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HipHop Tools Mad Fx WAV-DViSO
Team: DViSO | 30/03/2007 | 87.45 MB

MAD FX, "Underground Experiments" is a concept that lends itself to creativity and experimentation. With the exception of the percussion on the CD it is a complete experimental concept that will break new ground and take your Hip Hop production to another level. It is a perfect solution for distinguishing your signature sound from other urban producers.

MAD FX comes complete with over 700 individual drum hits, instruments and FX that are sure to make others take notice of your unique sounds. As is customary with other concepts from HHT you will find a solid foundation of custom drum sounds and acoustic percussion that are unique and exclusive. All the kicks, snares, rims and hi-hats on this concept are hot. From ill organs to rare vinyl wax this CD offers the most in inspiration and flexibility to keep your urban production fresh and hype. Also included in MAD FX are tabla, electric percussion, harpsichord, synths, ethnic strings, beat vox percussion and vocal stabs.

MAD FX gives you so much scope for experimentation that you?re likely to find yourselves conjuring up a masterpiece before you know it. All in all this concept is simply MAD.

HHT Drum Map: Our HHT drum map offers maximum flexibility for AKAI MPC users. All samples are mapped out using this template making kit swapping and beat programming effortless. This makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it.

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HipHop Tools Urban Warfare WAV-DViSO
Team: DViSO | 30/03/2007 | 83.11 MB

URBAN WARFARE, "Hard N Heavy Stylez" is a complete solution for those producers who are looking for a raw, pumping, teeth shattering sound library. It is an entire hard n' heavy concept meant to shake the foundations of Hip Hop. This totally urban soundscape is jammed with over 700 hardcore drum hits, instruments and FX that are sure to light your samplers on fire.

URBAN WARFARE comes complete with skull-break in' kicks, gritty snares and slick hi-hats. All the drums on this concept were edited and tweaked to give them a ruff and heavy flavor. Also we've included conga's, claps, tambourine's, synchs, sub-bass, electro percussion and shakers. From hard hittin' horns, chillin rhodes, nasty piano, and deepest sax to raw strings, ruff bass and dirty electric guitar, HHT delivers. To cap it all off we also included authentic scratching, street fx and vocal stabs.

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HipHop Tools Secret Stash WAV-DViSO
Team: DViSO | 30/03/2007 | 61.11 MB

SECRET STASH is a serious utility for Hip Hop & R&B production. It will lift your music into a new dimension and add some spice to your compositions.

Secret Stash is a wicked sound library with over 450 single drum hits, FX and instruments. As with all sample libraries in version 2.1 this concept includes a solid foundation of drum hits. Kold snares, deep kicks, tight hi hats and smooth percussion make this library a valuable choice. Massive strings, killar keys, wicked winds and vinyl fx shine in true HHT style and are sure to be a samplers delight.

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  guest -- 0
have them all :p
  Administrator 1.01.2004 276 1012
djrapid, what do you mean? i've seen this at official home page feel

veon, even "CA$H MONEY - NOTHING BUT NU SKOOL"? wow
so, could you please upload it?
  Resident 2.07.2013 2 30
hey saint i know the cash money kit wasnt in this post, but i seem to have accidentally deleted all my hip hop tools kits....smh. i found the other 3 but cant find cash money anywhere...any chance you or anyone else could upload it? I would be eternally greatful? If this is the wrong place I apologize I just didnt want to create a request for such an old post.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 843 6266
As you say, not the right place... "the cash money kit wasnt in this post," .... You should create a request
  guest -- 0
yes i saw the comment today will come soon when i have the time i have a verry weak upload bandwidth probably in 14H im goingon a mountain trip in 10 minutes :D

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thx so much
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