchable lowpass, bandpass, highpass, notch and formant modes, plus selectable drive curves for lush harmonic saturation
* Filter ADSR controls are easily accessible on the main UI and a flexible routing scheme allows for serial or parallel filtering
* Noise generator with Color knob controlling low pass cut-off
* Following the filters two amplitude modules allows for panning and levelling with controllable ADSR envelope
* Powerful dual LFO to modulate Oscillator, Filters and Amplifiers. The two LFOs have separate controls for rate, attack, delay, retrig and waveform, which encompass triangle, sine, random and square wave with pulse width control


Windows 10+
MacOS 10.13+
To use the plugin you need to obtain free license on developer's site.
P.S. Currently it seems the company's registering page is overloaded because of big demand.

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  Contributor 11.10.2014 6791 14104
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  Member 28.12.2016 122
getting the registration site to validate input is copy protection more severe than tone2 even
  Resident 9.06.2013 3 1029
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 22.11.2009 450
how can i registry? recycle: your passwort does not fit. homepage link does not work. its hard do find the registration site...i cant find.
  Resident 9.06.2013 3 1029
Ok, so I guess the serial is connected to the email. The only option is to open an account and have your unique serial n#. You will have to try and try again: the B website is clogged at the moment.
Spoiler: this plugin is weak, it doesn't worth the hassle
  Member 14.09.2014 49
It's true, it may sound a little better in the future, but that video sounds strident like a school bell. I didn't like it one bit
  Contributor 3.05.2011 675 4717
option number 3, somebody bypasses the webauth.

so stupid releasing a free plugin with a license, but not as bad as iLok for a free plugin ...
If you want to supply something, you can. PM is open for that.
  Member 15.10.2013 1 26
If this was completely free, a registration wouln't be necessary. Obviously this is an incentive for your handing out your email contact data.
  Member 12.01.2021 600
-> temp-mail, only in rare cases blocked.
  Member 19.02.2017 2 107
At first it seems like it doesn't sound good and the factory presets are horrible... Even though it's free, I don't see how it plans to compete with the rest of the vst market
  Member 4.10.2021 1 32
Wow, leave it to Behringer to make the user feel miserable for using some of their products. Their site is very confusing as well.
  Resident 7.11.2014 10 604
No init preset......
We are a lot in my head, but it's me the boss.
  Member 20.06.2021 320
will the Daw be released this decade was not ready why they do this. using a normal computer instead of a server. even audioz used servers. Donations work of course. they think everyone has 1000dollars a month for a its free for rich people. oh ppl making music with record deals. they must be rich.
  Resident 23.08.2023 108
what a croc of sh1t
  Resident 23.08.2023 108
behringer i mean they make you get alicence and their sites broke and the vst is crappy
  Member 8.11.2022 18
the behringer website the link refers to is not existing. seems they took it off. so how to register the plugin, when you need to register the plugin on the website in order to obtain a serial number?
  Member 21.10.2022 47
some say it's no longer available on their website due to copyright infringement
  Member 21.10.2022 47
behringer has a reputation for copying anything and everything when it comes to hardware, but it would seem that this is also the case when it comes to software
  Resident 23.08.2023 108
i dont mind them copying stuff i would like it to werk tho
  Resident 5.04.2017 432
No point in even downloading this if this needs an online activation. I only use stuff that works forever, no matter if the company shuts down and independently of an internet connection.
  Resident 22.11.2009 450
I deinstalled them after reading your comments. It doesn't work without a password anyway. The page no longer works either.
  Member 31.12.2023 17
This sounds awful 💩
  Resident 10.02.2013 8 609
R2R pleeeaasss..... Crack them.....
  Member 25.02.2014 319
Behringer claimed this was leaked. Why would they have a website up if someone leaked it?
I am using a Mac 10.14.6 and 11.7.1

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