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Windows, Mac OSX
Boz Digital Labs Little Clipper 1.0.0 WiN OSX screenshot
WiN OSX | AudioZ Exclusive | 79.59 MB
Little Clipper is the lighter, smaller version of it’s big brother (Big Clipper). Clipping is one of the more misunderstood processes in mixing. When used correctly, it can make mixing easier. Things just fall into place better and dynamics stay under control. As it is with all effects however, it’s easy to overdo. Little Clipper makes it easy to dial in with clear meters that show you how much clipping is occurring, and all the essential features that let you dial in your clipping to be just the right amount.

Hard/Soft Clipping

Sometimes you need crisp hard clipping, sometimes you need smoother soft clipping. Little Clipper lets you choose easily how hard you want your clipping to be.

Stereo or Mid/Side

Little Clipper lets you choose your channel configuration for stereo tracks. We have found that clipping often sounds much more natural in Mid/Side mode on stereo buses. It even lets you clip only the mid or side channels without affecting the other, giving you even more control over your clipping.

I thought clipping was bad. Why would I do it on purpose?

Just like all effects, clipping is bad when you do it accidentally. When used purposefully, it’s a powerful tool that that can be used to increase your apparent dynamics without making your peaks jump all over the place. It’s especially powerful on drums. Just a little bit of clipping your snare before your compressor will give your compressor much more natural sounding, predictable results.

This release has been exclusively provided to AudioZ by our member who wishes to remain anonymous.

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  Member 12.02.2018 64 117
Yeeeeeah BOII
  Resident 1.10.2013 4713 8624
Thank you
  Resident 23.12.2009 3 828
yay , available for purchase for 1$ and ontop of that you get Izotope Elements 8 for free :)
  Member 4.09.2016 2 44
It's not 1$ anymore at pluginboutique it's 49$ atm. Also you are not getting Ozone Elements you get Neutron Elements for free this month. :)
  Resident 23.12.2009 3 828
Ok 2bad for whom it missed :)
  Resident 30.01.2014 7 1151
Where? Couldn't find it. ;)
  Resident 23.12.2009 3 828
Looks like that action is over :/
  Member 2.09.2016 280
I love use clippers in mastering. I use the steweell every day and it's amazing, but i'm just curious for try the mid sise mode here.
Thanks a lot
  Member 23.10.2015 16
It should have output gain control.
  Member 6.01.2016 72
Thanks a lot to the uplaoder!
But quick question : as Boz plugins have to share the same user name on a system, won't this release mess with other (r2r) Boz plugins?
  Member 21.07.2018 1 12
yep mine did. Fix is easy. Just register others with this ones.
  Member 9.11.2018 4
What do you mean register others with this ones? I Tried using the boz keygen for this with no luck. Please explain how you are able to have all the boz plugins working in harmony including this little one.
  Member 21.07.2018 1 12
use the username that this release uses in the r2r keygen for others
  Resident 31.05.2010 1526
Use the same username = anonymous as this one use in the keygen and generate new keys
But i wait i for an updated keygen as i rather use my own name instead of anonymous
  Resident 28.01.2014 1 144
Hopefully R2R will sort it out
Because of styles people are separated. Using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation - Bruce Lee
  Member 9.11.2018 4
  Resident 2.02.2014 1 1669
User name is the answer of working activations for all Boz Digital Labs plugins
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