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Windows, Mac OSX
AOM Total Bundle v1.9.4 [WiN-OSX] Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R screenshot

Team R2R | Sept 15 2018 | WiN 43 MB | OSX 36 MB
Cyclic Panner
Invisible Limiter
Invisible Limiter G2
Stereo Imager D
Wave Shredder
Sakura Dither

A.O.M. has updated all their plug-ins to version 1.9.4.

Bug Fixes:

[tranQuilizr, Invisible Limiter G2] Bug-fix: possible high CPU load and large memory consumption when more than 30 instances in a same project. -- fixed.
[tranQuilizr] Bug-fix: very short (1-2ms) pop noise infrequently appears on the head of rendered waveform. -- fixed.
[Windows, VST3] Bug-fix: black window when one tries to open already-opened plugin window in Samplitude. -- fixed. We have adjusted our GUI to follow up problematic behavior; Samplitude starts to reinitialize plugin's GUI when plugin window is already opened, but it does not call VST3's attached() callback. As the result, plugin's internal GUI component is left unattached to window handle, therefore black window appears.
[Mac Installer] Possible failure of installation during downgrading overwrite installation. -- fixed.


[All Plugins] Remove tooltip from status bar and add manual-open button. This reduces flickering impression of GUI caused

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  Resident 7.01.2008 1064
Welcome back R2R !
Thank you for your elaborate , ingenious work and so new "creations".
Our respectful greetings and hot European girl kisses to Japan XX

MANY THANKs to the whole time powerfully HorsEmen +++
  Member 25.01.2014 62

Glad you're happy with the release. How did you get it to authorise? For me, following instructions verbatim on High Sierra OS 10.13.6, both this and the previous version generate a key that DOESN'T work?
  Resident 22.10.2011 9 591
Thank you so much for including OSX!!
  Member 17.08.2016 4 175
If you can dream it you can do it
  Resident 29.09.2014 1 181
does this version work on OS 10.8.5
  Member 25.01.2014 62
Damn good question MDMmusik1, this and the previous release generate keys OK, but they don't work for High Sierra 10.13.6. Grrrr ;(.
  Member 6.02.2017 60
TY Mate...appreciated

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