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Windows, Mac OSX
XILS-lab SynX 2 WiN v2.0.1 MacOSX v2.0.3 HAPPY NEW YEAR-R2R screenshot
TEAM R2R | 1.1.2017 | WiN 15.57 MB | OSX 13.36 MB
Syn’x 2 is a Polytimbral Synthetizer inspired for the synthesis part by a legendary Italian Synthesizer from the 80's, while its multilayer card based architecture is inspired by sophisticated hardware analog monsters like the Oberheim Matrix 12.

The Sound : It offers the striking combination of clear and punchy DCOs with cutting multimode modeled analog filters like it’s ancestor, one of the last Vintage Polyphonic Analog Synthetizers, and a piece of Synthesis history, including the famous BBD Chorus !

And because it’s multitimbral, you can use up to 16 oscillators, 8 0df Analog Filters, 32 DADSR envelopes and Modulation Matrixes addressing any of the 132 possible destinations to build your own patches, when the 300 Factory Library Presets will be not enough.

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Did you think we would release bigger software? Well, these XILS aren't small
ones when it comes to the cracking world.

NONE of iLok protected XILS software has ever been cracked properly. XILS dev
called Xavier Oudin does some nice combination of EDEN (PACE Crypto) and
McFACT (eLicenser Crypto). Without the fine decryption, some virtual code
will not be run by McFACT correctly. It makes small or big (crash!) glitches
because of this.

We decrypted all required content to run McFACT correctly, which is always
done by FusionSDK+iLok, then we bypassed the access to iLok not used anymore.
This makes working the software identical to the legit licensed software.

During the test we found some bugs in some software. Anyway, we also
confirmed that those bugs also happen with legit dongle licensed ones too.
Not related to the cracking.

Have nice holidays!


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  Member 17.02.2015 724
Cheers funtime i Absolutley love the sounds this synth is capable off ..
Is it just me or are the lfo,s still not syncable?
The fx section could be a bit more comprehensive and v1 seemed easier to navigate for me ,as much is hidden on v2 like unison etc
I hope this runs as well as v 2.0 ill know shortly...
preset managements better on this but poor on other releases i think
Anyway thanx so much gonna test her out now
R2R WHAT CAN I SAY Gods amongs men

HHmmmm I just went to uninstall my older release and realised its actually newer v2.02 so im somewhat perplexed? AhA ok its v2.01 for win a v2.03 foR mac guys
  Resident 5.10.2015 172
Yeah love this one too. It can get wild if you do the voice assignements yourself but it's so much fun. Best multilayer emu around, it's like having 8 huge synths in one interface, and the two Lfos sections are indeed insane, the chaos and rhythm modulators are also fun to mess with.

the lfo are syncable, it's the little button right on the right of "freq" (delay has one too), you push it it lights on and then it's synced. All the xils products have those small sync area, you get used to it but it's true that I missed them first too.

2.0.2 was for mac and now 2.0.3, but for windows we are still at 2.0.1.

Thanks R2R and funtime !
  Member 17.02.2015 724
Little button next to freq huh "damn i never noticed" and would manually prey i could automate those 3 slider parameters ,but i could never get them to retrigger correctly to the beggining of the cycle or sync to the clock..Hmm thanx for that im gonna fire her up now and i agree completely with what you said
One standard patch i love is in the dnb section "poor its only 4 presets" and is the multi layered chrd ,just epic when you go thru the layers openin the envelopes up some etc..
gonna go try now cheers mate btw i do wish tho that they didnt hide the voicing etc in v2 know what i mean as its not all instantly accesible anymore but whats an extra button press tho eh!
  Resident 5.10.2015 172
Cheers mate !
Yeah those small leds are all over the synth, where you can have a sync function they should be hidden somewhere. And I feel the same about the opening in "easy mode", too bad the dev chose to open on it by default, it's good to have all the voices available in one panel but annoying that it's separated. The good new is you can change that (well at least the opening in easy mode, the ui won't change), if you open the init preset, do the tweaks you want to do (advance layer mode, split of the keyboard and attribution of voices, unison, whatever you want it to open on when you start it) and then you go in "options", "misc" and you click on "init settings from current settings". Then it will open on the setup you just built. Ready to go as soon as opened !
  Resident 12.03.2014 626
Everybody should read the long r2r 'spoil'.

They explain everything, why some apps will never be cracked, etc.
After reading it, many guys will finally stop requesting some stuff, hopefully.
  Member 1.04.2015 26
Pretty fascinating stuff!
  Member 2.02.2014 3 188
i wish i could understand a little bit about this topic i dont even know where to start what should i learn first to understand cracking ??? a mean i read the whole thing i get it is really fkn difficult but hey i would like to learn more to fully understand what they are saying help
  Resident 1.07.2015 4 592
Thanks a lot funtime & R2R! Always appreciate XILS' stuff, rly underrated dev... Rly gotta start digging into these synths now! Happy new year everyone!
Thx to anybody posting Spitfire / OTB libs!
  Resident 20.11.2010 1054
Thank you.
  Resident 30.01.2014 7 1971
Thank you very much, R2R!!!
Thx for the upload, funtime!!
  Member 7.10.2015 46
Thanks a lot funtime & R2R
The Dark Side of Heaven
  Member 11.09.2015 1 57
+37 bang bang ! what a happy new year ! thanks to R2R and Audioz !
last night an oscillator saved my life
  Resident 16.12.2013 58
Someone did it for mac before you baybiess with a few bytes ..did you know this i know...why don't you be realy mac sense when anyone behind the mac ? Give them real mac sense... real iloks real elic ..did you said this us ''you know it is the math'' ..whr is the math .. :) Have a nice year?? :)))))))))
  Member 17.12.2016 25
thank you so much, wish all a happy new year
  Member 2.06.2016 145
I put the component file in the designated folder but it does not show up in LogicX. Do I have to to anything else??
  Resident 26.01.2014 2332
R2R provided a pretty comprehensive list of where to put the different stuff on osx.... it is more then just throwing it in the component folder.... did you read the .nfo?
..grateful for HEXWARS, R2R, SYNTHiC4TE, CASHMERE & ALL teams, AZ crew past and present, and friends I have met here who I care for and have been nothing but amazing to me.
  Member 2.06.2016 145
Read the .nfo again now.. and still cannot find any information where to put the stuff on osx... :-( There is a lot info about ilok but that does not help me..
  Resident 26.01.2014 2332
hmmm, there was an R2R.txt file when I decompressed that explained clearly where things go, perhaps check the other XILs releases as it was definitely in there, perhaps in the packing of this it was not.....
..grateful for HEXWARS, R2R, SYNTHiC4TE, CASHMERE & ALL teams, AZ crew past and present, and friends I have met here who I care for and have been nothing but amazing to me.
  Member 2.06.2016 145
checked the other releases... all the same. no txt file, just the .nfo with the talking about ilok ect.
  Member 2.06.2016 145
could get polykb II and III and V+ working by putting the different stuff in it´s place. but i dont get this and the other XILS synths to work... actually it cannot be that hard...?
  Resident 26.01.2014 2332
hmmm, there were .nfo or .txt files in the releases (that I remember, not all...), perhaps my memory is failing but I did look at it.....

let me see if I can run through it for you...

1. you put the au/vst files in their respective locations in your audio plugin folders

2. you have to go to your Library, and JUST and replace the files included by R2R into the XILS-lab folder (NOT OVERWRITING IT, JUST dragging the contents INTO said library), do the same with Native Instruments/Service Center if you are inclined or may use the native instrument control surfaces at some point..(I am not sure if these are necessary for working plugs, doubt it, but they are small and why not,,,..)

2b. The reason I say just the items inside the folder presented by R2R is because if you are installing all of these or own other Xils products, you don't want to overwrite their respective items.... so just put the PolyKBIII.vst in the VST24 folder, do NOT overwrite... (I am emphasizing this a lot because I could see this creating confusion)! :)

3. Then do the same within your "Documentation" folder in library folder, again being careful to just drag the items per install INTO folder, not REPLACING folder...

4. drag the correct item INTO your Preferences folder... (the .plist file)

and you should be good to go! Just be careful not to overwrite any Folders....

Let me know if that works out! Did for me!
..grateful for HEXWARS, R2R, SYNTHiC4TE, CASHMERE & ALL teams, AZ crew past and present, and friends I have met here who I care for and have been nothing but amazing to me.
  Member 2.06.2016 145
Did it like you said but still no progress. All instruments show up in Logic's Plug-in Manager but only PolyKB II and III and V+ are validated.
  Resident 26.01.2014 2332
hmmm... Did you batchmod it? I heard someone else mention something about having the wrong version of Service Center or something.... you did install the service center .plist as well correct? hmmm....
..grateful for HEXWARS, R2R, SYNTHiC4TE, CASHMERE & ALL teams, AZ crew past and present, and friends I have met here who I care for and have been nothing but amazing to me.
  Member 2.02.2014 3 188
can some one explain me why Logic X wont Validate This Plugings im in OSX 10.9.5
pls somebody explain the process if they made it work in logic x

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