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Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Uhe Satin v1.3.3.15721 Incl Keygen [WIN MAC LIN]-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 28 Mar 2024 | 116.5MB
Tape Construction Kit
We took a journey back to the Golden Age of magnetic tape recording. We wanted to recreate all kinds of tape machines in software, from the ground up. After many months spent on research, measurement and on developing an architecture that would be flexible enough for the job, we knew we had nailed it...

But we couldn't stop there: We added the old noise-reduction systems that were often (mis)used for timbral compression effects. Then more heads and a global feedback path, which made an uber-tape-delay and realistic 'one-shot' tape flanging possible.

Users familiar with analogue recording gear should instantly feel at home with Satin, and digital aficionados will also learn to love the magic of tape – Satin invites you to explore and find out for yourself.

Mix-and-match emulation spans all major historical developments in tape technology
Control multiple instances from one panel - 'glue’ multiple tracks together
High-quality: internal sample rate up to 384kHz, continuous tape speed control
All the 'goodness' of tape (saturation, transient-smoothing, HF compression etc.)
Full control over the 'badness' (head-bump, wow&flutter, asperity noise, hiss etc.)
Record / repro EQ standards (separately selectable), classic NR compander standards
Extra FX modes: through-zero tape flanging, host-synchronizable 4-tap stereo delay

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  Resident 6.10.2020 89
Changelog v1.3.3

  Resident 30.11.2020 1 45
Very cool, sadly it doesn't seem that they fixed the aliasing issues that have been stuck in there since 2015 haha
  Moderator 12.01.2021 586
Which aliasing? If you're referring to PD Hammerstein, that's misleading. Make a sine sweep and have a look at an analyzer. Or a look at the manual 'Internal sample rate: 352-384kHz (depends on project sample rate, 8 x oversampling 44.1kHz)'. Dates back to 2016.
  Member 13.01.2024 3
That was quick, much appreciated DECiBELLE!
  Resident 15.01.2014 80
A keygen for U-he plugins? WOW, R2R team are just amazing!
  Resident 25.01.2014 2374
Always great to see R2R keygens for U-He stuff... it can be few and far between!

Thanks R2R and DECiBLLE!
..grateful for HEXWARS, R2R, SYNTHiC4TE, CASHMERE & ALL teams, AZ crew past and present, and friends I have met here . RIP and LOVE to Olymoon and his family.
  Member 6.05.2023 29
This was on my wishlist so long, I gave up.

R2R with the save!!!

Thank You!
  Member 12.01.2021 1 49
Versions have been on here for years.
  Member 20.07.2020 325
can this keygen be used with the new filterscape I wonder
  Resident 25.01.2014 2374
Not from what I read, as Filterscape uses a different kind of protection.
..grateful for HEXWARS, R2R, SYNTHiC4TE, CASHMERE & ALL teams, AZ crew past and present, and friends I have met here . RIP and LOVE to Olymoon and his family.
  Resident 18.08.2020 279
This has been my goto plugin for delays, flanging and chorus for ages now.
It just sounds so genuine
It also feels nice to use and looks cool as.
The changelog suggests that all it's little bugs have been addressed at last
Thanks for the update
  Resident 28.12.2016 361
absolutely agree!
  Member 8.07.2021 28
Working good on Mac pro 2.7ghz 12 cores 64GbRam Monterey
Pro Tools Ultimate2024.3 AAX
  Resident 21.06.2011 4 924
Working fine on Mojave!
  Member 29.08.2018 172
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 20.07.2020 325
Installed on a Mac over a past install. On first opening it said I have a serial code predating 2009 and I should contact them. Still worked after. Anyone else? Hopefully one get time bombed. Might be because I locked my pref files. Does anyone know if locked files are replaced when installing new version?
  Member 17.01.2024 74
"no one else" - you should follow the instruction.

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