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Jordan Rudess - Keyboard Madness DVD screenshot
Critically-acclaimed keyboard artist and educator Jordan Rudess takes a deep look inside the world of live keyboard performance and shares his knowledge of what it takes to become a true keyboard master. Get an in-depth look at his unique approach to performance with Dream Theater using examples spanning across the entire Dream Theater catalog, as well as Jordan's numerous solo projects. Enjoy watching the wizard at work, while learning how to harness the power of today's keyboard technology. Jordan also shares his warm-up routine through a series of technical exercises that will sharpen your skills and get you ready to play. Also included is close-up bonus footage of Jordan performing three songs from his solo album, "Rhythm of Time." This DVD is jam-packed with two hours of pure "keyboard madness."

1. Introduction
2. Performance Programming
3. Exercises
4. Performances
5. Burning Riffs



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  guest -- 0
OOOooohhh YESSSSS!!! This will be perfect for Christmas holidays' boring moments winked
  guest -- 0
SAiNT, do you know if all of the vids are at 704x528, or just the Introduction?
  Administrator 1.01.2004 276 1012
the resolution are different, 2 or 3 have 512x384, some have 480x368.. feel
  guest -- 0
Saint Thank You lol

I got audio, but no picture.
What should this be played on? dunno
I tried Windows Media Player and AVI Player.
What did I do wrong ?
Thanks Tedtrader
  guest -- 0

Perhaps you have to install some codecs that are missing in your computer :)
  Banned 15.09.2010 241
Last thing this world needs is another math rock keyboardist... Study Chopin, Liszt, Czerny, & Bach for melody & harmony. Study Fink, Hanon, & Liszt for technique. Seriously these kinds of DVDs are dangerous!!!. The only thing this might be useful for is programing, that's all!!!
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