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Windows, Mac OSX
discoDSP OB-XD 2.1 Nightly Build x64 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 07 August 2020 | 38.3 MB
OB-Xd is based on the Oberheim OB-X. It attempts to recreate its sound and behavior, but as the original was very limited in some important ways a number of things were added or altered to the original design. OB-Xd was designed to sound as good and as rich as the original. It implements micro random detuning which is a big part of that sound.

What's new

• 7x faster GUI controls.
• Linux build.
• Standalone app.
• Signed and notarized installers.
• Updated JUCE framework to 5.4.7 for better stability and compatibility.
• Updated Banks with 2.0 compatibility.
• Ilkka Rosma Dark Theme.
• macOS Catalina support.
• MIDI CC Learn.
• MIDI CC support.
• Parameter refactor.
• XML based skinning.
• HiDPI (Retina) ready GUI themes.


While not copying originals, some of the features were taken to a better point. Continuous blendable multimode filter (HP-Notch(BP)-HP in 12 dB mode and 4-1 pole in 24 dB mode). Also, like many synths of the OB-X's generation, the OB-Xd has no internal effects so its sounds and textures can be greatly enhanced by the use of additional processing like chorus, reverb, delay, etc.

Thanks to 2Dat for the original OB-Xd and Soshi Studio for giving the rights to continue this wonderful product. Also thanks to all KVR artists for making the amazing skins!. OB-Xd Desktop has no restrictions and is free to use. Buy to support further development, thank you! Source code is available under GPL license at GitHub.


ATN69 Mighty


OB-Xd 2.1 Nightly Build

What's new

- Settings.xml changed to Skin.xml to avoid conflicts with OB-Xd 1.x.
- 2.1 now compatible with 2.0 format in Logic (AU).
- Fixed AU issue with OSC MIX 1/2 setting to 0 on project recall.
- Updated MIDI CC OSC1MIX and OSX2MIX to 77 and 78 to avoid conflicts in Logic Pro X.
- Updated Themes folder dialog warning with proper path location.
- Default theme set to Ilkka Rosma Dark.
- Settings.xml installation fix.

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  Resident 10.12.2008 5 481
Looking for the old 'Classic Blue Light Skin'.

 - ElMoreno plays Logic on Mac - 
  Resident 26.01.2019 4 180
Do you know why the nightly build is 20mb smaller than v2.0?
  Resident 10.12.2008 5 481
Mine is always the same... (for Mac)
 - ElMoreno plays Logic on Mac - 
  Resident 26.01.2019 4 180
I'm Mac too.
Why is this upload 20MB less than the 2.0 version?
Both contain for cross-platform...
  Resident 10.12.2008 5 481
Better compression by the uploader?
 - ElMoreno plays Logic on Mac - 
  Member 14.06.2017 1 58
Maybe you can have a look at the KVR Skins Thread
  Resident 11.02.2014 1 77
Sounds Amazing!
But it would be handy to have prev/next preset buttons available.
  Resident 10.12.2008 5 481
Looking for the old 'Classic Blue Light Skin'.
I fix my own request about a blue 'vintage skin'.
It works perfectly in the new OB-Xd 2.1 too!

You can download it here: Oberheim OB-Xa skin
 - ElMoreno plays Logic on Mac - 
  Member 25.02.2014 219
How do you install the skin?
I am using a Mac - 10.11.6.
  Resident 22.11.2009 277
install skin windows 10:

place the folder in: c / user / work / documents / disco Dsp / OB-Xd / Themes

start your OB-Xd, then in the vsti gui press right mouse button and choose your preferred skin in register "themes". i see 6 skins. enjoy!
  Resident 10.12.2008 5 481
On Mac: place my 'Oberheim OB-Xa' folder in: Macintosh HD / Documents / discoDSP / OB-Xd / Themes.

That's all... Enjoy
 - ElMoreno plays Logic on Mac - 
  Member 12.09.2010 32
Thanks, is beautiful..
  Member 12.10.2013 4 138
Thanks ! Better than the Arturia
  Member 8.01.2020 13
Amazing, how real hardware won't ever be pirated, since it cannot be done. While weak emulators like these will never sound like the real thing.
  Member 6.09.2010 52
Selecting patches is the worst on this plug.

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