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Windows, outdated
RealSpeak Solo Voices 4.0 Felix 22khz WiN FREE screenshot
WiN | 86.9 MB
RealSpeak“ Solo 4.0 software from Nuance is a text-to-speech engine designed for optimizing conversational applications for the embedded, mobile, and automotive markets. TTS, also known as speech synthesis, takes text as input from a variety of sources databases, email programs, Short Message Service (SMS), and more and converts it into natural sounding speech output in automotive navigational systems, electronic games, announcement systems, banking and retail kiosks, mobile devices, telematics, and many other end-user applications. Because RealSpeak“ Solo 4.0 converts text into speech delivered in an unparalleled choice of 22 languages and over 30 voices, customers can deliver conversational applications that attract and satisfy end users across the globe. Providing exceptionally high quality TTS across a range of footprints, RealSpeak“ Solo 4.0 scales from 8 to 20 MB for embedded and automotive applications, and up to 50 MB for desktop applications, making it ideally suited for a wide range of deployments where superior speech output is a critical requirement.

"Felix" voice pack is Canadian French.

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  Member 25.10.2022 23
I haven't looked into tts much. I do know it's expensive to use something like speechify. Which reads epub and most text and web pages with very accurate voices. Not sounding robotic. They even have snoop dogs voice. Could I use these voices some how to read Epub and pdf files like a audiobook for free. with the quality of Speechify ? Does anything like this exist? Without having to pay a subscription or a huge price tag?
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