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Windows, Mac OSX, Samples, instruments
Engine Audio Organum Venezia Library v1.1.0 UNCRACKED screenshot
WIN & MAC - 463 MB

This virtual church organ, though recorded near Venice, possesses the charm and characteristic sound of an organ from the famous Cavaillé-Coll and Puget manufacture in France. It was built by organ builder Andrea Zeni Tesero (Trento) in 1999 to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of Cavaillé-Coll's death.

Every single pipe of the organ has been meticulously recorded with professional microphone techniques to capture not only the sound of the organ but also the atmosphere of the church. Every detail, from its breath to its color, the vibrating air, is faithfully reproduced - a charming and evocative sound that can only be experienced with the "Queen of Instruments." From majestic "Tutti" passages to delicate "Flutes" and bright "Reeds," the extensive stops offer a rich range of expression for every organist, transporting you to a dreamlike cathedral!

Organum Venezia features five keyswitches that can be used to switch between individual register combinations as well as volume controls for each register. The four different reverb effects provide unparalleled realism.

Thanks to quick access to a variety of pre-programmed combinations, Organum Venezia allows you an uncomplicated entry into the world of sacred music.

Engine Audio Organum Venezia Library v1.1.0 UNCRACKED screenshot
The different registers:
- Tutti (combination)
- Combi Funds 8 (combination)
- Combi Flutes 4 (combination)
- Combi Ripieno (combination)
- Combi Reeds (combination)
- Old Chappel (special “old style” stop)

Grand Organ (GOR) manual stops: Basson 16, Trumpet 8, Flute 16, Montre 8, Prestant 4 & Plein

Positive (POS) manual stops: Oboe 8, Flute 8, Octave, Nazard & Celeste

Pedal (PED) board stop: Flute 16

*Organum Venezia was developed by V3SOUND in collaboration with the Symphonia Concert Library and Best Service.
Best Service released their brand new Engine Player and first library for this software converted in new format.

In this case we need new registration / decrypt method.
An internet connection is required to authorize / activate the product.

Engine Player v1.0.1 for macOS & Windows is inside RAR.

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not activated, how do we activate ?
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look at title (UNCRACKED),so you need to wait for teams to crack it .

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