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Windows, Mac OSX
Fuse Audio Labs VCE-118 v1.0.0 Incl Keygen [WIN MAC]-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 29 Mar 2024 | 16.4MB
Dynamic Range Enhancer - Natural Born Puncher
Squeeze and Unfold

The VCE-118 is a unique dynamics tool based on the breakthroughs that occurred in the advent of VCA technology in the early Seventies. Its reputation as a secret weapon lies in its special ratio implementation, which enables both compression and expansion, combined with its special linear mode as a powerful fuel for bending dynamics as a creative effect.

Regular vs. Linear

The central knob offers compression ratios between 1:1 and ∞:1 or expansion between 1:1 and 1:2, while the intensity of the effect can be tweaked with the Threshold control. The Mode button switches from regular gain reduction or expansion, where only levels above the threshold are processed, to linear operation, which affects the full level range above and below the threshold.

Diverse Duties

Naturally, the VCE-118 provides the ultimate punchy compression known from early VCA compressor flagships like the famous 160. But it doesn't stop there, since its expanded dynamic range surprises with intriguing effects reminding of gates and transient shapers. Linear mode can take this even further with sonic escapades like heavily pumping beats or dead silent ambience.

Dynamics Monster
The VCE-118 is nothing short of a giant in disguise. It can slam your drums to oblivion and in the next second, it becomes a great punch enhancer if used sparingly in parallel. Linear mode is such an advantage when you're looking for unusual, extreme dynamics effects, applicable in various doses composed with the ever-crucial mix knob. Compress… expand… enhance.

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  Member 14.12.2018 123
I had the actual hardware of this for a while, the plugin sounds way better lol. The original wasn't very interesting at all.
  Member 17.02.2024 2 118
I love hearing stuff like this. So many ppl out there will swear by their analog gear, but sometimes plugins really can be just as effective, if not even better sounding.

It's not about the tools, it's about the person who's wielding them and how good their ears are
  Member 15.08.2021 1 112
I would have kept it just for how awesome it would look sitting on the shelf. The design was so cool.
  Member 12.01.2023 76
Exactly my thoughts. I remember the nice look of my model 100 "Boom Box" and model 2BX which I missed so much...
  Member 1.02.2014 131
I made sure that will never sell my dbxll-128, dbx-163x, dbx-120xp and dbx-160xt, Never.
  Member 14.09.2023 1 55
I agree.. this is really interesting,, been tried with some drum loops


  Member 4.10.2023 2 38
Great work r2r and decibelle!
  Member 18.12.2022 4 11
Is that a joke for vst2 and vst3?
  Member 25.06.2021 394
what do you mean
be kind :)
  Member 18.12.2022 4 11
I tried opening .pkg file using Suspicious Package and found that the vst2 and vst3 plugins inside are using aax plugins. Then, through the instructions in the postinstall script, the aax plugins are copied as vst2 and vst3. However, in the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), the vst2 and vst3 plugins are actually not usable.
  Member 11.04.2019 2
Hi! How do you open exe on Mac. I used to have another old mac whith High Sierra, running Wine app, but now I don’t know hot o do.
  Resident 9.04.2015 518
Dowlnload Crossover for mac, you can search it here on AudioZ.
  Member 25.06.2021 394
I've been using this as a fancy transient shaper, because it really shines when set to expand. Neat little punch box!
be kind :)
  Member 16.04.2021 16
Chrome won't let me download this file. Writes that he is dangerous...
  Member 4.10.2017 25
False positive. Use a non-Marxist browser. Google is Big Brother.
  Member 16.04.2021 16
Unfortunately chrome (old version) is the only thing that works with my old Mac.
Yes, I know that there are no viruses and chrome screams at the keygen.
  Member 17.10.2022 5
Let SuperExcrementCompressors crack another 100 in a week, but not Oueksound Bloom or NeuralDSP.
  Member 16.04.2021 16
Soothe2 on mac please.
  Member 14.09.2023 1 55

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