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Internal Mixing Tutorial DVD Vol.1 & Vol.2 Bundle screenshot
2 DVD | ASIN: B0012GYT9E | Date: 2008

Internal Mixing is a platform-independent course that offers a wealth of information, hints and practical examples for mixing multitrack recordings within a computer. The step-by-step approach to mixing guides through a variety of techniques used by professional engineers to achieve the clarity and transparency often heard on CDs and DVDs. Internal Mixing uncovers the concepts behind proper placement of instruments within the mix. A powerful, yet three-dimensional sound is not achieved by usage of tons of expensive plug-ins but by separation of instruments and voices. Internal Mxing also shows that outstanding results can be achieved even without using expensive outboard gear, and just by making good use of the host applicationÆs internal plug-ins.

Going step by step from understanding some of the concepts that can help form a great mix, Internal Mixing gudes through organizing workflow and the application of basic plug-ins like EQ and Compressors. Internal Mixing also covers the usage of DSP-based plug-ins and offline rendered plug-ins, e.g. for convolution reverb.

Contents Vol. I (running Time 160 mins):
* Defining the objective of the mix.
* The three dimensions.
* Tips for delivering the mix master to the mastering studio.
* More bits sound better!
* The systematic approach – clarity and a good workflow for the mix.
* Working with groups.
* Compressing groups to save CPU and increase sound power.
* EQing groups to save resources and create “space”.
* Handling groups: What do I control via groups, and what via tracks?
* Workflow overview.
* Summary of panning rules.
* Preventing phase interference.
* Breakdown of the frequency bands and their principle zones.
* Mixing a tight bass range.
* EQ basic rules.
* Common basic parameters of compressors and their use.

Contents Vol. II (running Time 180 mins):
* Exercises with compressors.
* Layering with reverb and delay.
* Native and DSP-aided reverb devices.
* Pre-delay as a design component.
* EQing in reverb return as a design component.
* Layering strategies.
* Pre-fader or post-fader?
* How many reverb devices do you need? Planning depth design.
* Additional aspect: Design and the use of Mute and Special FX.
* Automation.
* Processing single instruments.
* Microphone tracks.
* Refining loops (doubling, gating, compressing, reverbing).
* Exercise in editing loops.
* EQing and compressing vocals.
* Special aspects concerning choruses.

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  Resident 31.10.2008 50
Another class upload - many thanks SAiNT wink
  guest -- 0
this should go to the must have's

thanks a lot SAiNT!
  Resident 7.11.2008 26
seen one of 'em......vERY fUCKIN' bOmb
  guest -- 0
Saint, you ARE truly a saint :) Thank you. This DEFINETLEY needs to go to Must Have section! I can't stop watching this video - it is fully packed with useful tips not only for mixing but also for production and tracking. WOW!!!
  guest -- 0
looks cool. will check this out for sure.
  guest -- 0
Hi just joined. What a great upload! Thanks!
  guest -- 0
yes i just watch the video files with quicktime

than all works fine
  guest -- 0
!!HUGE!! thanks man amasing post wink
  guest -- 0
FIRST: THANKS For this great post !!!

For anyone with CRC or wrong password RAR messages:
- empty browser cache
- empty cookie folders
- Redownload the corrupt file.
- if that does not help, try using another mirror.

For anyone who is disturbed about the MISSING intro FILES:
- When program prompts for missing mov files.
Copy the name of the files asked for, then create in folder assets these files,
can be done by creating text files and renaming to the missing mov files, give them extension MOV.
  guest -- 0

very good video with information applicable for any tracker software...i got my 1GB copy...yeah.
  guest -- 0
Awesome man. Thankage.
  guest -- 0
hm i could always improve my mix. i will try thanks
  Resident 14.11.2011 5 345
Sounds very interesting ! Thank you very much mates
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John Waters
  Administrator 1.01.2004 276 1012
Jessycd, it's actually my favorite course on Mixing,
and it's also quite easy to understand, since i'm not good with all those engineering things.
  Resident 30.01.2011 1 325
This tutorial uses SONAR, is it?
  Resident 10.08.2010 1 62
Thank you sir, and big up's for DF links wink wink
  Resident 24.01.2012 5 331
hey SAiNT u rock dude! love this site to death, omfg!

no seriously, smoke a fat blunt for me bro! later
The Matrix is a documentary...
  Resident 13.10.2011 124
Spanish version please...

Thank you very much...

Por favor, version en Espanol

Muchas gracias

  Resident 14.05.2012 92
Thanks for reuploading this Saint! Just a question though, is this the SPiRiT release or the AiRiSO release? On orlydb it shows that AiR propered SPiRiT's release for some reason I don't know yet
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  Administrator 1.01.2004 276 1012
Exodus, sadly i can't answer that. the image was ripped of any .nfo when i got it dunno
  guest -- 0
Works nicely. I'll study the hell out of this. Thanks as usual, Saint!
  guest -- 0
Unfortunately The other language files are absent. Only English. Anyway Happy to have it. Thanks Saint.
  Resident 24.05.2012 1 89
DVD 1 on / 2 files

DVD 2 on / 1 file

no password required
  guest -- 0
Part 1 of dvd2 downloaded 2 times and it gives wrong password error by some files inside it. never seen such an error.

  Supplier 16.04.2012 3 139
Thanks Saint;-) Legendary wink
you dont need anymore gear! u need to rewrite the chorus!
  Resident 4.11.2010 2 1058
Damn, only English... :(
  guest -- 0
Finally grabbing this, knowledge is power...
Thanks SAiNT keys
  Member 7.09.2011 28
links are dead!!!!!!!!! re up please!! THIS IS CRUCIAL KNOWLEDGE PLEASE!!
  Member 7.09.2011 28
  guest -- 0
Hi, it's possible in french language please ?

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