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Windows, Mac OSX
Jamahook (AI Sound Matching Assistant) v2.0.5 x64 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
17/06/2023 | x64 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC | 10 MB
Let the power of AI enhance your creativity

Jamahook operates a constantly growing database of loops and sounds. The plugin offers music producers the possibility to find the most suitable audio loops for a production based on recommendation lists. These can be extracted from an audio mix, specific stems or parts of a song arrangement. The plugin is the result of a long-term technology cooperation with Fraunhofer IDMT.

Let it listen
Feed the plugin with your audio from the master output.​

Let it match
Let the algorithm analyze your music to find the best matches.

Jam away!
Audition the matches and drag out your favorites.

Simple Interface.
Powerful Features.

Finding inspiration has never been more intuitive.
Pitch Shifted Matching
The new algorithm incorporates matches from other keys which will be automatically transposed to suit your project.

Harmonic & Melodic Matching
Shortlist loops that are harmonically compatible with your project. Audition them and drag them out into your project.

Rhythmic & Drum Matching
Search for loops with a similar groove. Quickly shortlist supporting percussion, drums, or even harmonic content.

Instrument & Genre Filter
Further narrow your search by Instrument group, mood or genre. Use different combinations for unique results.

How to Get Started
It’s easy to set up the Jamahook plugin with your digital audio workstation (DAW).

Whether you want to use AI to shortlist melodic loops for your tracks or you are simply looking for inspiration, our plugin makes it easier to compose, produce, and remix.

The Jamahook plugin is completely free!
A subscription is required for you to legally own loops and sounds for commercial use.

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  Contributor 18.05.2021 1189 571
Rapidgator | Katfile
“Music is life itself.” — Louis Armstrong
  Member 21.06.2018 15 7836
  Resident 14.08.2015 10 51
interesting concept however the subscriptions are quite pricey, 190 euos per year.
It seems the database is not from your own collection of sounds, but their own database, from which you have to purchase rights to use the loop.

I also found it quite funny that all the loops you demo on their webpage have bird sounds playing underneath evewry sample so you cant rip them!

thanks for the upload anyway
  Resident 4.06.2022 18 692
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 3.06.2010 133
If you have to have "your" music made by others you might as well buy pre-packaged stems songs, it's cheaper and even effortless and less time consuming...
  Member 13.01.2016 34
This is actually very useful...I was messing with it with FL21 and I came up with a little "cheat code"- I put Edison under this vst on the master track then I just recorded the sample in Edison and dumped score to midi...the loop was a guitar so I just added a guitar vst and it sounded even better than the sample (more realistic) without the birdies lol.
  Member 12.11.2013 187
... i really hope for all paying customers, that they have better samples on their site than those i heard in the teaser.
  Resident 12.01.2014 3 437
I'm still not sure how this is useful
If you're able to correct me, then you understood me fine in the first place. prick.
  Resident 29.12.2014 90
It just occurred to me that being a music producer is getting very corny
  Member 16.05.2023 146
i've noticed over the course of the last 5 years that the "producer" term is pretty loosely defined. These corny "producer" you speak of are really just loop arrangers, or sound editors. They call themselves producers to feel more important. I think with AI this will only become more of an issue. People making something with AI thinking they are "producers" lol, no, your a starving artist
  Member 14.10.2018 5 116
Good point, but this is the future. Keep up ;)
  Member 31.05.2021 253
absolutely useless, a scam to get you online and even if you use their loops they wont do, anything you use their loops on will result to copyright issue, but I guess its what they want lol
  Member 31.05.2021 253
quote by QBaz... i really hope for all paying customers, that they have better samples on their site than those i heard in the teaser.

no paying customers here
  Member 21.01.2018 8
I wish someone would come up with an app like this that lets you use your own library as a source. I'm trying to reconstruct a track with multiple horn samples and loops from my own library, but the sample librarians I've come across aren't very good at finding the files I'm looking for. Anyone have recommendations?
  Member 14.10.2018 5 116
Not like this, but I'm using ADSR sample manager and filter out what I'm looking for. Actually it's beter than this imho.
  Resident 14.08.2015 10 51
I use an app called everything from

it finds everything on your computer pretty quickly

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