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Windows, Mac OSX
Nembrini Audio LoFi Vintage Clipper x64 VST AAX AU WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
15.03.2019 | x64 VST AAX AU WiN MAC | 50 MB

Nembrini Audio LoFi Vintage Clipper plugin is design to add grit and weight to your mix with two distinctive custom designed saturation algorithms.

Use it to add presence and density to your tracks and control transients like the biggest Mix Engineers!

From gentle clipping to wild distortion, Nembrini Audio LoFi Vintage Clipper plugin is ideal for your Tracks, Busses and Mixbus.
Available in VST, VST3, AAX Native, AudioUnits for Mac OS and Windows 64 bits.

This is a fine tuned clip algorithm designed to limit the transients as happens using a real analogue signal chain and increase the density of your tracks.

Saturation is a special designed algorithm that mimics the behavior of vintage analog equipments like old tape machines and mixing console input/output stage.

An Intel Pentium 4 compatible CPU
Mac OS 10.9 or newer (Mac users)
Windows 7 or newer (PC users)
A display resolution of 1280x1024 pixels or more
A VST2, VST3, AAX or AudioUnits compatible host
Plugins require an iLok2, iLok3, or iLok cloud for authorization. Latest iLok drivers are recommended. iLok Cloud support requires v6.5 or later, www.ilok.com for more info.

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  Resident 1.10.2013 4678 9251
Rapidgator / Uploaded

  Resident 5.12.2012 822 21154
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  Resident 5.06.2017 25 3108
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  Member 12.02.2019 91
What is ilok cloud? Do i need a physical key?

EDIT: No ilok key req:)
  Member 17.07.2018 174
Ilok cloud is for idiots who stay online all the time and let their plugins constantly ask the cloud servers " Hello, is this user allowed to run me ?"
  Resident 22.09.2015 2 493
If you actually wish some plugins you haven't any other solution,you must be online.
But I agree it's shit.
  Member 17.04.2015 9 107
This plug-in not free. I installed this plug-in. My iLok Manager information - trial the license expires 30.03.2019.
  Member 17.07.2018 174
The plugin IS free for a limited time. You can purchase it for $0 and get a permanent license.
  Resident 23.12.2009 2 1269
yeh but what is the point downloading it then here if you have anyways to register ?
  Member 7.03.2019 18
the Comment has been Removed
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1646 13502
Watch your mouth please.
  Resident 23.12.2009 2 1269
is this cracked or how else would you use this version here without an ilok ky which you get for free at the developers site shared ?
  Resident 23.12.2009 2 1269
but nice find
  Resident 12.10.2018 316
I don't own an iKrok device, but this can be authorized by either a physical 2nd or 3rd gen device OR, initiating a CLOUD session. When you register at Devs site, they will send you a license key, but the key itself is not enough without ilok. For a pro, ilok may or may not be worth it, but it's not for me.
  Resident 21.10.2014 8 498
I have downloaded for free and all i can say ilok cloud..... I believe that and for customers is pain in the axx.... i have dowloaded licence and finaly i got to activate demo to get it working,because somehow licence key from Ilok manager is not recognized by the app.... What ???? i hope R2R will revenge as soon as posible those Ilok sxitheads!
AiR addict!
  Resident 23.12.2009 2 1269
just get a free ilok license from teh dev , done
  Resident 21.10.2014 8 498
I have done that... But activation system sucks and was a bit of trouble to get it working, and after i instaled and tried out, i dont know... Maybe off topic, but in my opinion $79 (if i am not wrong about price) is a bit pricey for this plugin... And again off topic i dont know why but i find newer version of Audified STA saturation plugin is simple to use, and gives that pleasant distortion and saturation by now best for my needs... But that is just my taste... Again i don wanna sound ungrateful, thanks for this free gift anyways, maybe i will find purpose for this plugin in future
AiR addict!
  Member 6.01.2016 143
Tried it on a lot of different sources, don't like it... at all. Pain in th a#@~& to adjust, 1 db of distortion makes you turn the output gain down 4db, while a distortion of 5,5 makes you turn the output gain 15,1db down!!! And doesn't sound that good...
Saturation rolls off high-end big time (not console or tape-like roll-off, more of a high slope filter): maybe useful as an effect, but nothing camel crusher isn't better at.

I won't keep it as a free plugin, so IMHO 79usd seems a bit overestimated....
  Resident 26.11.2015 1003
thank you! saves me the trouble of actually going through the, what sounds like a pain in the arse trouble of trying to install this thing...
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