registered members don't get popups... just sayin

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Windows, Mac OSX
Delta-V Audio SpaceCraft v1.0.33 Incl Patched and Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 09 Oct 2019 | WiN: 17.6MB | OSX: 17.5MB
Granular Synth
The hugely popular iOS app by Delta-V Audio has come to the desktop! SpaceCraft Granular Synth is well known for providing instant gratification and inspiring creative flow. Two parallel granular engines provide grain frequency/length control, sample position LFO, stereo reverb/filter and pitch/ring-modulation. The innovative grain pitch sequencer, MIDI / MPE and live sampling capability open up further depths of performance and expression.

Innovative Granular Engine
Grain pitch is controlled by a unique, arpeggiated note/grain sequencer grid which is capable of a wide range of styles spanning classical granular effects, lush sample layering and organic rhythmic effects. Over 24 scales provides a wealth of melodic possibilities. With the grain control XY pad you can seamlessly morph from granular chords and drones to arpeggiated rhythmic sequences.

Elegant Single Page GUI
The focused GUI encourages a creative, interactive experience. With carefully chosen components presented in a single page layout, the user can quickly dive into sound design without the need for time-consuming configuration of parameters and mappings, it’s all there in front of you. Reactive visualisation with a choice of fifteen colour themes provides an engaging audiovisual experience.

Any sample loaded or recorded into SpaceCraft instantly becomes a playable MIDI or MPE instrument with no need to configure mappings. Plug in an MPE device, SpaceCraft becomes a tactile, exploratory experience allowing for expressive pads, and singing melodies: 16 note polyphony provides per-note pressure control, pitch-bend (Glide) and grain position modulation (Slide). Modulating the grain position over the sample (via Slide) allows for expression of timbre, driven by the timbral changes in the sample itself.

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  Resident 2.02.2014 1 1917
VR has released 1.0.38 before this R2R's 1.0.33
The Worst 1
  Member 13.08.2017 10 42
wow, thank you so much
  Member 29.06.2019 11 21
Hi Audioz members, I already had the following message a few days ago. He appeared on several download servers (uploadboy, rockfile ...).
Here is the message that can be read:
This file is not often downloaded, it can present a danger.
Then when you tap Save, another message appears on top:

Keep the file?
Even if you have already downloaded files from this site, it is possible that this site is temporarily dangerous (due to hacking). Try downloading this file later.

If you had the same or have something to say, this is the first time I see this, thank you!
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  Member 6.04.2018 84
i get these on and off a lot, and more as of late. it's just chrome being hypersensitive. i've never had an issue with an audioz download.
  Member 29.06.2019 11 21
Me neither, I never had a problem with an audio download but I had never had these messages before and it's been a lot of time that I download on audioz it surprised me to read these messages.
Thank you for returning msdos!
Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.
  Resident 7.09.2017 108 223
Same here. Seems to me it's like latest feature to Chrome based engines . I've changed to other browser and havent had any of the same download warning message atm.
  Member 27.01.2014 35
Keygen starts music but no gui - anyone else had thos happen?
  Member 17.02.2014 4 348
Chrome is a virus!
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1179 11182
Chrome is a virus!
Absolutely right Chrome is a virus

Use Palemoon instead.

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