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Windows, Mac OSX
Toontrack EZkeys Cinematic Grand v1.0.0 Incl Keygen [WiN OSX]-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 23 May 2020 | WiN: 622.0MB | OSX: 656.7MB
Unique fabrics of sound, tailored for ambient soundscapes, soundtracks and creative sound design.

In simple terms, EZkeys Cinematic Grand is a prepared piano – a traditional instrument that’s had its sound altered by objects placed on or between the strings. But in this case, that’s simplifying too much. EZkeys Cinematic Grand presents an all-new hybrid instrument where perfect fidelity meets altered harmonics and layered textures to form never-before-heard piano timbres. Based on a classic Bösendorfer from 1891, this one-of-a-kind instrument was recorded in four individual configurations – one where horsehair was used as a bow on each piano string (‘Bowed’); one where the strings were struck by hand (‘Plucked’); one where various preparations were added to generate a muffled tone color (‘Damped’) and, in opposite, one where the overtones were exaggerated, producing an ambient and soaring timbre (‘Harmonic’).

These four configurations were then saturated with various chains of sound-shaping effects and used in different combinations to form unique fabrics of sound. Welcome to a piano that goes well beyond the tradition, ready to serve as sonic backdrop to virtually any mood, narrative or audio scene you can imagine. This is the ultimate “grand piano” for out-of-this-world compositions, just as perfect for soundtracks as it is for any stripe of modern music production or sound design. Prepare to be inspired.

Ideal for ambient soundscapes, soundtracks and creative sound design
Based on a classic Bösendorfer from 1891, recorded in four octaves and in four different configurations (to be used individually or together in preset combinations)
40 mix-ready presets, offering creative instrument blends of never-before-heard hybrids of sounds

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  Member 19.06.2019 1 39
I installed this but my previous ezkeys compelete bundle vst is gone and this shit loads intead of ez keys complete bundle! what should I do if I want to have them both?????
  Member 29.09.2017 104
during the installation when it asks you where you would like to install the program plugins and librarys - create new folders so they aren't installed in the same place and overwrite eachother. maybe that could work
  Member 19.12.2019 16
deinstall it and try again with another options..
  Resident 7.02.2009 1 392
I have these recent R2R EzKeys libs already installed. I used the r4e all in one release
[2009] Sorry for my English. I'm working on it
[2017] I'm beginning to improve. Hell yeah, I'm a fast learner :D
  Member 3.01.2016 14
Compared this library to the old release by VR. The only difference is the graphics. It was having a issue of blue graphics see this link , this release now fixes the colour. The version number is the same.
  Member 22.08.2016 41
quote by kalani_mdmy previous ezkeys compelete bundle vst is gone and this shit loads intead of ez keys complete bundle!

rofl this is why I came here to read first
  Member 6.06.2013 86
Gotta try this one! Never heard of a Boozendorfer grand piano....
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  Member 18.10.2017 44
Previous EZkeys are installed in a location like this:

This installer is installing the pianos in something like this:

Move the newly created pianos from \\ToonTrack\EZkeys\EZkeys\ to \\ToonTrack\EZkeys\ (which should have your previous EZkeys instruments).

Start EZkeys and it will ask you where your sound files are and browse to your original location \\ToonTrack\EZkeys\

You should now see the newly installed keys along with your previous keys.
  Member 22.08.2016 41
After install just move it from the EZkeys folder it creates back into the Sound Library folder. The midi files into the midi folder as well.
  Member 8.04.2017 7 108
You don't have to install it, just decompress the iso file. and locate this file

In your EZkeys library folder locate and delete or move the same folder.
Copy the new one at the same location
Et voilà

Work great for me, the GUI is not blue anymore.
  Member 10.06.2014 9
It worked perfectly, thanx a lot!.
No hay dos días perfectos seguidos.
  Member 23.04.2017 96
I don't get it? VR release v1.25 almost a year ago...can someone explain?

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